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The Golden Mistake… Episode 1

“As much as you want to plan your life, it has a way of surprising you with unexpected things that will make you happier than you originally planned. And that’s what you call God’s will.”
I gazed down at my swollen stomach, the place where my baby was growing and being kept safe, and gently rubbed it. A smile slowly formed onto my lips. “This baby is my golden mistake.”
Anabelle Marie Thompson is just your normal beautiful teenager, except she studies hard and values books more than TV. She’s just trying to get through her Senior school year, so she can graduate with high honors and go to her dream school, Stanford, to become a lawyer. One night, instead of reading her favorite book, her friend Lianne Young, drags her to Sean Walker’s party (aka the hottest guy in the whole school). One thing lead to another and she ends up having a quick sexual encounter with Sean Walker. Little did Anabelle know that her life was about to change forever…..
#Chapter 1
#Anabelle ‘s POV
“Ughhhh!” I groaned as I slammed the off button on my alarm. I sat up, wiping my face with my hands before throwing the covers to the side.
Why did school have to start so early?
I tiredly got up from my bed, walking into my bathroom right after. I walked over to the shower and turned it on, quickly removing my pajamas as the water warmed up. I entered the bath tub, once the water was warm and showered.
I finished up in the shower, turning off the water. I opened the curtain and grabbed my towel that was hanging from the rack, quickly wrapping it around my body as I exited the bath.
I walked out of my bathroom and over to my closet. My room was pretty big compared to most one story house bedrooms.
My house had two master bedrooms and a guest bedroom. My dad and I took the master bedrooms of course.
As for my mom, well, I don’t really like talking about her that much. She died of Breast Cancer when I was thirteen years old. When she died, I was absolutely devastated.
She was always there for me. She gave me advice, we watched movies together, we did everything a mother and daughter would do.
My older brother Derek Cole Thompson left for abroad three years back and hasn’t been home ever since. I miss him so much it hurts.
I scanned through my rack of clothing, pulling out a pair of simple blue skinny jeans and a light green v-neck. I walked back to my bathroom and quickly brushed my hair and teeth.
I put my hair in a messy pony tail and walked back into my closet. I took out my pair of navy blue shorts and got it on
I unplugged my phone from it’s charger and put it into my bag. I grabbed my bag from my desk chair and walked out of my bedroom, walking down the hallway into the living room. I smiled as I saw my dad sitting in his favorite sofa chair, sipping coffee.
He looked up at me and smiled. “Good morning honey.”
“Morning dad,” I smiled.
He set his coffee down on the coffee table. “Are you hungry? He asked
I shook my head as I put my notebook into my book bag. “That’s okay daddy. I’m not hungry. Thank you for the offer, though.”
He gave me a small smile. “Okay. Whatever you say.” I checked the time on my phone.
7:45 am.
I walked over to my dad, placing a kiss on his cheek. “I’ll see you later daddy. I might stay after school today for Yearbook interviews.”
“Okay. Let me know if there is. Have a good day at school.”
“Okay. I love you.”
“I love you too honey,” He said, grabbing his coffee again. I walked out the door, plugging in my headphones. I always walked to school since I was only a walking distance away.
I finally got to school, smiling as I saw my best friend in the whole wide world running towards me. “Ana!” She rushed up to me, crushing me in a hug.
I laughed lightly as I hugged her back. “Hey Lianne.” She pulled away and quickly linked her arm with mine as we walked into school together. “So. Sean Walker’s party is tonight. Do you wanna come?” She casually said as she walked me to my locker.
I scratched my hair… “Lianne, no. I’m not a party person. Besides, I bought one of my favorite love novel and that’s what I plan on doing tonight.”
Lianne groaned. “C’mon Ana! Just this one party! Go to this party with me and I’ll never ask you to go to another party with me ever again.”
I sighed as I took out my Physics textbook from my locker. I closed my locker and looked at Lianne, who stared at me with a puppy dog face. I let out a small laugh as I shook my head.
I love that she amused me. “Fine,” I gave in, which caused her to smile wide. “Just this party. If I start to feel uncomfortable in any way, we’re leaving,” I sternly told her.
“Yes! You’re coming to my house after school! I have an outfit you can wear!”
“Lianne, I have clothes of my own.” I argued, crossing my arms over my chest, which caused her to roll her eyes. “Yeah I know. They’re just not party material. No offence.”
“We’ll talk about this later, okay?” She told me before she grabbed my hand and dragged me to class.
For a moment there I was like What have I gotten myself into?…………
How Was The Start??
To Be Continued

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