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My Heart… Episode 19

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Episode 19
story by Japhy
I rushed outside, so angry I rushed outside, so angry about
everything. Loren is such a devil,
i’ve always knew that. She act so
stupid atimes.
“am sorry Brown,” i heard her voice
behind and i turn to her.
“look Loren it better if you just
forget about me. I don’t love
anymore, you don’t even deserve
my love,” i said then walked out of
her, seeing her make me angry so i
just left to avoid hurting her the
Loren’s POV
Brown can’t break up with me, but
he look so angry and serious. My
heart was beating faster i can’t love
any other man aside from Brown,
he can’t break up with me just like
that, it not as if i did something
wrong to him. I wipe away my tears
then heard dad called my name.
“Loren we need to talk,” he said
and i turn and love him in anger.
“i hate you dad, i guess you’re not
my father am leaving your house
today,” i yelled in tears while dad
held my hand then hugged me, i
was surprise by that, i thought he
was gonna slap me or disown me
this time.
“you’re still my daughter and i love
you so much Loren, you’re my only
child how i can let you go just like
that. But please tell me the truth,
what actually happen? he asked
while i pulled away from the hug
then looked at him.
“i did nothing dad, please don’t
break your promise you said you’ll
never quarell with mom and me
and we will be one happy family
again,” i said in tears. I just hope he
believes me, i just want him to stop
taking Courtney’s side.
“i believe you Loren. You’ve already
realise your mistakes and wanted to
make it up to Courtney, but why did
you pushed her to the pool, just tell
me the truth,” he said.
“okay dad, we had a little
misunderstanding,” i said then
removed a photo from my
handbag, it a photo of her and
Brown which they almost kissed.
“what! how did you get this? he
“this happen when we went for
vocation. I saw it in the cctv, am
Courtney must have forget we
have cctv all round the house,” i
said while the expression on dad
face was that of anger.
“please dad i so much love Brown,
but Courtney is trying to take him
away from me, i showed her the
picture and she told me that she’s
in love Brown, she said she also
love him, i was so furious and then
pushed her into the pool,” i said in
tears while dad held my hands.
“nothing bad will gonna happen
Loren, but you shouldn’t have lie
about that innocent girl i sent to
jail,” he said while i frown my face.
“Brown will not only be your
boyfriend but your husband very
soon. This will not happen and i will
never let what i have worked hard
for years crumble like this. I will talk
to Ronald and we will look into this
am sure Brown is just mad at you
but the truth is that he loves you,”
he said while i smiled inwardly to
“dad i love Courtney so much and i
regret hurting her, i was shocked to
hear say she loves Brown too, dad
you know how much i have love
Brown all my life, i know am, not
gonna lose him but am scared cos
you always take Courtney’s side,” i
said while he looked at me.
“no dear, not in this,” he said then
went back to check on Courtney i
guess, i smild to myself then tried
calling Brown but he wasn’t picking
up my calls. I hurried back home to
tell mom and grandma what
Wilson’s POV
Am not gonna let this happen, no
one will gonna die because Brown
break up with Loren, we have to do
something fast before things get
out of hand i can’t believe Courtney
is also in love with Brown, what the
hell was she even thinking to love
him at first. I reached to her room
and meet staring at the nowhere in
particular i sat down beside her and
held he hand. I really don’t want to
hurt her feelings about this but she
have to stop loving Brown.
“how’re you feeling now? i asked
while she nodded.
“much better, dad please don’t be
mad at Loren, maybe she was just
upset because she thought i and
Brown are into something,” she
said while i looked at her.
“i understand dear. I’ve promise
not to quarell with anyone again, i
just want peace in this family. I
trust you Courtney i just hope you
won’t do anything to hurt your
sister’s feeling,” i said while she
nodded. I was glad that she was
fast recuperating despite her heart
condition, she needed to undergo
this surgery to be fine for good.
Brittney’s POV
The police release me out of the
prison and am glad am back home
to my mother.
“mom, i have something to show
you,” i said then went to my room
and come out with a nylon bag and
gave it to her, Arina was also at
home with me, all thanks to her and
her money.
“Britttney you’re just full of
surprises you need to rest,” she
said as she open the nylon bag and
removed out a beautiful blue gown
and black sneakers, that the only
thing i can afford.
“where did you get this? mom
asked while i smiled.
“from my savings, it your birthday
gift mom,” i said while she smiled.
“this so expensive Brittney, why
would you have to buy this instead
of buying your medicine,” mom
said while i rolled my eyes then
frown at her.
“don’t look at me that way. Anyway
thank you Brittney, i know you want
me to look good but am also
concern about your health,” she
said touching my shoulder.
“am fine mom,” i smiled then
hugged her.
“am taking you out, go and put on
this dress, i have a surprise to show
you,” i smiled while she look me, i
know she must be wondering
where i got all money to do all this,
well it Arina she helped me in this a
lot, she’s such a nice friend.
“thank you Arina i know mom will be
so happy today,” i whisper to Arina.
Within thirty minutes mom was
done dressing.
OMG mom you look like a young
princess,” i said to her while she
smiled. Mom look so young and
beautiful. Ever since dad dumped
her she’ve been having lot of
suitors but she chose not to marry
which i wonder why. I really want
my mom to get married again and
settle with the someone that will
love her so much, not like that
stupid father of mine.
