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My Heart… Episode 12

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Episode 12
story by Japhy
Brown’s POV
What the heck is wrong with this
girl. I quickly pushed her away girl. I quickly pushed her away from
me when Courtney walked in.
“what wrong with you silly thing,” i
yelled at her which make her flinch.
“what were you thinking, you think
you could act so cheaply just to get
a job over her, now get out of my
office and i never want to see you
again,” i yelled at her while she
looked at me and her eyes were
already forming tears.
“just get out of here you cheap
slut,” i said so angry while she burst
out crying then quickly ran out. I
sighed heavily then sat down on my
“so disgusting! i said so angry and
wonder what her mission is.
“here is the files,” Courtney said
the dropped it on my tables and
quickly left before i could say
anything to her, was she angry with
me? and why did she quickly left
like that.
Courtney’s POV
OMG I can’t believe my best singer
Brittney and Brown kissing! but
what about my sister Loren. I felt
for Brittney by what Brown said to
her, that too harsh, i quickly
dropped the files on his table then
hurried out to look for her but
before i went out she was no where
to be found, i was hoping to see
and apologise on behalf of Brown.
After work i arrived back home and
decided to go to the club to see
Brittney singing i just hope she’ll
gonna be their tonight.
Brittney’s POV
I couldn’t help but to cry
throughout that evening, my eyes
were really heavy and mom told me
not worry about not getting the job,
i told her how the boss chase me
out but i didn’t tell her about the
kiss, maybe i fucked up by kissing
him, maybe not. I quickly dressed
to meet Arina at the bar and told
her how things went on.
“Brittney, hope you’re not getting
yourself drunk? mom asked while i
“i will be fine mom,” i said then
went straight to the club and meet
“how did it go on? Arina asked while
i gulped down a glass cup of wine
“i lose him and also lose the job
too, he call me all sort of names
Arina, he called me a cheap slut,” i
said as tears kept streaming down
my eyes, but i didn’t care.
“he did, maybe he’s too proud to
talk to people like you, i mean poor
people like us,” Arina said while i
looked at her.
“maybe! cos no one has ever made
me feel so hurt before, he called
me a slut,” i said in tears, am
almost done with one bottle of
“are you getting yourself drunk?
Arina asked while i smiled.
“yes Arina, this the only way i can
let go of my pains,” i cried the
“won’t you sing today? Arina asked.
“am not in the mood for all this, i
just want to be alone,” i yelled then
order for another bottle of wine.
Courtney’s POV
I was already at the club but seems
like Brittney isn’t their yet. I walked
around searching for her and glad i
saw her but she was drunk and
seems she’s with her friend.
“i love him Arina! i love Brown
Kento, maybe i wasn’t from the
same class with him, maybe am
poor, from a poor background,” she
yelled still crying. I know what
Brown said to her really hurt. I sat
down their and sat watch her with
her friend as she keep crying.
“you’ve not paid Miss,” a man said
as he come closer to Arina and
Brittney who were ready to leave
without paying for the drink.
“i don’t have any money with me,”
Brittney said as she try to leave but
the man drag her back.
“you don’t have money with you
and you have the gut to drink? the
man questioned her. I quickly
rushed over them and removed
some money from my purse.
“allow them go, i will pay for their
bill, how much it is? i asked the
man while Brittney friend looked at
“you’re such a darling, thank you so
much,” she said then dragged
Brittney out. I paid the man then
sighed as i sat and watch Brittney
leave, she was even drunk, too bad
she loves Brown but he belong to
someone else and that’s Loren.
Brittney’s POV
Arina held me as we went out of
the club and walked down the road
then hailed a car back home. I
arrived home and mom was already
worried about me, Arina took me to
my room, i lied on my bed and i
could see the room turning up side
/just get out of here you cheap
slut/ Brown’s voice echoed through
my brain which hurt me the more.
“she’s okay mom, she’s just
drunk,” Arina said then walked out
of my room, am still on my bed
unable to do anything. Mom sat
beside me then helped me
removed my shoes and my jacket.
….The next day i woke up feeling so
sad about everything, i still
remembered what happen at
Brown’s office and that keeps
hurting my heart.
“breakfast ready,” mom said i
quickly stood up from my bed then
went to our small sitting room.
“you were drunk yesterday night,
why? why have you decided to hurt
yourself this way,” mom said while i
sat down beside her.
“you can still get a job somewhere
else,” mom said while tears slide
down my cheeks.
