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Adebimpe The Facebook Girl. {Season 3}…Episode 14

Episode 14

LOLADE: ** quiet for a while***
ME: my love, please talk, I’m scared by your silence
LOLADE: hope you won’t disappoint me?
ME: I swear I won’t, lolade, in the valley of decision,
you will forever remain my only choice.
………….”Continued to campaign”
LOLADE: **silent again for a while*** ok, I heard you.
ME: **smiled** is that a yes?.
LOLADE: ** shyness smile** something like that.
I was so happy on what I just heard from lolade.
“Chai onihaxy, you don catch new pusssy”. Lolade
looked at her watch and it was past 7pm. She stood
up and told me she would be leaving.
I stood up also, pushed the chairs to one side and
held her hand as I pulled her back towards me. We
stared at each other’s eyeball and our heads were
moving closer again till our lips found each other and
we kissed passionately. No resistance again and the
kiss was super romantic than the previous one, “chai,
lolade was so good at kissing”, she was sucking my
upper lips and lower lips simultaneously and also
pulling and turning my tongue with hers. During the
kiss, I moved around and made her back to face the
table. I pushed her back a little bit and made her sit
on the table while I was standing and facing her.
My hands was moving downwards from her head
down to her neck then to her cleavage. “Chaii, lolade
was putting on a shirt that has about 6 buttons and a
short skirt, how do I go about this buttons?” I thought
for a while, I took the courage and stylishly unhook
the first button, I was expecting a resistance but I
got none, instead, the kiss was getting more intense,
I proceeded to the second button, to the 3rd, 4th till I
unhooked the last one to unveil her bra . Omo see
oranges!!!, my joystick erected more and more as I
was drowning in sexual fantasy.
I moved up my right hand and placed it on her bra
and dipped my hand inside it to locate her Tip. I
tickled it and squeeze at the same time and lolade
was moaning louder, “hmmmmmm, oooouhhh,
hmmmmmm, sirrrr!!!!, oga!!!!! Its ok sir!!!!!!!!”.
I moved my mouth away from her mouth, licked her
down to her neck and finally passed through her
cleavage and arrived on her Tips. I placed my tongue
on the left Tips as I placed my hand on the right one.
I was sucking the left and squeezing/ teasing the
right Tip. I looked up and saw that lolade was already
lost. I took the courage and removed my hand from
her right breast and placed it on her skirt. I was
switching breasts and finding my way to her laps at
the same time. Atlast, my hand found the laps and I
was tickling and moving my hand upwards. When I
got to about few centimetres from her pants, I
stopped with the hope that I would encounter
resistance, and behold, none came. I moved my hand
upward till I got to the underneath of her pant,
behold, lolade was seriously wet and dripping, I
played with her pants for few seconds, tickling and
teasing the punny via the pant before pushing the
underneath of the pant to one side with my finger
and my finger finally landed on the main punany. I
began to manipulate her with my right hand and un-
hooking my belt with my left hand as my mouth
returned to her lips to resumed kissing which she
fully welcomed.

I was manipulation her Kitty-Cat with one hand and
pulling off my belt with the other hand. I had
difficulty in removing my belt due to lolade’s body
closeness to mine in position and I don’t want her to
recover from her heaven trip so as not to spoil the
show. To save time, I ignored the belt and simply
loosed my zip, I loosed the button on the boxer and
brought out my fully erected dick. While I was doing
all this underneath, I never let lolade realized it so
that she won’t be discouraged or disappointed. I
moved up my right hand and continued to squeeze
her breasts and handling her Tips and also kissing
her so as to add more to her heavenly trip.
I continued manipulation her Kitty-Cat and also
bringing my dick closer to her punany at the same
time, I more I finger, the closer the dick. I was able
to hold my dick with my left hand and also finger her
kitten with the same finger on the left hand.
” Chaii, I don reach the gate of lolade’s kitten oooo,
and I no get condom ?, wetin I go do oooooo”
” Should I ignore the Bleep and zip up?”
“But onihaxy!!, na serious fucck up e go be oo”.
“See as field open and you no gree play match”
” Should I risk hIV and STDs?”
” What if I impregnate her?”.
Innocent citizen thoughts began to fill my mind and I
felt like pulling off, I felt guilty and I realized that its
too early to nack this innocent girl, but the demon of
konji suddenly whisper to me heart,
” onihaxy!!!, e be like say you dey craze?”
“Abi you dey mad ni?”
“Things wey some guy dey pay before dem get, you
see free one and you no use am?”
” You wan suffer this erected dick for nothing?”
” Abi you no see Kitty-Cat gate wey open wide like
this without any gateman?”
” Se this girl look like person wey get HIV for your
” You no fit give her money to buy postinor 2 if you
dey fear pregnancy?”
” And for your information, you might not get to see
another opportunity if you let this open gate pass you
Chaii, Konji na Bastard, no time abeg, I obeyed konji’s
cousel and I immediately caught her unaware as I
plugged my extension inside lolade’s socket and she
let out a soft moan as she place her 2 hands on the
back of the table and she raised up her head and
drew closer to me as I was plugging and removing
my extension from her socket in a soft mode.

