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My Heart… Episode 13

Episode 13
story by Japhy
“it okay mom, they will pay for this,” i said while mom wipe away her tears. I know mom has suffered a lot and that’s why she needed revenge, she lose two people, the one she so much love and that’s Courtney and her Uncle Lucas.
“you know Lucas was kidnapped before he later died,” mom said as she told me the story of how it all happen.
When Tracy told me she was pregnant for Wilson they immediately chase me out of his house and kicked me out to the street, that night i slept in the street, suffering from the mosquitoes bites in my present condition, the next morning i have to beg for phone to call my brother from school. Lucas was in his final year at the college and was about sitting for his final exams when i called him and he came feeling so sad when i told him what happen, he took me to his apartment and helped me out. If not for Lucas i would have been death a long time ago. Lucas forfeit his final year exams just to help me out, he left everything he worked for years just to helped me cos i was in critical condition. As if that wasn’t enough Tracy and Wilson’s mom still came after me and burn up the little apartment i lived with Lucas, i thought i was death not knowing i was able to escape when the fire started, we had no where to go. Lucas was the one that go about begging for food just for me, things became more tougher to the extent Lucas stole from other people just to feed me and make sure my unborn baby is doing fine, he was caught and was badly beaten but glad he’s not death i have to spent the whole day without food that day, i thought i was going to die with my unborn baby but Lucas still go out and look for a quick job which he earn money to feed me. I really love my brother so much and warn him not to steal anything just to feed for me again. During delivery which was really gave me a hard time for me, i had to undergo a caesarean operation, Lucas has paid much for the operation and even got us a new apartment. He was the responsible for your feeding, clothing and everything, he acted as the father and that makes me hate Wilson and his family so much. I haven’t suffered much the way Lucas did, you were just four years with me while Courtney was in the orphanage with the hope of getting free from this heart disease she was suffering from, but i guess Lyra only decieved me cos it didn’t happen, i still feel so guility for what happen to Courtney. When Lucas was kidnapped the kidnappers ordered for two million just within three days. I really don’t know where to get such money, i cried out my eyes, i still wanted to save him, cos he’s the only friend and brother i had, i have to get begg in the street, but yet the money was not even up to a million. On the third day they kidnappers called me to come and picked my brother i thought they have decided to release him, i felt so happy and left Brittney alone at home cos i can’t take her their. i rushed to the place they texted me and they told me not to involve the police in that, i arrived their and only meet my brother in a pool of blood, so they lied to me. I quickly held Lucas and my dress was stained with his blood.
“who this these to you? who kidnapped you? i asked in tears.
“Tracy and her Wilson’s mom,” he stammered then held my hands.
“please take care of the twins,” he said then gave up the ghost, that was the last thing he said, i was still in shock holding him, i hugged him so tight to me and cried out loud. I cried out my eyes as i saw Lucas died right before me, in my hands. I wept bitterly, remembering about my daughter condition, no one to help again. Before i return back home that evening i saw an unknown man who tried to take away Brittney i have to shout, to call the attention of the neighbors and the some the security men, but the man quickly ran away leaving Brittney with me. I was heart broken about Lucas death, i thought of going to the oprhanage to take my Courtney but i still thought about the feeding and how will i be able to cope with her. After Lucas burial i and Brittney have to run away not to be caught again. I was glad Lucas was able to tell me who was behind his death before he died. I promise to have my revenge, the should have killed me instead of Lucas. What hurt most is when i saw Wilson’s wedding pictures with Tracy all over the net, they actually make a good family but i felt left out and so much hatred for him most especially his wife and mom. I hate them. Being a single mother wasn’t a child play, my heart is broken into a million piece which no one can seal it.
“Mom,” i said then held her cos she was crying so hard, i also couldn’t help but to cry, why will you have to suffer this way. Especially uncle Lucas who eventually died.
“it okay mom,” i said comforting her. I now feel so much hatred for whoever my dad is, although i have never seen him but i hate him so much and will never forgive him for what he did to my mom, it all his fault i lose Uncle Lucas and Courtney, while mom suffered a lot.
“but mom did they still know you’re living here in montreal? i asked while mom nodded.
“i don’t think so, cos if they know that and they also know you’re my daughter they will try to kill you,” mom said while my heart was beating much faster. i know they can cos they’re damn rich and have connections.
“so mom, should we run? i asked her.
“enough Brittney, i have run away from them for such a very long time, i won’t run away from them again, let the worst happen Brittney. This time am not gonna keep quiet.’ she said while i nodded i guess she’s right, it actually the time to fight back.
Brown’s POV
I was at the sitting room watching the TV with grandma when Anita walked in smiling.
“hey grandma,” she said smiling then kissed her cheeks.
“where have you being? i asked her.
