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My Heart… Episode 17

Episode 17
story by Japhy
Brittney’s POV
Mom was already dressed up to go to work at the salon, i was the one that insist she go cos she was so worried about me and wanted to stay at home because of me.
“mom all your cloth are worn-out, they are all old, how can you buy me much cloths every months without having yours? i asked so worried, i don’t like what she’s wearing, although it looks good on her but it old already.
“it better this way Brittney, you’re the only one i have and i vow to make you happy and get you whatever you want,” she said while i stood up and hugged her.
“i don’t need clothes mom, i don’t want people out their to see you as trash cos i value you, i hate to see you like this mom, it time to make yourself happy, you don’t have to please me always. I understand our situation and am not complaining mom, please mom try to be happy for me,” i said then hugged her again so tight to me.
“nothing to worry about Brittney, a time will come when all this will be over,” she said wiping away my tears.
“it have just talked to Ken, he’ll come over to check the leaking ceiling,” mom said while i nodded and wave her bye before she left. I really don’t like this, i hate all these, why will it have to be us. I quickly dressed up then called Arina to meet me at the club, am gonna sing and earn some money to buy clothes for mom, she have to look good just like me, i don’t care if am sick or not.
I arrived at the club and couldn’t do without having a drink, i remember what mom told me, no more clubbing, no more drinking.
“hey am here to sing and not to drink,” i said to Arina.
“okay, so have to consider what Greg Austusco told you, you said he will like you join his music inudstry,” she said.
“i don’t want that, i don’t like that guy,” i said then sat down.
“but why? he’s handsome, he rich, you’re so lucky to even talk to him, you know you’re so lucky to see all those rich kids, first it was Brown, and now Greg Austusco, don’t be too foolish Brittney once you work with him, you will have power, you’ll be rich and you’ll be able to help your mom and also make your dad and his wife pay for all they did to you,” Arina said while i thought for a while, she might be making some sense, but hell no. I don’t like him.
“i don’t like him, i don’t need him for be to be rich, when the right time comes am gonna be fucking rich and make my stupid father and his foolish wife pay for everything, i know that can only happen when am rich, but time will tell,” i said then walked to the stage and sang as usual, people clapped, some enjoying the music and some were so emotional. When i was done i was paid as usual and i also got some money from people who liked my song.
“yes, this will gonna buy a beautiful dress for my mom,” i said to Arina.
“you like your mom,” she said smiling.
“not like but love,” i smiled as we trek back home cos i don’t want to spend the money to get into a cab, i have to buy her a dress. We stopped at a shop and get her a blue long gown which cost $10. Arina was kind enough to contribute little which i bought the cloth for my mom.
“it will look good on her, i know mom will be surprise, i won’t even show her the dress now,” i said.
“but why? Arina asked.
“her birthday is just on saturday and today is wednesday, i need to get more money to buy her shoes,” i said while Arina tapped my shoulder.
“you’re so sweet,” she said while i smiled. I just have to do somethig to make mom happy, she has suffered enough, am gonna surprise her on her birthday.
I went home and thank goodness mom wasn’t home yet, i took my bath and get something to eat before home comes back from work.
Courtney’s POV
I and Loren were dressed in a red mermaid off shoulder gown, the design was made by me and the dress actually look good on us. Loren make up artist did well on our face and we were already at Villa Jhoana hall, one of the beautiful hall in town, it was beautiful decorated by some of out staff at KFH. They really did a good job. I invite most of my friends Eric and Lesley. Brown for sure is gonna come with his sister Anita.
Dad and mom were looking so great and am glad grandma is also back.
I guess this the perfect party for me, seeing everyone happy and also my family makes me feel good, but i sometimes still want to see my own family, i still wish my twin sister and mom are alived.
The party was on going and Loren was happy to see Brown and also her friend Anita. Dad celebrated us and everyone was happy for our family.
“care for some drink? Loren asked then gave me a drink while i collect it then sipped it, she held my hand.
“i want to show you something,” she smiling while i nodded and look around everyone was busy, some were enjoying the music while some were dancing. Loren held my hand and we walked out of the hall to a quiet place i wonder what she’ll gonna tell me.
