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My Heart… Episode 15

Episode 15
story by Japhy
I slowly open my eyes and found myself at the hospital, mom was seated next to me while Arina was standing, they were all crying as if am death.
“mom,” i said then try to sat up but the pain down my stomach couldn’t allow me.
“Brittney, i thought am gonna lose you. You were unconscious since yesterday night,” She said crying while she held my hands.
“mom what happen? what’s wrong with me, why am i feeling this way? i asked while mom looked at me in tears.
“you’re fine Brittney,” she said in tears.
“what did you mean am fine? i asked.
“you need to rest Brittney,” mom said while i sighed then rest my head on the pillow maybe she don’t want to tell me what’s wrong with me. I looked at Arina who was crying which make me to smile.
“i can’t die yet Arina, so stop crying, am not gonna die i will make sure the Brooks pay darely for what they did to mom before i die,” i said while she wipe away her tears and smile.
“you’re seriously sick Brittney, i was scared yesterday night, when i went out and found on lying on the floor, it was so scary,” she said while i said nothing, i just hope nothing is wrong with me, i don’t want to be a bruden to mom, where will she even get money for my treatment.
The next day in the evening i was discharged back home and mom brought some drugs for me which she said it was precribed by the doctor.
“mom what did the doctor said about me? i asked while my mom fake a smile, i knew nothing was right but i just kept quiet.
“you need much rest Brittney, no more going to club or drinking, you need to rest and you also need to take much water, the doctor said it so important now, for you to take so much water,” she said while i rolled my yees.
“even when am not thirsty, what the heck is wrong? i half yelled at her.
“nothing Brittney, i don’t want you to stress yourself again, just do as the doctor said,” she said while i nodded, i think am gonna find out everything myself. After eating, i took my drugs then slept off.
Russell’s POV
I cried out as i read the test result the doctor gave me earlier about Brittney, i was still in shock, i don’t know what else to do. Brittney might die anything from now if care is not taken, where do i get money for her treatment, why is life so wicked to me, life had been unfiar, first it was Courtney and now Brittney, what if i lose Brittney, i really don’t know what else am living for, she’s the only family and friend i have left. I sat beside her and watch her sleep, my heart is beating mso faster, am scared, am so scared i might lose Brittney anytime from now. I have to do something, i need to get much money. I support my bent head with my palms and cried, am left alone to suffer this, no one, not even Wilson to help me out, he’s enjoying with his family forgetting he has another family somewhere, what a monster. I quickly went to my room and kept the test result inside my box, i don’t want Brittney to know anything about this, she might do something crazy, i will just try harder to earn much money for her drugs and treatment. Oh God Brittney is the only child i have left spare her life this once, just this once.
Wilson’s POV
It indeed a happy home, Loren and Courtney are getting alone and i really like that, even Tracy seems to be a little nice to Courtney. We had dinner together which was great, i feel so happy from outside but deep down me is filled much sadness, after dinner Courtney and Loren went out for a stroll while i went back to my study room, picked up an old box and that filled with memories of my first love. I open the box and removed out a piles of my photos with Rose my late wife. Her name is Russell but i actually love calling her Rose, my Rose. I keep looking at our pictures which make tears welled in my eyes, i remembered the day she died..
I return back home from my trip, it was an urgent business trip if not i couldn’t have go cos my wife was three month pregnant by then, they day i arrived was the day she died. Mom and Tracy called and told me to come to the ware house where Rose was kidnapped and was burn to death.