“with Greg of course, i know you so much miss Loren, don’t worry she’ll be back soon,” she said smiling then walked to my room. I wasn’t thinking straight, what happen in the office kept flashing through my brain. Who is that girl? and what does she want from me? I really can’t understand why a beautiful girl like her will act so cheap like that.
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Courtney’s POV
I was dressed in a bodycon black gown which fitted me perfectly, i applied a light make up to my face then combed my and packed it to one side of my shoulder. I was still thinking about Brittney, i don’t know why i like that girl so much, i don’t even know where she lives. I hurried to work and arrived at the KFH. I walked in and was told about the meeting with some investor from China. I was just hoping to see Brown.
“ma’am, this the entry of Singapore’s Michael Jewelers which we had sent the delivery and we’ve sent the courier,” the MBA showed me the documents. I quickly left to the office and sat down, Brown was already with three of the board members, it was Brown who insisted i should come.
“this from our new contemporary line, i think you guys will love it,” i smiled showing the investors from France and Singapore some of our jewelries.
“what sort of designs are you looking for? Brown asked them.
“different design, your company has a great company reputation in China,” one of the man in suit said while i smile.
“Seb! Brown quickly called one of the worker.
“bring the stuff in my cabin, get them,” he order.
“now we’re going to show you the lastest collection we have here,” i said wile Seb came with some the jewelries, i open one of box and brought out the jewelry.
“this the royal filtered sand of jaisalmer,” i smiled showing them the design.
“these are all unique pieces, they design are good,” one of the woman said while i smile.
“they one you’re holding, the pink one.. is one of the best design we are dealing with now,” i smiled.
“our order will gonna 20,000 pieces,” one of the man said while the board memebers smiled. I can’t believe i was able to convince them this much, i steal a glance at Brown who wasn’t saying anything but i caught him staring at me which make me feel uncomfortable.
“okay we do have enough for you, i think the deal is done. Courtney complete the paperwork,” Brown said then stood up while we all did.
I felt so happy for being able to impress those Chinese.
“weldone Courtney, for able to impress those chinese,” i heard Brown voice while i turn to him.
“thank you,” i replied.
“but how did you know about the designs? he asked.
“i know alot about them and i browse and even order for some. Dad was the one that help me in that, he always helped me in achieving this dream of mine” i said while Brown held my hands.
“and we need people like you to make this company progressing,” he said while i smile.
“can we have lunch together? he asked while i immediately said no.
“please Courtney, even as friends, just a lunch before we resume back to work,” he said while i just nodded.
We drove to the nearest beautiful restuarant to the KFH in his car and we settle down, He ordered a soft drink for us and soon the waiter came with peanut and jelly sandwich which i was surprise by that.
“our favorite when we were kids, hope it still your favourite? he asked while i smiled.
“you still remember all these? i asked while he smiled.
“i can’t forget whatever we once share when we were little Courtney, it something that is already carved in my heart,” he said which make me smile. Their was silence between us which was awrkward, i didn’t know what else to tell him again and he was still staring at me.
“Courtney, are you avoiding my eyes? he asked while i raise my head and looked at him.
“no, it nothing,” i said then fake a smile.
“tell what happen at the orphanage when i later left? he asked while i clear my throat i wasn’t ready to tell anyone about Mom Kenita and Mrs. Lyra, but i have to tell him if he insist. I told him all what happen and how Mr. Wilson later took me home with him.
“oh my God! that was so bad Courtney, i never knew Mrs. Lyra could be this wicked, she also lied to me about you. Am sorry for all that happen,” he said while i smiled.
“it nothing, everything happens for a reason,” i said trying to hold back the tears in my eyes.
“Courtney am now here with you and that’s all that matters to me,” he said then held my hands. The lunch went on well and he also told me how he meet his parents and felt so bad when Mrs. Lyra lied to him about me being death. I felt so happy cos we are getting alone and able to know ourselves now.
Later in the evening Brown decided to take me home in his car, we walked inside the sitting room and i dropped my hand bag i was so exhausted.
“thank you,” i said to him while he smiled. He looks more handsome while smiling.
“Courtney, am sorry about what happen yesterday, i actually don’t know who the girl is to have kiss me that way,” he said, i guess he suppose to tell Loren that and not me.
“she’s really hurt with what you said to her,” i said.
“you know her? he asked while i nodded.
“she’s my friend,” i said.
“gosh! then i shouldn’t have said that to her,” he said so worried.
“it okay, don’t worry about her, i will let her understand it isn’t your fault,” i said while he smiled and moved closer to me, he stretch forward his hand and help me tuck my hair at the back of hair.
“you always look pretty when your hair is packed,” he said while i blushed. He stared at me and we kept staring at each other and i felt his breathe all over mind, he looks so handsome, now i admit Brown is so handsome, that’s why girl drool when they see him. I stared at his lips which was almost brushing on mine when the door went open…
what did you think will gonna happen..??

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