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Brittney’s POV
I heard about Mr. Wilson and his family, which he’ll be celebrating his daughters, i felt so left out, i know that Loren and the other girl i meet last at the market were all my step-sisters, but i don’t like them at all. Am going their to see things for myself and also see the people who made my mom suffer, i got dressed without telling mom were i was going to, today is friday while tomorrow is mom’s birthday. i know the won’t allow me to enter through the main gate of the hall, so i just followed through the back door which was open, glad they were not security men over their, i hurried in and felt quite relief for entering into such a big place today, the place looks beautiful, i stood at the back seat and i sighted Brown Kento. OMG he looks so handsome, i think am falling for him again. I stood properly and covered my face with scarf when Mr. Wilson was called on stage to talk, this my first time of seeing my own father in real life, after twenty one years, tears were already forming my eyes when i saw him richly dressed, he just dumped my mom who is now dressed in a rag, he came on stage and then his mother, I feel my heart filled with much hatred for them. His wife is such a bitch to have hurt my mom and kill my uncle, his good for nothing mother will pay, i just want to see his daughters. Tears drop from my eyes but i wipe i off, i felt so left out, it should be me and my mom enjoying all this and not those whore and witches he called family. I decided to leave cos seeing him with his family can cause me heart attack, i walked out in tears and cried out my eyes, wondering why i have to suffer this way with my mom, why did he left us behind enjoying himself with his new family.
“Courtney i want us to swim,”
“i can’t swim and beside the party is still going on, we still have much guest to attend to,” another familiar voice said from the corner, i quickly stood up and slowly walked to the pool and saw the two girls staring at the water. I guess that must be his two daughters, but why did she call the other one Courtney, that’s my twin sister name, well lots of people bare such names and the same names too.
“take a look at this picture Courtney, i just want you to stay away from Brown cos i caught you kissing him,” i guess it Loren {Brown’s girlfriend} saying that.
“it not what you think Loren nothing is going no between me and Brown, please let go back to the hall,” Courtney said while Loren dragged her and hit her with a stone so hard on her head, she dragged her hair and push her to the water. She then picked up her phone and called someone.
“quickly come and pick her up, she’s already drowning in the pool,” she said then smiled and quickly left. I make sure she didn’t see me before she left, i wonder why two sisters will be fighting over a guy, i thought they were on the same side, i quickly rushed to the pool and jumped in to rescue the girl, i don’t like her but at least she was the one that paid my bills at the club when i got drunk and couldn’t pay for the drinks i order for. I quickly pulled her out of the swimming pool when i heard someone calling her name from afar then moving closer to the swimming pool, i managed to drag her out and laid her on the grass, she wasn’t even breathing.
“you again! i heard a voice behind and i turn and saw Brown.
“what the heck did you to Courtney? he yelled at me which make me to flinch.
“Courtney, what happen to her? Loren asked pretending not to know anything.
“Courtney! Brown quickly pushed me aside then held her up in his arms. I looked at Loren while she smirked at me, i guess she’s a devil but she don’t know what am capable of doing. Loren scream aloud drawing people attention and people from the hall came out one after the other, the place was becoming crowdy and Mr. Wilson walked in and saw Courtney who wasn’t moving an inch.
“who did this to her? he yelled while Loren pointed at me.
“i saw how everything happen, she wanted to kill her, thanks goodness i and Brown came ealrier,” Loren said in tears.
“you’re such a lowlife you bitch,” Brown yelled at me which make tears slide down my eyes.
“who are you and what else are you doing in my party, am sure no one has invited someone like you,” Mr. Wilson yelled at me, he was the same bastard that hurt my mom.
“guards get her, i will call the cops to arrest her now,” he said in anger while the gaurds held me, Courtney was rushed to the hospital while the cops arrived and hand-cuff me, i know it all my fault for coming here illegal and also for helping that stupid girl but i swear i will surely kill this father of mine someday, the female cops dragged me to their car, i kept struggling with them but they were too strong they push me inside the car.
“all of you will pay for this someday,” i yelled in tears..
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