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The Golden Mistake… Episode 97

#Chapter 97
*2 Days Later*

After three days of being in the hospital, today was finally the day where Malia and I were able to go home. I was beyond excited because I was officially starting a new chapter in my life. The life of a mother.
“You go get dressed while I get Malia dressed,” Sean said as he grabbed the diaper bag from the chair beside the hospital bed and set it down on the bed. “Okay, fine.” I took my clothes from my hospital bag and walked into the bathroom.
Since I was still sore, I took my time to get dressed. Once I was fully dressed, I walked over to the mirror and stared at myself. I smiled as I put my hair in a bun. I grabbed the hospital gown and walked out of the bathroom.
I set the hospital gown down on the bed and smiled as I saw Malia dressed in her outfit. She looked so adorable in her hat that Lianne had bought her. It was pink with white stripes and it had a bow on it as well.
“Knock, knock,” I heard Dr. Reynolds voice say. He smiled as he walked over to me. “I have your discharge papers right here ready for you to sign.”he said
I smiled as I took the clipboard from his hands and signed the discharge papers. I placed the pen on the clipboard and handed it back to him. “Dr. Reynolds, before I leave, I just wanted to thank you for being such a great support and for being so helpful throughout my whole pregnancy. I know it’s your job to but I really am grateful for having an amazing doctor like you take care of me these past nine months.”I thanked
“You’re welcome Anabelle,” He smiled. “It was an honor and pleasure being your doctor. I wish you and Sean the best of luck with your little one.”
“Thank you so much,” I said as I gave him a quick hug. “You two have have a good day, okay?”
“You too,” Sean and I both said. “Goodbye Dr. Reynolds,” I added.
“Bye you two,” He waved at us as he walked out of the room. I turned and watched as Sean buckled Malia up in her car seat. I walked over to Sean and wrapped my arms around him. He kissed the side of my temple as I gazed down at our daughter. “You ready to go home?”
I chuckled as I looked up at Sean. I stared at him, and I immediately envisioned our future. I saw us getting married, raising Malia, having more kids and becoming a big happy family. A smile creeped onto my lips as I realized how ready I was for this new chapter in my life.
In our life.
I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him down for a short but sweet kiss. I pulled away and looked into the eyes of the man I love.
“Yes,” I grinned. “More than ready.”I grinned
Fast Forward
*3 Years Later*
#Anabelle ‘s POV

