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My Heart… Episode 9

Episode 9
story by Japhy
This really hurts, i held my cheeks then looked at Loren without saying anything.
“you’re such a burden to us, i can’t believe you steal from other people,” she yelled at me.
“i found this necklace at the orphanage, and i was not having the intention to keep it to myself,” i said then stormed upstairs to my room, my eyes is already filled up with tears, i threw myself helplessly on my bed trying to hold back those tears. Courtney be strong* my heart keeps telling me, i have suffered a lot in this house and the only reason am staying here it because of Mr. Wilson.
Brown’s POV
She found the necklace at the orphanage, oh am so stupid to have forgot! i went their yesterday, i all my fault.
“but you shouldn’t have slapped her, i thought she’s your sister,” i said to Loren.
“she’s just a poor orphan and a loser, a burden to us, dad once picked almost death because she stole from someone, she’s a thief right from the start,” she said while i got a bit confuse. My heart keeps telling me this Courtney, but Ms. Lyra told us she’s death, i was so confused at that moment.
“why is she a burden? i asked Loren.
“because she’s still suffering from a heart disease, she’s so weak, she’s always a weakling,” she said. This might be Courtney. But why will Ms. Lyra play with my feelings and that of my parents, that so wicked of her, i think since Ms. Lyra lied to us about Courtney being death then she must have lie to Courtney about the death of her mom and twin sister.
“what are you thinking babe? Loren asked while i just fake a smile.
“i need to go, i need to do something,” i said then peck her before leaving.
I hurriedly return back home feeling so bad about the whole thing.
“Dinner is ready? Anita said while i just walked pass her.
“hey Brown, what’s wrong with you? she asked coming closer to me.
“i want to be alone Anita, am not in the mood for your childsih talks or play,” i said while she chuckle.
“hey i just hope it not about Loren, cos Loren loves you so much,” she said while i said nothing but walked to my room.
Those memories kept flashing through my brain, i can’t believe Ms. Lyra could be this wicked and i fall for all her lies, i would have look for Courtney everywhere i could, i would have thank her, i felt so angry with myself for not being able to recognise her although we just meet once and that’s during Loren’s birthday and then today, she looks so beautiful than i thought. My mom just walked in glass cup of milk then sat beside me.
“son,” she said then held my shoulders and sat beside me.
“here, have your milk before going to bed,” she said which make me chuckle.
“mom am not a kid, i don’t need anything now, and if i have to drink then it should be something like wine,” i said.
“don’t tell me you gonna get yourself drunk, well dinner is ready,”
“no mom, am not hungry am just so worried i feel so guility, i need to find Ms. Lyra cos she fucking lie to us that Courtney is death,” i said while mom looked at me so surprise.
“what! how could she, but is Courtney still alive? my mom asked and i nodded.
“yes mom, she’s Loren adopted sister, please mom i don’t want you to tell anyone about this, not now, i need to do something not even Anita should know this,” i said while she looked at me.
“OMG, Lyra is such a devil, why did we even believe her at first,”
“i need to look for her anywhere, i need to know about her whereabout mom, she’s such a devil and must pay, who knows if she lied to Courtney about her parents being death,”
“this too bad of her, she gonna pay for it,” mom said while i nodded.
“i just want to be alone mom,” i said while she nodded.
“i understand you Brown, am glad you’ve known the girl,” she said then stood up to leave.
“yes mom, i just hope everything work out good,” i said.
“of course it will,” she smiled then left. I laid on the bed staring at the ceiling, i was too harsh by the way i shouted at her, she will be so much hurt and i can’t believe Loren calling her a weakling, Courtney is not a weakling. I kept battling with my thoughts until i finally fall asleep.
Courtney’s POV
The next day in the morning, we all settle down for breakfast and dad was ready for work.
“Loren if you really want to continue working in my company then you have to work harder and be smart, i don’t like the way you do things atimes,” dad said while mom looked at me so angry.
“i don’t get you Wilson, Loren is our child you have to help her out, she’s a girl child she don’t have to over work herself,” mom said while grandma dropped her fork then looked at dad. I know they gonna start their argument, grandma seems to be on Loren and mom side, i think she never liked her own son.
