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My Heart… Episode 18

Episode 18
story by Japhy
The police zoomed off to the station.
” i need to call my mom, i need to talk to her! i yelled at them but the all ignore me and threw me in one of the cell.
Wilson’s POV
“Who’s that girl and want did she want with my family, why will she even hurt Courtney.
“dad, that girl must not be release. What will happen to my sister, what about Courtney. Why will such thing have to happen? why now, am actually enjoying her company, we’re now getting to know each other why will someone from outside just do that to Courtney,” Loren said in tears, i drew her closer to me then hugged her.
“Courtney will be fine,” i just need to know who that girl and what her intentions are,” i said while Loren nodded and we got into the car and zoomed off to the station.
We arrived their and i asked the officer to help me investigate more about that girl, i sat down at the visiting area while Loren was seated beside me. One of the police brought the girl to me with her hands hand-cuff.
“what did you want? she yelled.
“who are you? and why will you have to hurt my daughter that way? i asked while she looked at me.
“this devil seated right beside you is the one responsible for this. I heard them arguing about Brown and when she hit Courtney and push her to the pool,” she said rudely, this girl must really be so stubborn and tough.
“huh! spare me that, why would you lie against me,” Loren said almost in tears, am really confused now cos i don’t know who to believe.
“she killed your daughter, she’s so evil,” she yelled.
“is that true Loren, tell me the truth? i asked Loren.
“dad, don’t you believe me, i can never do such a thing. I have realise my mistakes, i love Courtney and i want her back as my sister but that’s doesn’t mean i did that to her, she want to us to fight with dad again, have you remember your promise, you said no more quarelling,” she said with eyes, she looks so innocent and i know Loren will not lie, she’ve been trying to be close to Courtney so it doesn’t make sense when this girl said Loren was behind everything.
“what your mission in my family, you will rot here until Courtney is awake at the hospital,” i said while she widen her eyes.
“hey, you can’t keept me here hostage. Am not at fault am telling you the truth, let me out of here,” she yelled struggling with the hand-cuff tied on her wrist.
“you’ll pay for this, just know one day all of you will beg for mercy, even your soul will beg for mercy but i won’t spare your life,” she shouted so rudely while i slapped her.
“dad, we need to leave, we need to check on Courtney,” Loren said, the policemen dragged the girl back to the cell which she truly belongs their, no one mess up with my family, not now, and not even to Courtney, i turn to Loren with a frown.
“Loren, i just hope that girl isn’t telling the truth,” i asked while she cried again which make me sad.
“i can never do this to Courtney, please stop accusing me,” she said wipiong away her tears.
“am not accusing you am only asking you, anyway my sorry Loren am just worried about Courtney, we need to check on her at the hospital,” i said then hugged her, i dont’ want anything to tear us apart.
Brittney’s POV
He just slapped me, he slap me so hard on my cheeks, what type of person is he, he can’t even believe what i said, i knew it, no one will ever gonna believe me but i have to get out here mom will be so worried about me. I was threw back to the cell, i sat down on the floor as tears kept streaming down my eyes, i can’t believe my own father locked me up in a jail and he still have the nerve to slap me. Mom will hate him even more, i rested my head on the wall and wipe away my tears. I know mom will be so worried about me, i guess it already 9pm, mom won’t sleep without looking for me.
Brown was already at the hospital waiting for the doctors to say something about Courtney health, he was pacing up and down when Wilson walked in with Loren.
“Brown! Loren said in a low tone then hugged him so tight.
“what about my sister? what about Courtney? i don’t want to lose her,” Loren cried on Brown’s chest.
“Courtney might have a weak heart but she’s still strong, she will survive this, what about that girl? how did she even do that to Courtney? Brown asked while Loren withdrew from the hug the wipe away her tears.
“she’ll rot in jail for what she did to her, dad will never let her go scot free,” Loren said.
“i hope she survive this,” Wilson said as he walked up to them.
Loren’s POV
I arrived home around 10 pm, Courtney is still not awake, today party was ruined i just hope Courtney will die. And who’s that poor girl to infer in my business, why did she even Courtney from the pool? who is she? what did she want? I went to my room and locked the door then called Anita.
“seriously Loren you ruined everything but you’ve fucked up, the plan was to get Courtney kidnapped at once and from their she will be killed,” Anita said.
“i know, but that i was just too eager to punch her, i thought that was the secret place no one will see me but that poor thing saw me and even has the gut to tell my dad, look even if she tells the whole world i would still denied it, she doesn’t have evidence and that’s all that matters,” i said.
“whatever! but you still need to be conscious cos once Courtney is awake she might expose you,” Anita said while i just rolled my eyes, i know how to handle this. I hanged up then went to check on mother in her room, dad is still at the hospital with Courtney i don’t why he so much love that girl, and doesn’t want anything to happen to her.
“mom,” i said as i walked in and meet her sitting on pacing up and down.
“you shouldn’t have done that Loren, our plan was to get her kidnapped when you take her aside, why did you push her to the pool, that so foolish of you,” mom scolded me.
“uhmm sorry mom, i was just angry at her, i hate her so much, i just want her death,” i yelled throwing everything my hands laid on.
