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The Golden Mistake… Episode 100

THE GOLDEN MISTAKE [Final] #Chapter 100

I stopped reading, my heart pounding in my chest as I turned to the last page. I stared down at it in shock . I read the last sentence in more of a whisper.
“Will you marry me?” I finished, as I stared down at the engagement ring that was resting on the page. I watched as Sean picked up the engagement ring from the page and began looking deeply into my eyes
He kept his gaze on me, holding out the ring towards me. “Anabelle, let me start off by saying”…..he paused
“by doing this here, at Seaside Park, is adding to specialness of this place, our place. The first time we came to Seaside Park, the day before my championship game,
I recognized my feelings for you. We then came here for our very first date. That was the night that I knew I was falling for you and that was also the night I knew you were the one. The day of Graduation, we came here. That was the day I gave you a promise ring and told you I love you for the very first time.
Now we’re here again, at Seaside Park, where it will also be known as the place where I proposed to you.” I felt a tear escape my eye as he spoke.
“I feel so free every time I look at you, just like a child. I get so stupidly happy and excited and I seriously cannot contain it. You still make my heart race, like if it was the first time I’ve met you. All I ever want to do is smother you with my kisses and love. I just want to hold your hand and kiss yours lips. I feel bubbly, light and wistfully carefree and it’s all because of you. Just because of your adorable little smirks and smiles, I know you feel the same way as I do. You and I, together, bring out the best in each other. And even though I know that one day we might grow old, I know that our love will never die.
Anabelle, I want to be your person forever. Because you’re mine. You’re my favorite girl. You’re my favorite person to look at, to listen to, to talk to, to be with, you’re my favorite person to miss, to love. You’re my everything. All I want is to give you everything I have. I want to continue sharing my life with you. I want to have more kids with you. I want to continue making memories with you so that fifty years from now, I can look back and be sure I haven’t missed out on anything because all I’ve wanted is you.
You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Because of you, I have such a beautiful, outgoing, generous and compassionate daughter and I wouldn’t change a thing. I love you so much and I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life loving you, loving you the way Romeo loved Juliet.
Anabelle The story of our love is only the beginning. Let’s write our own happy ending. So what do you say Anabelle Marie Thompson? Will you make me the happiest man alive by becoming my wife?”
At this point, tears were streaming down my cheeks. I stared at him as I could feel my cheeks blushing ,
I nodded and slowly whispered “YES” the tears of joy kept flowing. He smiled as he took my hand and slid the ring onto my finger. I closed the scrapbook and quickly threw my arms around his neck, pulling him in for a deep kiss.
After few minutes i pulled out of the kiss and I stood up….
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#Sean ‘s POV

She just stood there. Looking at the sky
We were at the extreme end of Seaside Park near the beach and there’s nobody here except the two of us and for some reason, I liked that. I walked up behind her and she turned around to face me. “Are you shivering?” I asked her. She look down at her bare arms covered in goosebumps. “It’s kinda cold and all I’m wearing is a sweater and shorts” She says and starts walking toward the waves. I followed.. “Yeah but I can always be your warmer.” I replied and she laughs.
I watched as her long ponytail hair flowed in the wind. I wanted to…touch it.
“Soooo,are you coming?” She asked
I ran up behind her with a smile across my face. “Where to?” I ask and she shrugs. “Wherever the world takes us.” She looks back at me and smiles.
I can’t help it, I just, I have this feeling in the pit of my stomach that I can’t shake. She always makes me…crazy.
“Look,” she points over at the cloud filled sky. “I think it’s gonna rain,” I said as a drop of rain landed on my forehead. “Should we go?” I ask and she shakes her head. “No way! I wanna play in the rain!” I laughed and grab her around the waist. She screams as I held her up over my shoulder and start running . “Put me down!” She whines and I did. “You’re such an idiot,” she says and laughs. “Yeah I know,” I said with a smirk. I look back up at the sky.
“’s raining harder.” I said and she runs toward the waves and into the water. “What are you doing?” I chuckled and ran after her. She jumps into my arms, her legs wrapped around my waist and her beautiful smile across her faces fades she looks right into my eyes, as I looked back.
For a second, just a second, everything went quiet and it felt like we were the only two people in the world..
I smiled and kissed her… God!!the feeling of my lips against hers was like none other. It was amazing. I could feel her smile through the kiss as she wrapped her arms around my neck. The rain still pouring down on us. I felt like the happiest man on earth,,the moment I pulled away and dropped her .A sound of thunder jolted our attention as we both looked up at the sky then back at each other…. And we laughed, My lips were on hers once again and everything was perfect. She was mine forever…….

hmm…i just want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you in this awesome group!!! thank you for following me on my journey! thank you for all the reads,likes and comments! thank you for all the messages you guys send me, saying how much you enjoy the story, how you’ve recommend it to others and how much i’ve inspired you! you have no idea how much all these things mean to me! you guys truly are amazing!
Sincerely u guys are my biggest motivation.. no b lie !
I’m extremely grateful to have such amazing, supportive friends like you all..
Thank you a million times!!!
This Is Not A Good Bye But A See You Soon!..

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