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My Heart’s choice. {Season 2}… Episode 3

My Heart’s Choice
Story by, Christiana.
Season 2.
#Chapter 3.
*….. Allison point of view continues ….. *
I was literally shocked by the body of who I saw. I mean I’m just too shocked here.
I blinked my eyelashes twice.
Why would such a handsome, hot cute guy be lying here helplessly?
I mean I really don’t know why they are keeping bodies in rooms but according to my own understanding, only those who sinned are always locked up in cells in the police station and this place seemed like a fairy land cell or something. But by the look on this guy face, he couldn’t be more than sixteen years of age, so I stood there wondering how a young teen guy could have been locked up. And not just a young teenager but a handsome and cute one.
*Stop checking out the guy Alyse. Cole could be looking for you, worried about you *
My voice yelled at me.
I moved closer to him, he has long eyelashes and blonde hair with perfectly straight eyebrows and pink lips.
His eyes were shut and he looked like an angel sleeping peacefully or maybe he’s dead I moved a little bit closer to him. He was putting on some ancient prince clothes.
I shook him vigorously but no response. I tried to shake again but I heard some movement down the fairy hall or whatever this place is called.
My heart skipped a beat. If I’m caught here, I will be in so much trouble.
I hid under the bed the guy was placed on. I heard the door opened, the footsteps moved closer and closer. The footsteps stopped right beside me and I covered my mouth to avoid screaming.
“Princess twinkle, you can come out now “It was a girls voice but I flinched.
I slowly came out of where I was hiding and I was a little bit right. It was a lady probably in her mids 30.
She has bright pink hairs with pink eyes, strange!
“Um, I just wanted to see what’s inside “I said.
“Didn’t you saw the sign outside. No one is allowed to come in here. You aren’t supposed to be here and how on earth did you even got out of your room. I thought guards were placed outside your room. You must leave now princess. “She said.
“OK first, no guards were placed outside my room. And there’s nothing bad in me coming in here. I mean the only thing I can see here is a cute guy “I said and she smirked.
“Well princess this cute guy like you said is the most dangerous person in the Fairy Land “She said.
“How is she dangerous? “I said.
“Nice try but I’m not in any position to tell you that “She said.
“Will you please tell me why this guy is dangerous? “I begged and she nodded no.
“Will you tell me your name? “I said.
“It’s pinky “She said.
“Well it’s obvious “I said and she smiled.
“So pinky will you please tell me what’s so dangerous about this guy? “I begged.
“Well I can’t do that “She said.
“Then tell me something else, why on earth am I here. I have no idea how I’m a princess here or how I even got to be a fairy. I’m sure you must know something so please tell me lI begged again.
“I’m sorry princess but I can’t do that “She said.
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This is so annoying .
I must find out why am I here today, if she isn’t gonna tell me easily tell I will do it the hard way.
“If I’m truly your princess like you just said then I’m telling you… Sorry, ordering you to tell me everything you know about me being a fairy “I said with a straight face.
She sighed and sat on the couch placed beside the cute guy bed. I also sat beside her.
“It was a long time ago, I think about ten years now “She started.
“well this cute guy like you said, his father was killing the other fairies. I mean he was also a fairy but a evil one “She said.
“Was? “I said.
“Yes, he’s dead “She said.
“This cute guy father, hernert was killing the good fairies trying to build his own empire of evil .
Back then your mother was the most powerful fairy, Queen Tinkle “She said and I gasped.
“My mother was a fairy? “I asked and she nodded.
“Well, your mother decided to take hernert down which means killing him which was against the fairies rule but we had no choice. This leads to a war between the good fairies and hernerts empire of evil fairies. Hernert one’s were killing fairies but young and old so your mother, the queen decided to send you to the human world along with your twin sister to keep you guys Safe”She said and I gasped again.
“I had a twin sister ?”
I asked and she nodded.
“yes you do… But.. But “She stammered.
“But what?.. And what later happened to my mom? “I yelled.
“Calm down princess. Your mom defeated hernert but she couldn’t really kill him because he was too strong.
Your mom had to gave up herself for peace to reign in the Fairy Land and that was how your mom and hernert died.
The present Queen, Queen liwnkel captured hernert’s son cause we thought he could turn out dangerous like his father and that’s why we placed a sleeping curse on him “She ended.
“Yea, yea, you have said all that but where on earth is my twin sister? I mean you guys brought me here but where is she? “I asked.
“I’m not in any position to tell you that “She said.
“Then I’m gonna go ask “I yelled.
She called me back but I paid deaf ears.
I walked down that stupid hallway again to the throne.
I saw the queen talking to some fairies.
“I wanna talk to you “I said gently.
“Later princess “she said.
“I said I wanna talk to you right now!! “I yelled.
She looked at me before dismissing the fairies then looked back at me angrily, well I don’t care if she’s angry or not.
“What on earth was that princess “She said and sounded a little bit angry.
“Yea, and how about you tell me where the hell my twin sister is? “I yelled.
“How did you know that? ‘She asked sounding a little bit surprised just then pinky ran in.
“No pinky you didn’t tell her, did you? “She said.
Pinky kneeled with one leg.
“I’m sorry my queen, she ordered me to “She begged.
Just when the queen was about to say something, a guard ran in.
“Your majesty, he’s coming “The guard said.
“Who’s coming “The Queen said.
“Syle is coming, my queen “The guard said and the queen looked at me in shock.
“You didn’t open the door with magic, did you? “The Queen said.
“Which door? “I asked confused.
“The door we put Hernert’s son in! “She yelled.
“Oh, is he syle? “I asked.
“You didn’t answer my question “She said.
“Yes, I opened it with magic “I said.
“What are we gonna do now your majesty? “Pinky said.
“Princess twinkles magic is the most powerful one. The magic she used must have altered the spell and break the curse “The Queen said and I looked on not understanding a bit of what they are saying.
The cute guy came out and guards popped out here and there with swords in their hands.
Wait! Are they killing this guy!? That’s so cold blooded. He hasn’t done anything wrong.
The guy looked at me and I felt like we are connected or something.
He stared at me with his dark brown eyes.
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