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My Heart’s choice. {Season 2}… Episode 2

My Heart’s Choice
[ Forever trapped in love ] *
Story by, Christiana.
Season 2.
#Chapter 2.
* Alex point of view continues *
I can’t believe this, Lisa can also see the ghost. I thought i was the only one who could see this ghost girl bit I guess I was wrong.
“You can also see her? ”
I asked to be exactly sure I’m not mistaken or anything.
“Of course I can see her. I’m not blind ”
Lisa said.
I breathed out in relief. Finally I’m not the only word one here seeing something weird. I had been looking for someone to talk to about this ghost.
“Finally Lisa, you know I thought I was the only weird one around here seeing ghosts. I mean she’s the only ghost I’ve seen but still it seemed weird to me but now that that you can also see her I’m glad. At least I will have someone to talk to about this ”
I said and breathed out again.
“Are you sure you’re okay Alex? Do you need to see a nurse or something? “She said looking at me weirdly.
“Why will I need a nurse?
I’m perfectly fine. I mean you can see her right? ‘
I asked again.
“Of course I can see her Alex. Anyone could see the picture ”
She said and my eyes widened.
What picture is she talking about?
“What do you mean picture? ”
I said getting confused.
“Alex that picture beside your bed. I haven’t seen that girl in the picture before and that’s why I asked who she is? ”
She said and I turned back to look at the strange picture she was talking about.
Oh, that picture. It’s a picture of Linda but I didn’t put that there.
I wonder who put it there, there’s no one in this house other than me and…. That ghost girl!
I turned to look at her furiously and she was there joyfully playing with her fingers.
She made an eye contact with me, and when she saw how angry I was she stood up immediately.
“Did you put that picture there? “I asked boiling in anger.
In case this girl doesn’t know. I don’t like others touching my things. I put that picture in my closet which means… God! She searched through my closet not even my own sister has audacity to do that.
“I… I….. I”she stammered.
“You know I don’t like others going through my things. “I snapped but she just bent her head starring at the floor.
“You aren’t gonna answer me right? Why did you went through my things? ”
I snapped angrily.
“Hey stop yelling at me. What’s so special about the damn picture? I only wanted to help you pick out your uniform and I saw the frame in your damn closet I was admiring the girl in it that I totally forgot to put it back in the closet. What’s the big deal in what I did that you are yelling at me? ”
She said.
“You wanna pick out my school uniform?
What are you? My girlfriend? My wife? ”
I said.
“I admit it I made a mistake so stop yelling at me. I’m sorry ok? “She said.
I was about to say something when I realised my sister is still in the room.
She must think I’m weird talking to myself.
“Um.. Lisa, didn’t know you still here “I said nervously.
“Alex. Are you sure you are really okay? Why are you talking to yourself? “She said.
“Uh, what? Me. I mean,. Why?. Um, talking to myself?. I was. I was. I’m just. I was just. Um, just. Yes. I was just practicing for. Um, for.. Um, yea. I was practicing for a movie at school. Me. Talking to myself? “I said and laughed nervously.
“Alex you are a terrible liar. Lying is not your thing. I can easily tell that you’re lying so drop the fake silly excuse and tell me what’s happening here? ‘She said.
“Um. Fine, I’ll tell you what’s going on but don’t freak out when you hear this “I said.
“I’m freaking out already do just tell me the damn thing “She said.
I turned to ghosty.
“OK I’m sorry but I have to tell my sister about you. Maybe if she knows about you, she might be able to find out who you are. I mean she’s really smart “I said.
“What if she got scared? “Ghosty said.
“I’ll handle it “I said. She nodded and I turned back to Lisa who’s still looking at me weirdly.
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“Um, Lisa. You see the thing is I can see a ghost ”
I said finally letting out the words.
She firstly looked at me with those eyes that said *impossible * and then she busted into laughter.
Like seriously?
After about like ten minutes, she stopped laughing.
“Alex you know you are really funny? How can you see a ghost. You are not a special human being or anything”She said still laughing.
“So you don’t believe me? ”
I said.
“I’m never gonna believe that until or maybe you could prove it “She said.
I smirked and walked to my bed. I took the coffee cup beside my bed and walked back to ghosty and Lisa.
“Here ghosty. Hold this ”
I said and gave the cup to the ghost girl.
She took it and I looked back at Lisa. She seemed frozen or should I say shocked.
“Alex why is your coffee cup hanging in the air? “She said.
“It’s not hanging in the air the ghost is the one holding it ”
I said and she smiled happily.
My crazy sister.
“OMG! This is so fascinating ”
She said.
I took the cup from ghosty and went to put it back beside my bed.
I walked to the couch in my room and sat on it.
Lisa and ghosty walked behind me.
“Wow please tell me everything about her.
How does she look.?
Is she beautiful? Is she scary? Is she wicked? How do you met her “She said all at the same time.
“Calm down Lisa. I’m getting late for school so I’ll just tell you the main details about her so you may help me find out who she is “I said.
Lisa smiled and brought out her notebook, a pen and her glasses.
“She’s a girl, yes so you know that, She has black short hair. Sky blue eyes, pink lips and also.. She’s. Um, she’s beautiful “I said.
“Is that all?
Come on Alex she must have a mark or something anything ”
Lisa said.
I scanned through ghosty body and my eyes came across a red mark right beside her ear.
“She has a red mark beside her ear “I said.
“Noted, go get ready Alex. It’s getting late “Lisa said, winked at me and walked out.
I was about to pull off my clothes when I remembered a girl is in the room.
“Don’t come with me, just stay here “I said and walked to the bathroom.
I pulled off my clothes and turned on the shower.
The door suddenly flung opened, I totally forgot to lock the door.
She came in, the ghost girl and I’m completely naked.
I blinked my eyes twice as she stared at me profusely.
*… Allison point of view … *
*Somewhere in The Fairy Land *
I paced up and down my fairy room. I want to get out from here but these fairies won’t allow me to.
I missed my human life.
I missed my Cole.
I sighed and walked out of my room down the fairy house or whatever it’s called.
I came across two rooms.
*DO NOT OPEN * sign was vividly written on the doors of both rooms but i was eager to see what is inside.
I will just take a quick peek.
I opened the first door and walked inside.
I was shocked and surprised at whose body I saw!
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