“aren’t you tired fo livin here, i want
a better life for us, we can’t
contiunue to remain poor for the
rest of our lives, i want to build a
new house for us and not the slum,
and beside it isn’t about the job,” i
“Mom did i look like a slut to you? i
asked while mom looked at me
surprise with the question i asked.
“no sweetheart, i mean you don’t
even have a boyfriend and whoever
that said that to you must be rude,”
mom said while i looked at her.
“it really hurts to hear the one you
love call you such names,” i said
while mom looked at me.
“the one you love!. Now i
understand, seems my Brittney is
in love,” mom said smiling but i
looked at her them frown.
“he don’t love me mom, he even
insulted me,” i said.
“he did! don’t he knows no one has
the right to insult my only daughter,
he just hurt you,” mom said.
“yes mom and i guess he will never
love me the way i am, maybe he
need someone of his class, am just
too poor to have a rich boyfriend
mom,” i cried then told her what
happen at is office and how i kissed
“OMG Brittney first impression do
matters, you should have done
that. I guess he thinks you’re cheap
by doing so,” mom said.
“yes it all my fault, maybe i was
carried away by his handsomeness.
I guess he’s not that type that
would want a poor person like me,”
i said.
“of course not, you know it all
started when i fell in love with your
dad, he was so rich, handsome and
known all over the country, our love
story started when i workestory started when i worked as a
maid in his house but his parents
never loved me, they never
approved of our relationship. I think
you’re just like your father, the
stubborn type cos he refuse to
listen to his parents and we got
married without them. Am from a
poor family and also a quiet type, i
was scared his mom and ex
girlfriend might killed me. I was
heart broken when he travelled
while i was three month pregnant
then that was when i also
discovered his ex girlfriend was
pregnant for him. Your dad was
such a monster i never knew he
allowed such thing to happen even
when he knew we were married, his
mom and his ex girlfriend threw me
out of his house, they sent some
men to killed me but i escaped it
through the help of my brother
Lucas. Lucas was the one helping
me with you before they later killed
him. His ex girlfriend and mother
killed my brother and wanted to
kidnapped you cos Courtney was in
the orphanage then, i have to run
away for the main time and when i
was back that was when i was told
about Courtney’s death at the
orphanage. I felt so heart broken
and promise to take my revenge on
the Brooks, your father must pay
for all the hardship he put me
through and also his mom and ex
girlfriend, he didn’t even care to
look for me all i heard was his
wedding with his ex girlfriend, he
totally forgotten about me, he
dumped me with you girls when i
was pregnant. I will fight even with
the last drop of blood just to make
them pay for what they to me. I will
make them pay for killing my
brother, my only brother Lucas, i
will personally make your dad crawl
to beg for my forgiveness, i will
make sure his wife is being killed
just the way she killed my brother
and his mother will see hell on
earth. I have went through a lot
Brittney, i have suffered enough,
walking helter shelter in the street
begging for food while i was still
pregnant, i have seen death
Brittney but God didn’t allow me to
die. I get to know that rich men
only use and dump poor girls, don’t
fall for that bastard. Rich men are
only good in breaking poor girl’s
heart. They have their own wife
preserve for them and when the
right time comes they will just
abandon you and get married to the
person their parents want for them.
I don’t want you to pass through
what i pass,” mom said in tears. It
really breaks my heart to see her
cry, how could dad and his family
be this wicked to mom, how could
they do this to her, and he even
have the guts to move on and get
married without looking for her. I
stood up so angry with everything.
“mom, tell me who my father is?
and who are his family? i asked.
“the Brooks, here are the picture of
his family,” mom said i moved
closer to her then looked at the
picture on her phone. It Mr. Wilson,
his wife, his mother, Loren OMG
Brown’s girlfriend and the girl that
gave me money the last time i sang
at the club, she’s the same girl that
walked in Brown’s office, so she’s
part of their family and a sister to
Loren. Even her. I smirk and felt
like smashing the picture on the
“mom,” i said then sat down beside
her and wipe away her tears. “why
not expose them to the police for
killing uncle Lucas,” i said.
“i don’t have evidence Brittney,”
she said in tears.
“we are just poor and their nothing
we can do for now, but believe me
mother, i Brittney will make sure
they pay for what the put you
through and also for killing uncle
Lucas, it all their fault Courtney is
death, they killed my twin sister and
will pay everything,” i said in tears
then threw down my books from
the table.
“mom i will make them pay. I won’t
spare anyone of them,” i wipe away
my tears

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