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My Heart… Episode 14

Episode 14
story by Japhy
“oh, so sorry i just walked in without knocking,” Mrs. Tanny our maid said as she walked in with some luggage, i felt quite relief it was her.
“your dad is back,” she said while i smiled then walked to the door. Dad walked in while mom followed behind then Loren they look so happy.
“dad,! i called ou then hugged him, i then turn to hug mom but she just glare at me as usual.
“i miss you so much Courtney,” Loren said then hugged me tight, i was surprise by her actions, i just hope this time we become sister for good.
“Brown, i miss you baby so much,” she smiled then hugged him.
“but.. dad i thought you’ll gonna stay for two weeks but it just a week now,” i said.
“don’t you want us to come, are you hiding anything from us? mom asked while i nodded.
“am so scared of what you told me Courtney, i was the one that insist we come for your sake,” dad said while i smiled.
“and what is Brown doing here with you all alone is in this house? mom asked while i looked at Loren then to Brown.
“it nothing, i decided to bring her home,” Brown said while Loren smiled.
“good idea, you should get alone so that you will get to know your sister in law so well,” Loren said then turn to me.
“Courtney dear am really sorry for everything, i want us to start this afresh, you’re such a good person, please forgive me for all my wrong doing,” She said holding my hands while i smiled.
“it okay Loren, you’re still my sister and am glad you’ve realise your mistakes,” i said then glance at Brown who was happy to see us and dad too. Mrs. Tanny packed their luggage back to their rooms and soon dinner was annouced. Loren insist Brown should have dinner with her which he did. The dinner was great and i was happy everything is now okay with me and Loren, and dad is also happy. After dinner i went back to my room while Loren and Brown walked outside.
Brown’s POV
After dinner which went on well, Courtney walked to her room while Loren escort me to the gate, i felt so happy seeing their family happy, i guess Loren idea to go for this vocation worked out, her dad and mom are already getting alone.
“I hope you and Courtney will get alone, no more fighting? i asked while she smiled.
“no more fighting Brown it a promise, Courtney is my sister, no more jealous or anything else, we gonna work together as family, i cross my heart,” she said while i smile.
“i hope so Loren, i just want to see you and your family happy,” i said while she hugged me so tight.
“i miss you so much Brown, promise never to leave me, because i might not survive without you, you’re my inspiration and you’ve been of great help to me in this life, i guess Anita was right when she said am so lucky to have you, please Brown say something, just promise never to leave me,” she said still hugging me so tight.
“it okay Loren, we are still together and am not letting go of you, you’re still my girlfriend and i love you so very much. I just want you to behave normal towards everyone,” i whisper to her. We stood in that position for like fifteen seconds, i felt my heart beating faster, i felt like i no longer want Loren, but i still have to.
“i have to go,” i said while she withdrew from the hug.
“see you tommorrow then, i love you,” she said while i replied with a smile, i walked to where my car was parked then entered and zoomed off.
Courtney’s POV
I stood at the balcony staring at Loren and Brown hugging each other so tight make her heart beat faster which i don’t why, i feel so happy now that Loren has decide to be a good person and thank goodness she’s also okay with Brown.
“Courtney! i heard dad called my name and i quickly turn to him.
“dad,! i said smiling.
“i have something for you,” dad said then hand me a small red box.
“this for you,” he smiled, i slowly open it and was surpirse by the diamond necklace inside, it look so beautiful.
“this for you Courtney, you deserve something better than this,” dad said while i hugged him.
“this more than enough dad, i don’t know why you’ve been so good to me, thank you so much,” i said with teary eyes.
“thank you very much dad, i think you’re the best father ever, now that Loren has realise her mistakes i do hope we gonna be one big family again,” i said then put on the necklace round my neck.
“it suits you, and you look like a princess,” he said while i smiled. I have got all the love of the a father every child will ever want to but i just wish to know my real father, i wish my mom and sister never died so i can have my own family someday.
Brown’s POV
I was in my study room busy with the year plan at dad company at the wine company and as the same time handling the KFH. Mom walked in and was so happy when i told her what happen at the office and how Courtney was able to impress those chinese people.
“i really love that girl, i need to see her, you need to bring her here,” mom said as she sat down opposite to me.
“no mom, you know i can’t do that and beside i don’t think she will agree to that, you know Loren is her sister they’re now getting alone i don’t want to ruin everything for them,” i said, my eyes were still fixed on my laptop.
“really! The Chinese order for 20,000 piece of our jewelries, that great, i think that girl is a genuis she’s good in such business, why not make her the MBA in marketing, she deserve that,” mom said while i smiled.
“can i see her picture? mom asked while i hand her my phone and checked out some of her pictures.
“OMG, She’s so beautiful, i mean this real beauty,” mom said so excited.
“mom! you’re too disturbing,” i said then siwtch off my system and stood up. “i need to rest, am damn tired,”.
“okay then, goodnight son,” she smile then peck my cheeks and left. Arrgh.. mom is just like Anita she talks too much. I took my shower and headed to my room, i wore my pyjamas and laid on my bed thinking about the whole thing, i couldn’t stop thinking about Courtney, i don’t know she’s always on my mind, she got me really crazy. I hope am not falling for her because Loren will be heartbroken and for sure Courtney will never allow that. I picked up my phone and kept staring at her picture which make me smile.