“you look good aunt Russell,” Arina
said while mom replied with a
*thank you* smile. We went out and
hail a cab to Qiuck Snack restuarant,
it such a lovely place and we place
our orders. We ate to the fullest
and catch lots of fun, i guess
Courtney is really missing out, i
wish she’s here to celebrate mom
but too bad death have to take her
away us.
“mom i wish Courtney is here,” i
said then sat beside mom, we were
at the swimming pool side, only i
and Arina swam while mom was
seated under beatiful tree enjoying
the cool breeze and taking her
“i wish so Brittney, i remember
those times i and Wilson celebrate
my birthday, those memoreis keep
flashing through my brain,” she
said smiling to herself.
“uhmm, mom can’t you see it for
youself dad doesn’t love you, he
was use and dumped you, he plan
everything with his parents just to
hurt you” i said while mom looked
at me.
“you can still move on, i want you
to be happy but i still wonder why
you’ve regretted every suitor, you
do want to leave all your life as a
single parent or is it because you
still love that stupid man you call
your husband,” i said waiting to
hear her reposnse.
“just stop it Brittney, stop calling
him stupid, he’s still your father
and nothing can change about
that,” she said.
“but he’s not responsible, he didn’t
fulfill his duty as a father should do,
he’s not even a man enough to
fight for you and for your love, he
allow his mom and his wife take
decision for him, he’s..
“just stop it, stop saying all these!
mom half yelled at me.
“what..? why huh? why do you still
love that bastard, do you still love
my father, the one who locked me
up in jail and still slapped me, he’s
still the reason behind our
suffering, Courtney’s death and
also your brother, have you
forgotten what you passed through
right when you were still pregnant,
have you forgotten the humiliation
and hatred you’ve recieve from his
family. Why did it all happen.. all
because they see you as an
outsider and all because your so call
husband is wicked and heartless,” i
held in tears while mom was
covering her two ears with her
fingers, seems she don’t want to
hear what am saying.
“yes Brittney the same man that
did all this to me is still the same
man i love, i still love him,” she
yelled in tears while i looked her
then left in anger, how can she say
that to my face, i bumped into
Arina who was coming to our side
and she hugged me. We sat down
on a bench and i told her what
“you just ruin your day, why would
you have to argue because of your
dad, why will have to discuss about
him on her birthday? Arina asked
while i kept and wipe away the tears
in my eyes.
“we need to see your mom,” she
said holding my hand as we went
back to the pool but didn’t find her
at the shade, my heart skip a bit
and i wonder where mom has gone
“where could she have go? i asked
Arina so scared. I and Arina went
out to hailed a cab back home to
check on my mom, i hope she
didn’t hurt herself, i really can’t
bare it, but why will she still love the
person that made her go through
hell. I really hate that man. I stood
at the road sweating and crying at
the same time, wondering where
my mom could be, i thought we
gonna celebrate her birthday
sweetly but we just ended up
quarelling, Suddenly a white
expensive car ran to my side and it
almost hit me, thank goodness i
shifted on time if not i would have
been death by now. But why will
this person want to kill me
intentionally. A young lady casme
out from the car and removed her
sunglasses. gosh it Loren. I hate
this girl so much, i wonder how
Brown fell in love with her at the
first place.
“what the hell did you just did,” i
yelled at her cos i was damn angry,
Arina held me hand and asked me
to go but i refuse, i even forgot
that my mom is missing, i just want
to teach this girl a lesson cos she
accuse me of something i didn’t
do, she made my mother get so
worried when i was in jail and she
made me cired too.
“you bitch! why did you want to kill
me intentionally? i yelled at her
while she smirked looking at me
from head to toe, well i was just
with a bum short and light top, i
didn’t have time to change my
dress cos i was so worried about
“hey stop drooling over me, or have
you realize how sexy and beautiful I
am more than you? I asked then
“who are you? she asked while i
“am my mother’s daughter, huh
and what about you? your father’s
daughter? i asked mockly then
picked up a stone and threw it to
her face. ouch that really hurt i
know, she bent down holding her
“what are you doing Brittney? you
will spend the rest of your life in
jail, am scared i have to go,” Arina
said so scared. A picked up another
big stone then threw it to her car,
making the glass to crack , i picked
up a metal stick then hit it again,
breaking the glasses into pieces.
“hey don’t ruin my new car,” she
winced in pain still holding her face.
I was furious, so angry about how
dad left me, so angry about how
dad would buy her this beautiful car
and take good care of her, i was
angry with the kind of life am
leaving. I really don’t want to die a
poor person, i must surely have my
revenge. I ruined her car
completely and discovered Arina
has already ran away. I picked up
the metal stick then stroke so hard
on her back which make her fall to
the ground, thank goodness no one
was seeing me.
“next time, you won’t accuse me of
something i didn’t do, you can kill
your sister for all i care but don’t try
to involve me in it. Sometimes i can
be bad person,” i yelled at her then
hit her so hard with the stick on her
face, she was alreay bleeding this
time. I don’t want to spent the rest
of my life in jail and leave my mom
to suffer, i quickly threw the stick
to her face then ran away as far as
my legs could carry me. I quickly
hailed a cab back home, i just hope
she doesn’t die but am damn sure
by the time she wake up her face
will be so ugly as th

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