“Wilson i hope youre not trying to say Courtney will take over your company cos it won’t happen, not when am alive,” grandma said glaring at me.
“and not when am alive too,” mom said in a harsh tune.
“uhmm, not at all grandma, after all i know nothing about business and i think Loren is quite smarter than me in that, she just need more time, while me am still hoping to work at the K’s Fashion house to launch my new design over their,” i said while dad looked at me then smiled.
“you see, Courtney is not after all these, she just need someone to call her family, she need you people,” dad said while grandma quickly stood up.
“she’s not accepted in this family and that won’t change the fact that she’s still an outsider,” grandma said rendering all abusive words on me before she left. My eyes were already filled with tears.
“dad i know Courtney is a good child but she stole from my boyfriend yesterday,” Loren said.
“what? mom asked looking at me.
“that’s a pure lie mom,” i said while mom yelled at me not to call her mom, she hate it when i call her mom.
“she stole a necklace from Brown, the necklace he was planing to give me, dad she’s a thief,” she said which make more tears flowed down my cheeks.
“Courtney is not a thief, she cant do that,” dad said.
“don’t say that Wilson, Courtney is capable of doing all these,” mom said with much hatred in her voice.
“i need to go, we can talk about this later,” dad said then left, i looked at Loren then back at her mom, i also also stood up then left. I went back to my room and sat on my bed quietly listening to my heart beat as i cried out, am damn tired of all these accusation. I connected my earphone to my phone then plung it to my ear, only music seems to cool me down when am sad. I picked up a magazine with smooth pages of girls in bewitching outfit, i have always dreamt of producing captivating designs that would fit the slim, the fat, the tall and the short, i really want my designs to be the best. I just hope someday my designs would cram boutiques or shops, i tried hard to forget about what happen earlier at the dining room but i couldn’t cos it really hurts, that also remind me of Brown, the way he shouted at me and called me a thief, that really hurts, my heart has always been hurt.
…Later in the evening Lesley my friend called me and ask her to meet her at the Ramon’s club i wonder what she’s doing their, i took my bath, wore a black jeans trouser with blue top, i put on my sneakers and picked up my phone and earphone then headed to the club to see Lesley and also to ease my pain. I arrived their and saw Lesley seated at the front seat, i can’t believe the place was so silent as a grave yard, someone is singing at the stage. I walked over to Lesley then sat next to her, i felt so happy seeing the girl seeing, she looks so beautiful, she has a good voice.
“she’s must be a good singer,” i said to Lesley.
“sure, she have been singing here since last week, she sing and get paid for it, she’s such a good singer, i sometimes come over here just to hear her sing, so i insist you come here today so you could hear her sing,” she said while i smiled. That along makes me forget about my sorrow and i kept smiling throughout.
Brittney’s POV
I was done singing on the stage and went down to my seat, Arina was already clapping hard for me. The whole people cheer up, am really a good singer.
“you nail it dear, i love your voice,” Arina said ruffling my hair while i smiled.
“sure my mom always tells me am talented with such voice, since i couldn’t have a job, it better i do this,” i said.
“what about Brown? you need to go to him,” she said while i rolled my eyes.
“hey i don’t even know him so… I was interrupted with by a beautiful girl just my age who came towards me.
“you have a good voice,” she said smiling while i smiled too, she seems to look like mom a little bit, i love her smiles and her dimples too, she look so good, seems she’s from a very rich family.
“have this,” she said then removed a huge sum of money from her purse then give it to me, i felt so happy i know mom will be happy too.
“thank you pretty girl can we be friends? i asked her while she smiled.
“am Brittney,” i said smiling.
“am am Co..” she said but stopped when her phone rang and she quickly recieve the call.
Courtney’s POV
Dad just call me and he said i should go home immediately cos he needed to talk to me. Did he actually believe i stole the necklace from Brown, oh no, Loren has put me in a big mess, i just hope dad is not angry with me. I quickly wave bye to the pretty girl who sang and also to Lesley then hurried back home. I arrived back home and meet dad playing piano. I know dad only play paino when he’s sad or too happy, i just hope he’s too happy today.