Anita’s POV
Am just getting too busy this time while Greg was busy as well i wish we could spent more time together, i really miss him so badly. I got dressed and went to see Loren she just told me she came back from the Paris with her family, i arrived at the restuarant and meet Loren who was already waiting for me.
“hey Loren, welcome back,” i smile then sipped from the glass of wine that was kept for me already.
“am back and you’ve fail me, you didn’t do the job well,” she said while i rolled my eyes.
“hey Loren am not that bad as you think, i don’t want my brother to hate me for life and also my parents, we are actually a happy family not like yours,” i said while she looked at me then smirk.
“huh! are you trying to say my family is not as good as yours, come on Anita, i love Brown i just want to get Courtney out of the way, am already trying hard to be a good sister to her so she could believe me and i can ruin her life completely,” she said while i smiled.
“that will gonna be smart of you Loren, but becareful you know how much your dad loves her,” i said while she rolled her eyes.
“nothing to worry Anita, i just need your help, i need you to help me when it comes to Brown,” she smiling.
“okay, what is it? i asked, she moved a bit closer to me then whisper something to my ear.
“are you serious about this? i asked her very shocked.
“sure,” she nodded.
“you’re such a bad bitch Loren, well i don’t want to ruin my reputation as a model and also that of my family, i will think about that,” i said while she smiled.
“look Anita, let me ask you this, if any girl try to take away Greg from you what else would you do? she asked while i looked at her.
“i wouldn’t spare that girl, i will make sure i hired my men to kill her immediately, i don’t joke when it come to Greg cos i love him so much, i mean so very much,” i said while she smile.
“and that exactly what i want to do, i don’t trust that Courtney, look,” she said then removed an envelope from her bag which has a pciture of Courtney and Brown at the restuarant having lunch, the other picture was when he was trying to kiss her, i mean he almost kiss her.
“where did you get all this from? i asked.
“i hired Simon who works at the KFH to spy Courtney movement with my boyfriend and this one is from the CCTV camera in our sitting room. I cried the whole day Anita, i don’t want to lose Brown,” she said with teary eyes.
“too bad, but just slow down with your plans Loren, please don’t touch that girl yet, let wait a little bit,” i said to her.
“wait! i should wait until Brown finally break up with me and say he loves Courtney. Anita you’re not serious,” she yelled.
“hey babe calm down, am gonna help you out, but you can’t kill anyone yet,” i said while she gulped down a cup of wine and tore the picture she showed me.
“am gonna tell my dad about this, i know dad will hate Courtney for this,” she said while i smile.
“i guess that’s the plan, once your dad is mad at her, you can chase her out of your house,” i said while she frown looking at me.
“dad will never chase Courtney out, he will only be mad at her, and even if she’s out of our house she gat a lot of money in her account, one way to solve this out is to kill her! she said in tears.
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Brittney’s POV
Arina inform me about the show at the huge hall in town, am already dressed to sing cos i know am gonna earn enough money today. I was dressed in a black jeans trouser, my long hair is packed in ponytail with a pink ribbon, then i wore a black singlet and pink jacket and a black boot. Arina helped me with the make up while we walked to the venue, ever since i started this singing stuff, people do like me, my voice and my song so i was invited over their, it one of the beautiful places in Montreal, and musicians from different places will gonna attend, It more like a singing competition and whoever wins will be sponsored by any of the musicians, too bad i haven’t registered cos i gat no money for that. Well after the singing stuff and some shows displayed by some of the musician it was so fun and i have to wait till dawn i know mom will be worried about me but i have to stay late, i need to get something doing, i don’t want to sit at home being ideal, it better i sing here and get paid for. I walked on stage then picked up a guitar, the hall was damn noisy but when i started it with a low tune, everyone was mute, the whole place was quiet and were all listening to my song,. i do usually sing about love and life, this two major things. The whole people cheer up and i was surprise everyone was happy about with the way i sing. After singing i went back to my seat and Arina was so excited.
“you did it babe, you look so beautiful and you sang so good,” she said clapping while i smile.
“i did! well am feeling so dizzy and pains, i will just use the rest room,” i siad then quickly left, i actually don’t know what’s wrong with me, this isn’t the first time am feeling this way, the pains were now getting much all over my body.
“ouch! i yelled holding my stomach, i walked outside then bumped into someone. OMG Greg Austusco, he’s also here, i can’t believe he’s here. One of the famous musician, i do love his songs.
“hey are you Brittney? he asked staring at me.
“uhmm.. yes,” i said, my head was really aching, maybe it just stress.
“i do love the way you sang on stage earlier and you have a good voice too,” he said while i smiled.
“i would love you to join my music industry,” he said while my eyes widen. I turn to leave still holding my stomach. I was sweating hard which make me remove my jacket, revealing my black singlet. I took a step forward then fall to the ground.
“are you okay? Greg asked while i tried to stand on my feet again but i couldn’t, i was sweating so badly, my eyes closed and everywhere was dark..
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