I woke up to the feeling of soft lips on my bare shoulder. I smiled to myself, my eyes still closed shut. “Mmm,” I laughed softly. I slowly turned my body to the other side, my eyes meeting a pair of blue ones.
Sean smiled at me as he tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear. “Good morning beautiful,” He murmured, before leaning down and gently kissing my lips.
He pulled away and placed a small kiss on my nose and then my forehead. “Good morning my love,” I whispered. I sat up in bed, clutching the covers to my body. It was now that I realized that I had absolutely no clothing on.
I snorted, looking back at Sean who was smirking. “We had a little bit too much fun last night, didn’t we?” He let out a small laugh before he pulled me back down to him.
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He wrapped his arm around me as I wrapped my arms around his neck. He began leaving light kisses on my jawline, lifting my hair as he trailed the kisses down to my neck. I let out a small moan as he continued the trail of kisses all the way down to my breasts.
“Sean,” I breathed out. “We shouldn’t be doing this right now.”
“That’s okay,” He mumbled, against my skin. He came back to my neck and began sucking it gently. My breathing quickened as a feeling of warmth spread across my entire body.
“Sean,” I moaned softly. “We have to stop. Malia is probably awake.” He pulled away from my neck, the feeling of warmth quickly faded away. He looked down at me and sighed. “Fine. We’re finishing this later though.”he smirked
He leaned down and quickly pecked my lips before getting out of bed. He walked over to the dresser and took out a pair of basketball shorts, quickly putting them on. He walked into the bathroom right after.
I sighed as I sat up in bed again, wiping my face with my hands. I threw the covers to the side and got up from the bed. I walked over to the dresser and took out a bra and underwear, quickly putting them on.
I heard the bathroom door open. “I’m going to check on Malia,” I heard Sean say as I opened another drawer. “Okay.” I heard the bedroom door open and close shortly after.
I grabbed one of Sean’s baggy shirts and put it on. I walked inside the bathroom, quickly brushing my teeth and hair. I put my hair in a pony tail before washing my face. I gently dried my face with a towel before I turned off the light and walked out of the bathroom.
I opened the door to the bedroom and walked out, slowly walking down the hallway as I heard Sean’s voice. “Mal you have to be careful. I don’t need you getting burned.”
“But daddy! You’re doing it wrong!” She giggled
I walked into the kitchen and smiled as I saw both Malia and Sean making pancakes. Malia turned to me and smiled. “Mommy!” She yelled as she carefully got down from her step stool and rushed over to me.
I smiled as I bent down and picked her up. “Good morning baby girl. How did you sleep?”
“Good! Daddy and I are making pancakes!” She told me as I walked over to where Sean was. “Oh really?” I looked down at the pan and saw a very distorted looking pancake.
I looked at Sean and began laughing. “That’s your attempt at making Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes?”
He nodded sheepishly. “Yeah. You obviously do them better.”
“Aw, baby, that’s okay. It looks cute,” I said, looking down at the pancake. He snorted. “Yeah, whatever.”
“No I’m serious, it’s cute,” I told him as I set Malia back down on the ground. “Mommy! I wanna help!”
“Okay baby girl, you gotta wait. You can help put the toppings on the pancake after they’re done.”
“Yay!” She cheered. I smiled as I bent down and kissed her cheek. “In the meantime, why don’t you go to your room and play for a little?”
“Okay mommy,” She smiled, before she ran out of the kitchen. “Was she up when you checked up on her?”I asked Sean
“Yeah,” Sean answered. “She was playing with her Barbie dolls.”
I heard the ringing of a phone come from Sean and I’s bedroom. “Momma, your phone is ringing!”Malia yelled
“I’m coming!” I said as I began making my way out of the kitchen. I walked all the way to the bedroom and quickly made my way to the nightstand, where my phone was.
I unplugged my phone from its charger and quickly answered the phone, not bothering to check the caller ID.
“Hey Ana! I wanted to know if you can bring Lia over to Derek’s place. I arrived from New York last night and I am dying to see my goddaughter!”lianne gushed
“Of course Lianne! What time should I bring her over?”
“Whenever you can. The sooner the better.”
“Uh, okay. We’re going to eat breakfast right now, but after she eats and gets ready, I’ll head over there. Ok?”
“Okay! Perfect! See you soon.”
“Alright, bye Lianne.”
I pulled my phone away from my ear and pressed the end call button before walking back into the kitchen, where Sean was finishing the last of the pancake.
“Malia! You can come help now!” I yelled from the kitchen. “I’m coming! I’m coming! I’m coming!” She repeatedly said as I heard quick small footsteps rush into the kitchen.
She dragged her step stool beside me and got on it. “Okay, what kind of toppings do you want?” I asked her as I set a pancake down on her plate.
“Hm.” She tapped her index finger on her chin as she thought about what she wanted to put on her pancakes. “I want strawbabies on my pancake.”she said
I let out a small laugh as I heard her pronunciation of strawberries. I heard Sean laughing as well. “Princess, it’s strawberries not strawbabies,” Sean smiled as he set the plate of pancakes on the counter.
“But daddy, that’s what I said! Strawbabies!” I smiled as I finished setting the pancakes. “Alright baby girl, you can put on some strawbabies now.”
“Okay!” She said as she began to place a few strawberries onto her pancakes. Once she was finished, I took both her plate and my plate and set it down on the table…
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To Be Continued

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