I arrived at the ware house which was already on fire, suddenly the ambulnace came and a death burnt body was carried out. The cops confirm that it was only my wife in the house while the kidnappers escape. I felt my own crushing down on me. I’ve just lose two people at once, my wife and baby. That was the saddest day of my life and ever since then i have always been a sad man in my heart, even when i had Loren that wasn’t able to comfort me. A weeks after Rose burial Tracy broke the news to me about her being pregnant for me, i was confused at first, i don’t actually know how i got her pregnant because ever since i got married to Rose i have nothing to do with Tracy again, but i remembered the night we spend at Quebec, when we went for a trip together which gat to do with business, i guess i was just drunk and Tracy was as well drunk, everything happen to fast and i felt like i cheated on Rose which i never want to, each year i visit her grave side to drop flowers, i really miss her so much and also our unborn baby, i wonder why my happy family doesn’t last and i wonder who might be behind her kidnapped. Even after her death i tried calling Lucas her brother but i couldn’t reach him, i went to college where he studys but i heard he left, i search everywhere i could to tell him about his sister death but he was no where to be found. I just have to accept Tracy with her baby but that doesn’t change the way i still feel for my late wife, am so unfortunate to have lose such good person as Russell.
I kept staring at some of our wedding pictures, my face was moist and then i realise i was crying, it was so difficult to move on without Russell. But thanks goodness i have another family and am glad everything works out good for us here.
Loren’s POV
After dinner, i and Courtney stroll out to the pool side as we gist, i really like her company, having a sister is really nice but that doesn’t mean i love her, i will still gonna kill her if she tries to take Brown away from me. We sat down by the pool side enjoying the cool breeze.
“Courtney, i hope you know how much i love Brown,” i said while she look at me.
“sure Loren and you’re so lucky cos Brown loves you too,” she said while i smiled.
“i don’t want to lose Brown and am suspecting he’s flirting with those crazy girls at the KFH. Can you please help me, make sure he’s not close to any girl at KFH,” I said while she laugh softly.
“don’t be over protective Loren, Brown loves you and won’t cheat on you, don’t you trust him? she asked while i nodded.
“i love and trust my Brown,” i replied smiling.
“then no need for all these, after all you know all the girls are dying to have him but he doesn’t like any of them,” she said.
“and how sure am i you also don’t like him? i asked while she looked at me then smiled.
“of course i like Brown as a friend and also as my sister boyfriend, nothing more than that, Loren don’t think negative about this,” she said while i smile then held her hands.
“thank you so much Courtney, i never knew this what i have been missing, to have a good sister like you and to someone to talk to,” i said. The game is just about to begin Courtney, i have to make sure you trust me before i do anything stupid, first you took away all the love my dad has for me and now you’re still trying to take away Brown. I will make sure i kill her myself, you’re such a weakling and it won’t even take a minute to finish you with just a hot slap or push, I smirked feeling so happy about my plan.
“dad will gonna throw a party for us, his daughters, hope you’ll like it,” i said while she smiled.
“sure,” she smiled.
“i just want us to celebrate and be happy again, dad was the one that plan for this, he said he’ll gonna threw a grand party for our family to celebrate this happiness,” .
“dad is always so sweet, that’s good of him,” she replied
“it will be more appealing and nice if it is done at the parco hall, i really love that place,” i said then held her hands as we stood up and walked back into the house. I felt so happy my plans are working on, let see how that party will gonna be. I will make sure Courtney is gone forever.
Courtney’s POV
I was dressed in black shirk then a white turtle neck top and black sneaker, i was already at the office hoping to see Brown but he hasn’t come yet. During lunch time i went to the nearest restuarant to have lunch when i saw surprise by who i saw. It was Eric, my best friend. We both finish at Lamorne Fashion & Design college and after we all graduate he left to Singapore to further his studies, i know he must be a great person by now.
“Courtney,” he called out my name so excited and quickly hugged me tight.
“Eric, when did you come back? i asked while he smile and we sat down.
“just last week, Lesley has told me about you and she said you also works at the KFH, you’re so lucky cos not everyone get a job over their, that such a great opportunity,” he said while i smiled. We order for something to eat and he gisted about how things went on with him after we graduated, am so happy to see him, he looks so good and handsome.
“i miss you so much Courtney and am glad your still doing well, what about your sister, your foster mom and dad? he asked while i smiled.