“dad,” i said then walked up to him.
“i have talked to Ronald and most importantly to Louis, you can go and identify yourself at the K’s Fashion House,” dad said smiling while i quickly hugged him.
“thank you so much dad, you’re always the best, i love you so much,” i said smiling.
“so just get ready, i know you’ll gonna do good over their cos you’re talented when it comes to design and your love for fashion,” he said while i smiled.
“dad am sorry for all that is happening to this family, i didn’t steal from anyone,” i said while dad look at me then smile.
“i trust you so much Courtney, i know Loren, Tracy and my mom doesn’t like you i just hope oneday everything will be over and we will gonna be one big family,” he said while i smiled.
“i hope so dad, thank you so much,” i smiled then rest my head on his shoulder as he played the piano which warms my heart, i also feel safe whenever am with him, i guess he’s the father i never had, i so much love this man, i owe him my life for helping me out in this life.
The next day i woke up feeling so excited, i just remembered about the girl singing at the club yesterday, i love her voice, she look so pretty, i really don’t know why my mind kept thinking about her. Well i had my breakfast in my room to avoid Loren, her mom and grandma. I put on a pink corset Tullie gown then packed my hair in ponytail, i put on a pink pencil heels then applied a light make up. I was already done and dad told his driver to take me to work.
We arrived to K’s Fashion House, it look so large and beautiful. The building stood magnificent as Trump Tower stood in new york. A huge blue sign display the name of the great building on the top: *K’s FASHION HOUSE* This one of the famous fashion design industry which people across the world work over here, their designs, materials are expectional, i just love this place it so beautiful. The Kentos are great people, Brown is so lucky to have such parents who are this rich, well i also have it, cos dad is rich but they aren’t my real parents. I breathe deeply through my mouth then walked in. The inside look so good, and people seems to be so busy, i asked of Mrs. Louis office and i was directed to it.
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Brown’s POV
Mom wasn’t feeling too well and asked me to helped me conduct some interview at KFH. Anita is been too serious with her modelling stuff and has been travelling round the world. Am taking over to start from where mom stopped for the main time. I sat in her office and called the next person for the interview, i was surprise to see Courtney walked in, my eyes darted overs hers and i spent a while staring at her, assessing her features and beauty she look so beautiful, sexy and hot, am sure she’ll gonna be of great help here, she was quite surprise when she saw me but i ask her to seat down which she did. I stared at her ocean blue eyes, her sparkling black and blue hair, her tempting pink lips, her nose, she just look so perfect. Think straight Brown i said to myself then looked at her again, this time our eyes meet and she looked away.
“your name? i asked while she looked at me then replied.
“Courtney Brooks,” she said while handed me her files and i go through them.
“tweny one,” she replied without even smiling. No need to ask of her address cos i already know.
“do you live with your biological parents? i asked trying to make sure she’s the Courtney i know.
“what has that got to the with the interview, well the answer is No,” she replied while i smile inwardly.
“even before you come over here your dad has told me about you and am sure you’ll gonna work and contribute so much to this company,” i said while she smiled which reveal the dimples on each side of her cheeks.
“you gonna start work next week monday,” i said while she nodded then stood up to leave.
“uhmm..but are you Courtney? i asked her again then moved towards her.
“what did you mean? she stammered.
“did you remember me, Brown the one from the orphanage? i asked while she widen her eyes and was speechless already, i stared at her then down to her lips.
“tell me the truth Courtney, or are hiding from me, don’t you want us to know each other again and be friends just they way we are when we were kids? i asked holding her arms, her skin is so soft and shining.
“just let go of me, i only came here for the interview and not for this, i don’t know you,” she yelled then fling my hand away from hers and turn to leave but i dragged her back with my arms wrapped around her waist.
“stop pretending Courtney, i didn’t leave you on purpose,” i said while she blink her eyes twice seems she want to hold back the tears forming in her eyes already.
“i have to go,” she said trying to leave but my grip was tight on her, am not letting her go until she tells me the truth…
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