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My Heart… Episode 20

Episode 20
story by Japhy
I arrived back home and meet mom sleeping on a couch peacefully, i kissed her forehead.
“am sorry mom,” i said then went to my room and called Arina on the phone. I can’t believe Arina ran away, why is she scared?
“Arina, the runaway girl” i said out smiling.
“what the heck did you just did, you ruin everything, don’t you know that car can buy the whole of your generation,” she said while i smiled.
“scratch that aside, she planned to put me behind the bars but right now she will rot in the hospital and i face will gonna be ugly,” i said while Arina chuckle.
“i was just scared someone might catch you, Brittney i don’t want you to go to jail again please,” she said.
“even if i go to jail, take care of my mom for me,” i said then hung up. I kept thinking about how my life will be, i don’t want to go to jail but it a good thing i teach her the lesson of her life.
…The next morning i woke up and meet mom already dressed to go to work, she has already made breakfast.
“good morning mom,” i said while she replied with a smile, i then remember what happen yesterday.
“mom you need to tell me the truth, did you love dad? i found myself asking her again. gosh! stupid me i should apologies and not ask silly question.
“yes Brittney, i love your dad but that was then, not anymore, that was all in the past. I feel nothing to him but hatred now,” she said while i heaved a sighed.
“i just wish everything will gonna be perfect someday,” i said while mom replied with a smile. Mom went to work while i went to the bar to sing. Arina just called me to meet her at the Silver parco hall in town. What the hell is she doing their, only rich people go their and some famous people. Did she want Loren or any of her family members to catch me. Well i smiled to myself then dressed up and hurried to meet their.
Loren’s POV
Yes i wanted to kill her immediately, i was the only one in the car driving and when i sighted her from afar, i quickly drive fast to her side so i could crush her into pieces but she was smart enough to quickly moved away which make me angry. I can’t believe she ruin my new car, the car dad brought for me during my last birthday, i so much value this car. Now my face is ruined and covered with bandage. This girl must regret this, how dare she ruin my car and my face at the same time, am now in so much pains in the hospital and mom was already crying. I don’t want to die i must have my revenge on her and Courtney then have Brown to myself. Dad was also looking so sad and unhappy, he’s so worried and i told him the same girl he sent to jail was the girl that did this to me. He called the police officer and asked of her name which was Brittney and dad promise to deal with her himself. He sent some secret agent and the police to went insearch of her.
“she will gonna pay for this,” mom said wiping away her tears.
“am so sorry Loren, but have to know that am still here for you,” Courtney said who was standing beside dad. Anita wasn’t able to come, seems she’s so busy with this her boyfriend Greg. When it comes to Greg, Anita won’t think of anyone not even her family, she into that Greg of guy so much, i told her about my break up with her brother and she decided to help out.
“what about Brown, won’t he even come to see me, is he still mad at me, what if i die now? please Brown need to come,” i cried while Courtney held my hand.
“i will talk to him Loren. Brown still loves you and will still come back for you,” she said.
“that girl must be a devil sent to destroy our family, i will get her myself and this time she will gonna rot in jail for doing this to you,” mom said while tears were only streaming down my face. I must kill this girl myself.
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Courtney’s POV
Seeing Loren that way breaks my heart, i really don’t know why Brittney have to do that but i know she have a reason for that, i need to save her, i need to tell her my dad will sent her to jail, their nothing i can do, everyone will hate me if i ask dad to spare her, even dad will also hate me, he will think i hate Loren, but why would she have to ruin her car and still hurt her this way. I tried calling Brown number and finally i have reached him up, he need to visit Loren. He texted me the place to meet him and i hurriedly went to restuarant he just texted me.
“Brown,” i said as i walked in and meet him sitting by the corner, he’s head was down and he seems to be lost in thought. His black hair is messed up but he still look so handsome.
“Brown! i called again and this time he looked at me then put on a weak smile. I know he must be going through a lot, he shouldn’t have break with Loren. Dad is already angry about that which i don’t know why.
Courtney! he called my name softly and i sat down opposite to him then stared at him for a while, he look so handsome in the brown t-shirt he was wearing. “stop that Courtney, you’re hear to discus an important issue with him,” my mind tells me while i clear my thraot.
“are you drooling over me? he asked while i rolled my eyes and he smiled. But i thought he was sad just a few minute ago when i walked him, why his he suddenly happy.
“you need to see Loren,” i said while he looked me, his looks sent shiver down my spine. When he looks at me it as if his life depend on me.
“i know i might have break up with Loren but that doesn’t mean am happy with what happen to her,” he said while i nodded.
“yes, Loren is in so much pain, she’ve been calling your name through out the whole day,” i said.
“but why will that Brittney do something like that? he asked while i shrugged.
“she can be crazy atimes,” i said.
