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My Heart… Episode 16

Episode 16
story by Japhy
Russell’s POV
It raining so heavily outside, how will i help Brittney, my eyes were already filled up with tears, i quickly picked up my leather jacket then hurried out to look for help, I went to the road to get a cab but everywhere was empty, only the sound of thunder, the heavy rain poured on me, i couldn’t get a cab to take Brittney to the hopsital, does that means she will die and leave me, i kept shedding more tears as i ran back home and still meet Brittney, she was still unconscious, her eyes were closed. I called Arina on phone but she wasn’t picking up the call, i guess she slept off.
“please Brittney you need to survived for me, for the sake of your mother, i can’t live without you, i kept crying shedding more tears am so helpless and don’t know what else to do. I went to her room and discovered her bed was drenched with water, the ceiling was leaking and her whole room was a mess, i quickly change into a dry cloths not to catch cold then went back to Brittney. i hope nothing happen to her, i hope my daughter is still alive for me, i cried.
I laid beside her unable to sleep, the rain keep on pouring so heavily and my heart beat was fast increasing, i don’t want to lose my child, not after all i went through.
Brittney’s POV
I slowly open my eyes and saw mom sleeping beside me with her hands wrapped around me, my head was aching and then i remember what happen yesterday.
“mom,” i called out in a low tone while she quickly stood up.
“you’re still alive Brittney, i thought am gonna lose you,” mom said while i stood up.
“am fine mom, i really don’t know what happening to me,” i said placing my palm on my face, i walked to my room, it was such a mess. The heavy rainfall ruined everything. Jeezz.. what sort of life is this. I quickly packed my books to a corner and began to arrange my things even thou my head was seriously aching me.
“Brittney you need to stop all these,” mom said while i looked at her.
“look mom, my bed is ruined already how did you expect me to sleep on it today,” i said with a frown.
“i will help you to this, just take your bath, have breakfast then take your drugs,” mom said while i nodded.
“Brittney! aunt Russell,” i heard Arina’s voice from outside which i quickly went out.
“i just saw your miss call this morning aunt Russell, i slept early yesterday,” Arina said while i sat down and she sat down beside me.
“i almost lose Brittney yesterday, i was so scared, she fainted yesterday and i couldn’t get a cab to take her to the hospital,” mom cried while i just look away i hate to see my mother crying that way all because of me, why is she this worried about me, i can take care of myself.
“Brittney! Arina said then broke into tears. Mom and Arina are already crying and it making me get too emotional, i don’t want to cry.
“mom, will you just stop this, am still alive and all that matters,” i said trying to hold back much tears from my eyes.
“i will just make your breakfast,” mom said then walked to the kitchen, while Arina moved closer to me then held my hands.
“Brittney, get well soon for me, okay,” Arina said i just nodded.
“i hope so,” i said then wipe away my tears.
Few minutes later mom was done with breakfast and i was able to eat a little then took my drugs. Arina helped my mom cleaned up my room while i rested on the couch.
Courtney’s POV
Wow the weather is so perfect, it rained so heavily yesterday and i really enjoyed my night, but too bad i wasn’t able to go out with Eric, well am gonna make it up to him today but what about work.
I walked downstairs and meet Loren and her mom whispering something which i didn’t hear.
“good morning mom,” i said to her while she smile then walked to her room leaving me with Loren.
“you look quite happy this morning,” Loren said while i smiled.
“yes Loren, so how as your night? i asked while she smiled.
“it was good Courtney, thanks for your concern,” she said.
In few minute time dinner was annouced, we ate together and i dressed up putting on a black jeans trouser and a yellow top, i packed my hair in a clean bun then went to work as usual. I arrived at KFH when Eric called me.
“hey Eric,” i said.
“how you doing Courtney? he asked while i smiled. “am good, am already at work,” i said.
“sorry i wasn’t able to make it yesterday,”
“it nothing, hope we can still meet today? he asked while i nodded.
“sure, see you later by 2pm,” i said then hanged up.
I sighted Brown from afar talking to one of the staff, i smiled to myself and wonder why he hasn’t been at work since yesterday.
Brown’s POV
I was done talking with one of the staff when i saw Courtney looking to my direction, i know she must be looking at me, she looks so beautiful today, i walked towards her but she quickly look away and wanted to leave.
“Courtney! i called her name while she stopped, she look so breathtaking.
“you look beautiful,” i said while she smiled and mutter thanks in low tune then walked away.
I walked to my office and get on with work. It so tiring handling two business at the same time, if only mom will trust Courtney, i want her to make Courtney the CEO or the managing director but i know she might not agree to that and also Anita will definitely.
During lunch time i went to check on Courtney and meet her in the office busy with the paperwork, and sorting out some designs we gonna use for the year plan, she’s very hardworking.
“hey Courtney,” i said as i walked up to her desk and she stood up, maybe she wasn’t comfortable wih my presence.
“you don’t have to stress yourself like this, you’ve been working since morning,” i said while she smiled.
“you know i need to do everything to make dad proud, i need to work hard cos i have zeal for this,” she said while i smiled, i really like her for been this hardworking when it comes to this, she works here as if her life depend on it.
“can we have lunch together? i asked her while she looked me then nodded.
“uhmm so sorry, my schedule for today is tight, i need to go somewhere with a friend,” she said while i felt so disappointed.
“it okay,” i fake a smile then walked out, feeling so angry with myself, why is she avoiding me this days or is it because of Loren, i thought they were now getting alone.
I went back to my office and switch off m system just then i recieve a call from mom and she ask me how thing s have been going on.
“it fine mom, but i need some rest, am coming home now,” i said then walked out of my office and order my guards to locked it up. I called the manager and told him to handle things for now.
I walked outside and i saw Courtney standing beside a red car parked at the parking area. A young guy came out from car and hugg her while they enter the car together, they look so happy and i wonder if that was her boyfriend or something else.
Courtney’s POV
Eric came on time just as he promise and we went to park, Lesley was already waiting for us their and i felt so happy seeing her. It so good to have my friends by my side now, i feel so happy having a happy family now, a good father and at last i will get to have a love of a mother, i wish to see my mom someday but how will that even happen while she’s death. Am also glad i and Loren are getting alone and now am having the best friend and it was so much fun to be with them. Eric brought us some snacks and we gist about those time were in college. Eric promise to take me a Lesley to where he works, i know that will gonna be great. Having funny friends which make me laugh throughout. This friendly date was so fun. Later in the evening Lesley decided to go home by herself while Eric to take me home. I insisted we had dinner together with my family and i introduce him to dad as my noble good friend, Loren was so funny and teasing, asking if he was my boyfriend but he’s not, he’s just a good and we were fond of each other when we were in school back then, i like him so much but that doesn’t mean his my boyfriend. I don’t have a boyfriend and am not planing to have one, i don’t to be hurt again, my heart is so broken, i don’t want to end up falling in love with someone i can never spent the rest ot my life with.

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