“what all these Loren, this my room for crying out loud, why are unleashing your anger on my stuff, just get a maid to clean this mess,” mom scolded again, i turn to leave then bumped into grandma who just walked in.
“if plan A doesn’t work out am sure plan B will,” she said while my mom quickly stood up.
“i love you grandma, you always have the solution to my problem,” i said then hugged her.
“we need to be much careful,” she said.
“next time Loren you should be smart when doing such things,” grandma said while i nodded.
Russell’s POV
The next day, my eyes were swollen i have cried enough, i couldn’t find Brittney at home, Arina said she hasn’t seen her too and most part of it her phone is at home, i wonder if my daughter is kidnapped or something.
“aunt Arina, we need to report this to the police,” Arina suggested, am really confused. Soon my phone rang and then i was told to go to the police station immediately.
“i just hope Brittney hasn’t got herself into something illegal, what on earth will she doing in a station,” i said to Arina in tears. We quickly rushed to the station and i saw my Brittney.
“Brittney, where have you been, i miss you so much,” i cried then hugged her so close to me.
‘what happen? Arina asked her.
“dad did this to me,” she said then narrated all that happen last night at the party.
“you shouldn’t have go their or infer in that,” i said in tears.
“dad was the one that hand me over to the police, he also slapped me mom,” she said in tears while i hugged her again. Wilson is such a bastard after dumping me he still have the gut to hurt my daughter again, what type of person is he,” i said so angry i quickly stood up ready to meet Wilson this time, ready to meet him and his family, he can hurt me but he shouldn’t hurt my daughter.
“mom, you’re not going their. What about our plans of making them pay, no one must know about us, please mom,” Brittney held my hands stopping m,e from going.
“you can’t stay here Brittney, you’re not too well and you’ve not even recover,” i said while she hugged me.
“happy birthday mom,” she whisper to my ears and i even forgot today is my birthday, i guess it a bad day cos my daughter is in cell for what she didn’t do.
“Arina please take care of my mom, i will be fine, have you even eat anything? i asked.
“Brittney you need to get out of here anyhow,” i said to her.
“Wilson is such a cold person i wonder why you even have to fall for him in the first place, he’s not a good person,” she yelled. But i use to know Wilson as a good person but i guess not anymore.
“we will just make your food then come back,” i said then hugged her. I and Arina return home and i was glad Arina helped out in cooking the food fast so we could take it to her.
Wilson’s POV
“happy birthday Russell, even thou are death i still feels your present somehow close to me and i still have to wish you happy birthday,” i spoke to her photo which make me smile, i remembered those good times we shared and how we use to celebrate her birthday, i wish everything will come back to normal but it all too late cos she’s gone, she died alone with my innocent baby. I was already dressed to check on Courtney at the hospital, i just hope she’s doing much better by now, i hope all these will end someday.
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Brown’s POV
I sat down right beside Courtney and i was glad she opened her eyes, i was the first person she saw. I felt so sad seeing her in that condition and am damn worried, i couldn’t bare to see her in pains and i wonder why some people can still be heartless to hurt her. Whoever to this to her must pay.
“Loren..” she muttered, she looks so weak and pale. And i wonder why she was calling Loren’s name, maybe she miss her, soon Mr. Wilson and Loren walked in.
“Courtney, you’re still alive, am so happy,” Mr. Wilson said holding her hands he quickly called the police officer and asked them to release the girl that hurt her and i wonder why he have to let the police release her this early.
“i do want her to stay for so long their but since Courtney is awake, we can actually hear all that happen from her. I know Courtney will never lied to me,” Mr. Wilson said while Loren looked at me, seems she wasn’t happy because Courtney is already awake.
“Courtney please stay strong for me,” her dad said while i smiled, he really likes Courtney even more than Loren.
“what happen Courtney, who did this to you? Mr.Wilson asked while Courtney looked at Loren who was standing behind me.
“it Loren,” Courtney said as tears slide down from her eyes while i was shocked to hear that, i quickly turn to Loren who was guility, i know when she’s guility or not.
“you did? her father asked her while Loren kept quiet.
“no dad, what has Courtney plan with that bastard of a girl,” she yelled.
“please Courtney tell them the truth,” Loren said in tears.
“or you should be the one to tell us the truth, stop lying Loren,” i yelled at her which make her flinch and was stammering i guess she’s still cracking the best lie to us again.
“tell us the truth Loren? I yelled at her.
“why Brown? why are you so worried about this weakling, why did you like her this much huh? she asked in anger.
“but she’s your sister,’ i said.
“yes i know and i didn’t do anything to her, she just want to ruined this family again, she still want to see me and dad quarelling, i did nothing to her,” she yelled.
“look Loren, a relationship build on lies and hatred isn’t what i want, it over between us, it better i part ways with you cos you’re evil. Courtney will never lie about this,” i ranted.
“ can’t say that.. Brown, i love you,” she stammered.
“but i don’t love anymore and i won’t keep forcing myself to be with you,” i said then walked out of the room in anger..
Brown break up with Loren
what did you think will gonna happen..??

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