“maybe she have her revenge, because she was the one that save you when Loren push you to the pool and when your dad came Loren lied and said it was her that did it, so he have to sent her to jail and the next day she was release when you were awake,” Brown said and i was surprise to hear that. Wow Brittney saved me, i need to save her then. Loren can be so snnoying atimes but Brittney shouldn’t have hurt ther that way. Well Loren is at fault how can she even accuse someone hurting me while she was the one that did it, i guess she still have bad intention and i need to be careful,” i think within myself. I felt a cool strong hand place on my fingers on the table and i felt an electric shock roar through my veins, i trace the hand and realise it Brown. Why am i feeling this way, oh gosh.
“you need to be careful with Loren, don’t fall for her trick again because i can’t stand to see you get hurt,’ he said while i stared at him. Why is he saying that. If am hurt does he also feels the pain, why did he sound like.. like.. Gosh i don’t even know what to say.
“thank you Brown, i have to go,” i said then stood up.
“i will take you home,” he said.
“am going back to the hospital to check on Loren again,”.
“we can go together,” he said, we walked outside and he open the car door for me to enter, i sat down at the front seat while he went to the driving seat. He kept stealing glances at me which me make me feel kind of awkward.
“drive carefully and stop glancing at me,” i said playfully while he looked at me and smile.
Brittney’s POV
I arrived to silver parco hall, i can’t even go inside and i meet Arina outside too, we can’t go inside cos we don’t have ticket.
“what the heck are you doing here? i asked Arina.
“Greg Austusco is inside, would you like to see him? she asked while i just rolled my eyes. Yes i have an idea.
“Yes, i need to see him, even thou i don’t know him nor anything about thim, i need his help now,” i said so desperate.
We waited until the show was over by nine, thank goodness. Greg was out of the hall and lots of people surrounded him, some were taking selfie with him, some were asking him silly questions, the press were also their, lots of photographers were snapping him photos, he’s indeed a celebrity. I quickly picked up a guitar i found kept on a stool near a flashy car i don’t even know who owns it, i need to get Greg’s attention. I played the guitar and sing so sweetly, i sat down under a tree on the ground while Arina was smiling staring at me while singing, she loves looking at me while am singing.
“over their,” i heard Greg voice. YES i know my voice will attract the whole world, everyone turn to my side and i kept singing right from my heart as tears slide down my eyes.
“hey, Brittney,” he said and i can’t believe he still remember my name. OMG i have to leave here, someone might see me and hand me over to the police for what i did to Loren. I qiuckly dropped the guitar then ran back home, i need to check on mom, i need to tell my mom what i did to Loren.
I arrived back home and meet home making dinner.
“we need to leave mom, the police might get us, i have this feeling i will go to jail,” i said while mom looked at me.
“what happen? she asked and i told her everything. Glad mom said she deserves more than than but she also scold me for doing that.
“were are we going to? she asked so worried while i kept quiet cos we have no place in particular, we are just too poor.
OMG three expensive tinted car stopped in front of our small apartment and my heart was beating faster this might be the police.
I felt so relief to see Arina. WHAT Greg Austusco in my apartment today, am sure Arina must have brought him here. This a miracle, a great miracle.
“hey why did you run away, i was only trying to help, and beside you have a good voice,” he said while my lips curved into a smile.
“i just need your help, please get me out here first, save my mom and i please,” i pleaded while he nodded. Mom came out and was surprise to see him, i told her about him and she said she didn’t believe him.
“look Brittney, you need to be fast, you’re wanted all over, even on TV, i just read the news this evening, you need to act fast before they get you and beside Greg offered me another house, i can take care of your mom while you go with Greg,” she said while i turned to mom then hugged her.
“am sorry mom for putting you through all this, am reall sorry,” i hugged her passionately then kissed her hair.
“please take care of my mom for me,” i said to Arina. Mom wasn’t saying anything, i just want her to know she’s save with Arina, all thank to Greg for covincing my mom he has a good hideout for her and she followed Arina, i know Arina will perfectly take care of my mom, beside am not hiding forever, i will soon showed up for all my haters. I get into the car and the driver zoomed off, it was like one hour drive i was tired and slept off in the car.
“wake up,” i hear Greg husky voice and i quickly jumped out from the car and was surprise to see the beautiful building right infront of me. His mansion was damn beautiful, large, breathtaking and spacious, well it a musician place, i really love this house, we walked in and i sighted two swiming pool, wow i like swiming but am not in a mood for it and beside this not my house. I pray to own something bigger than this one day.
His sitting room was large and beautiful, everywhere looks so perfect and clean, it really feels good. I love what am seeing.
“I looked around and almost hit my head on a pillar, i turn around and notice Greg looking at me.
“back to business, i just need your help, i want to sing like you, be musician like you, i want to be famous, i want to have power and connections, i don’t want to be humiliated, i also want revenge,” i said while he chuckle which make me angry.
“you want so many things,” he said while i rolled my eyes.
“just help me, i really need to deal with the Brooks, i need to have my revenge on them if not i will be sent to jail. Well am not staying here longer, i will see my mom first thing tomorrow morning,” i said.
“okay, you can be a good musician cos you sing from the he…
” from the heart,” i completed his statement and he smile which made me angry, i will just use him to achieve my plans.. The battle line has been drawn… i smirk…
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