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Teens Heart… Epilogue

#Epilogue (Grand finale)
Story by, Rejoice
#Eve’s POV
It took too long for Chris to get over Steph..
But I tried my best to be by his side..
There are times when he’do be so mad and act funny when ever he remember Steph and all I could do is hug him and kiss him.
They were only but mere attachment just to calm him down… So I guess untill I began having feelings for him.
Yeah.. I tried so much to stop it but It wouldn’t go..
I thought he’s never gonna love me back untill today…
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We were coming back from a Books store.
It was drizzling and we shared an umbrella.
He then stopped and turned to me.
breeze blew and he just held the umbrella and looked into my eyes.
“I wanna tell you something Eve.” He said.
My heart sank. The way he sounded made me think..
“What’s it Chris. Im ready to listen to you.” I said, giving him a smile..
He didn’t say anything… All I felt seconds later, was his lips on mine..
The kiss was breathtaking, unexpected and sweet.
People passed but he didnt care.
I didn’t care too.
Yeah… We’ve kissed so many times but all that time that we do, we only do to stop him from hurting himself or shattering things.
He’do sleep off after the kiss and woke up feeling better.
But now, This kiss…
It spoke of true feelings…
That he can finally fall in love again…
And that person is mee.
I closed my eyes and when he pulled away his lips.
We had to catch our breathe.
“I love you Eve.” He said after we stared at each other for minutes.
“I love you too Chris.” I said and then I hugged him..
Our love life began from that day…
Even though he at times think of Steph..
But it never was like he use to think of her.
He stopped acting crazy…
His love for me was true but I know his love for me would never be matched with how he felt for Steph.
He promised to love me forever and I promised to be with him till the end of time.
Few Months Later:
#Alexandra ‘s POV
“J, where are you??” I asked as I walked into the sitting room and its really dark.
I can’t even find the switch.
No answer.
“J?? J?” I called, still searching for the switch.
I finally got the switch and quickly switched the lights on and….
And…. Oh my world!
Pink flower petals beautifully scattered over the ground… and all over the bed..
New sweet pillows, pink and Love-shaped.
White bedsheets and pink duvets.
A table beside, a bottle of wine and two wine glass cups, beside it.
And red candls around it.
On the walls of are white and pink papers with writtings..
‘I Will Love You Till The End Of Time.’
‘Our Love Will Be Forever.’
‘We Are Meant For Each Other.’
‘Celebrating Our One Years Anniversary Of Perfect Love..’
‘Happy Anniversary.’
Oh my God!!
It struck me!
Today’s our Anniversary.
Our one year anniversary!
“Oh my world..” I said, thrown over by such by such unique suprisement.
Jeremy did this??
Oh my God!
Then I felt hands hold my waist from the back.
I know who it is already.
My boyfriend..
My fiancee..
My J..
“J..” I called softly without turning to look at him..
Then he kissed my shoulder and up my neck.
That gave me chills.
“Happy anniversary babe.” He whispered into my ears..
Oh.. Why’s he just too romantic.
“Happy anniversary baby.. This is super amazing and.. and romantic.” I said.
“Thanks for coming into my life Andra.. I love you so much and I’ll never stop loving you.” He said.
Then he turned me over to face him.
He looked amazing..
He no longer keep braids.
He stopped that for me..
And now, I can’t just explain how handsome he is…
How sweet, how romantic and perfect he is..
His smiles gave me goosebumps.
“I don’t wanna invite anyone into this anniversary. I want it to be just you and I babyy.. ” He said and within few seconds, he gently placed his lips and on mine and we began kissing….
With his hands on my waist and mine around his neck.
My love for him would never stop..
And our Love would never wither..
But grow each day and shine like the stars in the sky…
To my fans and everyone who made out time to read this Bittersweet,Tragicomedy,
Happy-Sad Story
or (Which ever one you choose to call it.)
I wanna say A very thank you. for making out time to read this story.
Im happy for your comments, encouragement and pressures for the next chapter cos all this made me put in my best in writting and finishing up this story.
You guys are amazing.
You guys are my mentor.
I know im gonna become an amazing author and actress in the future with all of your hailings and sweet comments about my stories. THANK YOU.
Thanks for those who Liked every chapter and never stopped to comment on each.
Ghost readers.. You guys gotta grow up a bit.
Now i’ve written and published only two stories.
My Personal Taste
Note i aint leaving you guys at all.
I’ll be back in no time with another interesting story.
Stay tuned.
Love you guys.
And for the those pirates all over the medias.
I’ll keep making you guys jealous.
All you gonna do is copy and paste cos you cant write even an introduction of a story.
From the Author of, My Personal Taste


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Sandra Bembil

Thumbs up. Such a nice story with tragic and comedy ending.keep it up sis. Jah bless you.

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