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My Heart’s choice. {Season 2}… Episode 4 & 5

My Heart’s Choice
[ Forever Trapped In Love ] —
Story by, Christiana.
#Season 2..Episode 4 & 5.

Slye’s Point of View
I got out of the cell. I got out when I noticed something strange. It was like someone I’ve been waiting so much for was here.
I made my way through the hall then out into the palace following the scent. She was here. I knew it!
I arrived at the queen’s castle and I couldn’t believe my eyes.
it’s really her. She was starring at me with her brown eyes. It was really her. My Twinkle. It was really twinkle. She stared into my eyes not uttering a single word.
She couldn’t remember me but why? I could definitely remember her.
Guards surrounded me as if I was a thief.
“Twinkle? “I whispered and everyone looked at me startled.
“You know me? “Twinkle made advances towards me.
“Princess please stay back. It’s dangerous “A guard said but she didn’t listen. She continued making advances towards me.
She stopped in front of me.
“Leave him “She blurted out not taking her eyes off me.
“What? “A guard chorused.
“I just ordered you to leave him! “She yelled and the guards dismissed and murmured.
“Do I know you? ”
“You don’t remember me twinkle? “I smiled a little but she seems like she really can’t remember me.
“I don’t think I’ve ever met you before ”
“Twinkle.. “I tried to place my hands on her shoulders but a guard slide out a sword and I kept my hand back.
“Twinkle it’s me slye.. remember when you used to sneak out of the palace to meet you. Remember our first meeting under the moonlight. Remember when you kissed me saying you wanted to try what your mother usually did out. Remember when I would carry you telling you I didn’t want you to hurt your leg. Remember all the fun we had twinkle. The day you got chased by a bear, I tried to save you and we both ended up getting chased. Remember when we both sneaked into my father’s room to try out his magical wand. Remember every fun we had twinkle “She just stared blamelessly at me not uttering a single word. She wasn’t remembering anything.
I ran my hands through my hair in frustration.
“Then do you remember this? ”
I grabbed her hands and stared into her eyes.
The guards brought out their swords.
“Stay back “Twinkle said.
I placed my hand on her chest feeling her heartbeat.
When we were young, she always wanted me to do this everytime we were together.
I didn’t take my gaze off her.
“S.. L.. y.. e? “She blurted out and I smiled.
*Alex’s Point of View *
I was walking side by side with the ghost girl. We were already in my school compound.
“Did you really had to follow me to school? “I pouted but she seems lost starring at the school.
“Hey Alex, everyone has a backpack. How come I’m not holding one? “I scoffed.
Like seriously, dumbest question ever?
is she schooling there? How was she gonna have a backpack when
she’s not even human.
“Because you’re not a student “I shrugged.
“Alex why is everyone starring at you? “She said again. I sighed.
“Because I’m like the leader here “I said and just then Lydia came.
“Hey Alex “She said and I smiled.
“Who’s the girl? “The ghost girl said but I ignored her.
“I guess Nycole isn’t coming today either “Lydia said as we both walked side by side.
“Who’s nycole? “The ghost girl said.
“School has really been dry ”
“Why are you ignoring me? ”
“There’s a party tonight so I was wondering if you could come. At my place “Lydia said.
“Is she your girlfriend? Are you gonna go to the party? can I come? What’s a party? ”
“Just stop!!! “I yelled at the ghost girl and Lydia looked at me weirdly. “Wow you could have just said you didn’t want me here “Lydia said.
“Oh not you Lydia I was talking to.. “I stopped when I realised she can’t see the ghost.
“Oh Lydia I.. “She cut me off.
“It’s alright Alex. I get it. I should stay away from you. We broke up so I shouldn’t be here anymore but really Alex just because we broke up does that mean we can’t be friends? “She sighed and walked away.
I turned to the ghost.
“Really? Did you really had to talk when I’m talking with another person? can’t you just keep quiet or you could just disappear,vanish or something. Why the hell are you ruining my life? It was so peaceful and quiet without you. Why don’t you just fuck off?! “I yelled.
I sighed.
“Hey I didn’t mean to. I was just… ”
“No it’s okay, I get it. You want me to stay out of your life. I will gladly do so. I’m sorry I ever appeared in front of you “Before I could utter another word, she vanished into the thin air.
I sighed and ran my hands through my air in frustration.
“Why the hell are you staring at me? “I yelled at a student and he ran away.
I ran my hands through my hair and walked in the school.
“Hey you okay man? “Rhyes said and I smiled faintly.
Just then my phone rang. Lisa.
“Hey “I said into the phone .
“Her bro I found her “She said into the phone.
“What? That fast? “I was shocked.
“What’s her name? ”
“Regina ”
“OK I’m coming home right away ”
I dropped the call.
“Going home? “Rhyes said.
“Yes emergency “I smiled and ran out.
I need to find the ghost girl but how am I supposed to find her if I can’t see her?

Hmm hmm to make it more clear.
Linda is Alex ex girlfriend and Alyse ex boss.
Rhyes is Alex second friend apart from nycole.
Lisa is Alex’s younger sister that’s gonna assist him with the ghost case.
Guys please help me to thank Hephzibah Ndukwa.. I couldn’t believe what she did.
I told you guys I was expecting gifts from you and even left my number and you won’t believe she sent me airtime immediately. not 100,not 200 but she sent #500 airtime in this buhari regime. I’m glad I’ve fans that still care.
thanks a bunch dear and you others I’m still expecting gifts o
So guys drop a comment about the story o.

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