“they’re all fine Eric and beside i and Loren are getting alone, their’s nothing to worry about,” i said smiling.
“i need to go back to work for now, we can meet tomorrow and spend more time,” i said while he smile. He took me back to the office in his car.
“wow, the KFH is such a nice place,” he said while i chuckle.
“see you tomorrow Eric,” i waved at him and he wave back before getting in his car. I smile as i watch him leave. He’s such a nice person, the good friend i thought i have lost. I sighed then walked back to the office happily, i can’t wait to tell Lesley about this. Eric is back and i hope he isn’t gonna go again, i need a good friend like him. I kept smiling to myself.
The next day which was saturday i planned to go out with Eric later in the evening so i went to the market to get some stuff, am gonna prepare dinner myself. Dad said he misses my food, so i went to the market with the Mrs. Tanny the one incharge of everything that has to do with food in the house.
“this too much Miss, why are your stuff this costly, you can’t cheat on me,” a familiar voice yelled and i quickly take another turn and saw Brittney talking to the seller in a rude way.
“if you don’t want to buy anything here, just leave,” the woman said to her while Brittney fumed in anger.
“you guys are all cheat, this too much, the last time i brought this was at a cheap price,” Brittney yelled while another woman which i guess is her mom.
“let just go Brittney, don’t create a scene here,” the beautiful woman said to her and i spent a while staring at her which i don’t why.
“uhmm.. Brittney,” i said then walked to them. She look at me with much hatred which i wonder if she has frogotten me.
“just pick anything, am gonna pay it,” i said then smile a little bit.
“that the heck! did you think i couldn’t afford this, oh is that what you see me as a poor person from the slum,” she yelled at me then began to hit me with her basket.
“Brittney stop! her mom yelled at her but she kept hitting me.
“you witch, you’ve finally see us again, so you could kill me and my mom. I hate you so much, just stay away from me and my mom, or else i kill you myself,” she yelled at me while i quickly shift away from her to avoid her from hitting me, tears were already forming in my eyes and Mrs. Tanny quickly came and held me.
“we need to go am done with the shopping,” she said while i nodded then turn to Brittney who was still rendering curses on me.
Brittney’s POV
“Stop it Brittney,” mom yelled at me then dragged me with her. We arrived home and mom was mad at me.
“look mom, i was so mad at the seller cos the food stuff cost much, we don’t have enough money to buy that and as for that stupid girl does she think i can’t afford to buy all that,” i said so pissed off as i sat down on my bed.
“Brittney, you should learn to control your anger, you shouldn’t have hit her, she was only trying to help,” mom yelled.
“no mom, she’s the daughter of the so call man you call my father, she’s part of them mom and who knows if she was sent by her damn mother to us, mom am only trying to protect us,” i said while she sighed then looked at me.
“if their should be anyone to be punish it should be your father, his mother and his wife. The three of them and not their daughters,” she yelled the walked of my room slamming the door behind. I ruffle my hair, threw the basket beside me and cried.
“he’s not my father, i’ve cut every ties i have with him, i hate him and his family so much,” i yelled in tears.
….Later in the evening after taking my bath i put on a simple top and a bum short, soon it began to rain so heavily, i checked on mom and found her sleeping on the old couch. The heavy rainfall was to scary most especially the lighting and thunder sound, i walked to my room and discovered my bed was drenched, i then look up and notice the roof was leaking. What sort of badluck is this, that’s why i hate the rain so much, i quickly picked up my bedsheet from the bed but my bed was already wet. I just picked up my blanket from my box and a mat, i went to the sitting room and covered mom with my blanket while i rolled a mat to sleep on, i felt a sharp pain down my stomach, i felt so dizzy all of a sudden and i was sweating already, i fall to the gorund close to mom which she quickly wake up and held me.
“mom, tell me what wrong with me? i stammered then fell on knees and collasped on the floor..
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