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The Golden Mistake… Episode 95

#Chapter 95
10 Hours Later

“Where is Dr. Reynolds?! It’s been more than 9 hours and he still has yet to check up on me!” I complained.
I was tired and in so much pain. I desperately wanted my daughter to be born already so I can finally be put out of this misery. The pain was so unbearable and my contractions were already two minutes apart, not mention they last much longer now. One minute to be exact.
“The nurse said he’s been caught up with a few of his patients but he should be in here soon,” Sean calmly said.
“Ugh!” I groaned as I threw my head back onto my pillow. There was a small knock on the door, the door opened and Dr. Reynolds walked into the room.
“I’m sorry for keeping you waiting,” He apologized as he closed the door. “Let’s get straight into the pelvic exam.” He grabbed a pair of gloves from the box that was hanging on the wall and began to put them on. I positioned my legs as he walked over to where I was.
“Alright, let’s see how many centimeters you’re dilated,” He said as he began the exam. He was very quick with the exam this time. “Well good news, you’re seven centimeters dilated. Almost there,” He smiled as removed his gloves and placed them in the waste bin.
“You’re in what we call the transition phase, the last phase in the first stage of labor. This is the shortest but most challenging phase considering the fact that your contractions are very close together. This will continue for another hour or two until you’re fully dilated. But, if you feel the urge to push, let someone know and I’ll be here as quick as I can, understand?”
I nodded.
“Good, I have another patient to check on, I’ll be back in an hour or so.”
“Okay,” I whispered. He quickly exited the room and I looked over at Sean. I began to feel the tears form in my eyes. “God, I just want this to be over!” I suddenly cried out.
I was extremely frustrated and exhausted. I closed my eyes tight as the tears streamed down my cheeks. “Anabelle, I’m so sorry-“Sean said softly
“I don’t need you to be sorry! I just need you to be quiet and hold my hand and to continue to help me get through this!” I quickly interrupted him, still crying.
He gave me a small nod as he began to wipe some of my tears away. There was a few small knocks on the door before it slowly opened. I watched as Miss.Raye poked her head into the room. She quickly frowned once she saw that I was crying.
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“Oh sweetie, what’s wrong?” She asked as she quickly walked into the room, closing the door before she rushed over to my side. “Mom, no small talk please,” Sean warned her.
“Freaking shit man!” I sniveled as another contraction came. “It’s okay sweetie, just breathe. You can get through this contraction, just hang in there and breathe,” Miss.Raye soothed.
It was like that for another three hours. My contractions became closer together and even more frustrating, which caused me to shiver and vomit excessively, but Miss.Raye and Sean were there the entire time, holding my hand and offering a ton of praise and encouragement, which I very much appreciated.
My breathing became quicker as I felt a huge pressure in my lower region. “Seaaaaan, I need to push,” I yelled out. “Oh, oh my! Okay okay! I’ll get the doctor, don’t push yet!”
Miss.Raye quickly said to me. “I’ll be right back!”she said and rushed out
She quickly opened the door and rushed out of the room. My breathing was still quick as I did everything in my power not to push. “Hang in there Anabelle, relax and don’t push yet,” Sean said. I nodded as I held onto his hand tight.
Miss.Raye, Dr. Reynolds and a couple of nurses came into the room shortly after. “So Anabelle, I’ve been told that you have the urge to push?” I quickly nodded, unable to speak.
“Alright, let’s quickly get you into the delivery room.” He walked over to where I was laying on the bed and pulled up the side bars of the hospital bed. He began to roll the bed out of the room with the help of the nurses. Sean stayed by my side the entire time, still holding my hand.
We finally reached the delivery room. Dr. Reynolds and the nurses transferred me onto a different bed. I laid there, still doing my breathing exercises as the nurses prepped me for delivery.
Once I was fully prepped, Dr. Reynolds sat down on a small, circular rolling chair which was located in front of my lower region. “Alright Anabelle, on the next contraction, I want you to start pushing. You’ll have a five minute break between each contraction, but I want you to push as hard as you can. Okay?”
I swallowed hard and nodded. I held Sean’s hand and one of the nurses’s hand tightly as the next contraction came. “Okay, start pushing Anabelle,” Dr. Reynolds ordered, and I immediately began pushing.
“Good Anabelle! Keep pushing,” Dr. Reynolds encouraged. I continued to push as Sean, the nurses and Dr. Reynolds said encouraging words to me. “You can do this baby, push.”sean soothed
I stopped pushing as the contraction went away. “Alright, give yourself five minutes to rest.”Dr. Said
“You got this Anabelle, okay? You are so strong, I know you can do this,” Sean said, placing a kiss on my forehead right after. The five minutes quickly passed and I was back to pushing again.
“You’re doing great! Push!”Dr.Reynold commanded
“Push baby, push. Remember, you can do this!” Sean’s encouraging words motivated me to continue pushing until the contraction passed. I could feel the tears building up again because of the amount of pain I was in.
Sweat began to come out of my pores, and Sean quickly wiped my forehead with a cloth. Thirty minutes passed and I was still pushing. I laid back in the bed, crying. “I can’t do this,” I whimpered. “I am so tired and it hurts so much.”I cried
“Don’t give up Anabelle, you are doing so amazing. You are amazing. You can do this baby, I believe in you.” I felt another contraction coming. Emboldened by his words, I began pushing and pushing and pushing……
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To Be Continued

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