I held her laps, raised them up and I was pumping in
and out of lolade’s Kitty-Cat and she was moaning at
various tunes. She would remove her hands from the
table and use it to hold my neck and after a moment,
she would return the hand to the table again, she
drew closer to the edge of the table and gave the
chance of deeper penetration. The Kitty-Cat hole
wasn’t as tight as expected because I felt her
punany should be tighter at her age. We bleeped for
about 5 minutes and I cummed inside her because I
don’t want to stain my oga’s rug with sperm and
tissue paper wasn’t in the office.
After the Bleep, I was breathing and sweating
heavily. I dropped her laps, returned my dick to my
trouser and zipped up, I went to the other side of the
office to put on the fan, and before I returned, lolade
was looking downwards and appeared sobber.
ME: ***drew close to her and cuddled her*** my
dear, why are you sad?
LOLADE: **silent***
ME: **scared**** my dear, please look at my face,
look into my eyes lolade
LOLADE: **still silent***
ME: **abi I don contact disease ni?*** my love, I
don’t like this mood, please talk to me.
LOLADE: ***speaking silently** its about you.
ME: **scared** me?
LOLADE: yes.
ME: chai!!!!, temi bami.
LOLADE: why did you do this to me on first
relationship date ***sobbing***
ME: ***see oloshi, so you no know say na day 1 when
you open laps and you dey moan**** I’m so sorry
about that my dear. I love you so much and the
strong feelings I have for you couldn’t let me resist
LOLADE: now that you have seen what you are
looking for in me, your love for me will reduce abi?
ME: not at all dear, it just increased, I now love you
more than I have ever do **yinmu**
LOLADE: Are you sure?
ME: came closer and held her in my arms** yes my
love. I’m very sure.
LOLAdE: did you release inside me?
ME: **shocked*** no I didn’t . Why did you ask?
LOLADE: because I don’t want to get pregnant
ME: **still scared but didn’t show it** lol, you aren’t
young for it now. 18 and above is regarded as an
adult in nigeria.
LOLADE: *smiled a little** sir, my family will disown
me. Is it me that couldn’t afford common jamb form
that should get pregnant?.
ME: just kidding anyways.
LOLADE: better
ME: hmmmmmmmm, maybe you should take drugs to
be on the safer side
LOLADE: **raised eyebrow** what drug?
ME: ** stammering*** ehmmmmm, something like
LOLADE: lailai, over my dead body, I’m not taking any
ME: “chaiiii, Mogbe!!!!” Why dear?
LOLADE: sebi you said you didn’t release inside me?
ME: yes dear
LOLADE: so I don’t need any drugs that would harm
ME: harm you as how?
LOLADE: I heard it used to have a side effect and
may also affect the womb from getting pregnant in
the future
ME: all those stories are pure lies.
LOLADE: so you have been prescribing postinors for
the ladies you slept with?
ME: no, you are the first girl in my life that I will say
it to.
LOLADE: how come you knew its name and how
come you knew it has no side effect?
ME: remember I told you I studied chemistry at
school? So I’m automatically a chemist. Drugs and
there effects was part of the courses I studied at
undergraduate level.
LOLADE: hmmmmmm, chemist or no chemist, I’m not
taking any drugs. Simple.
Me: its ok then.
LOLADE: please I need to go home now, its getting
dark and my family would be angry.
ME: alright. But I’m somehow thirsty, I want to get a
bottle of soft drink outside, do you care for one too?
LOLADE: no problem, but be fast please.
ME: **hmmmm, this girl don remove “sir” from my
name, I don sell my respect oooo*** ok, I would be
As I was walking out of the compound, several
thoughts were running through my mind.
” Chaii onihaxy!!!, u don impregnate someone”
” Why did I Bleep in the first place without condom
“If I had known, I wouldn’t have bleeped ooo”
” This girl isn’t ready to take any drugs now, what do
I do oooooo?”
I thought and thought and couldn’t figure out any
idea. Then I decided to call my friend on phone.
Me: hello segun
SEGE: how you dey oko bimpe?
ME: I’m not fine segun, wahala don sele oooo
SEGE: wahala kee?, have you been sacked?
ME: no ooo, na one girl wey I just met
SEGE: wetin do her?
ME: we bleeped without condom and I mistakenly
pour inside. I told her to take drugs and she refused.
SEGE: onihaxy!!!, what is your problem?, you haven’t
settled your issues with bimpe, and you are here
starting a fresh trouble again, how on earth will you
Bleep a new girl without condom?, what if she has
sTDs of hiV?.
ME: sege, the deed has been done, its solution that I
want. please help me.
SEGE: your wahala too much. Just that there is no
way I could abandon you ni.
ME: thanks my guy, so what do I do?
SEGE: try and convince her to take the drugs.
ME: I can’t, I told her earlier that I didn’t release
inside of her.
SEGE: ok, what are you doing now?.
Me: I’m outside to buy lacasera for both of us.
SEGE: ok, is there a chemist around there?
ME: yes.
SEGE: ok, don’t buy lacasera for her, buy viju milk or
Cway milk. Then go to the chemist and buy postionor
2. Ground it to powder and pour it inside the vuju
milk or Cway milk and mixed them thoroughly.
ME: hmmmmm. Sege!!!!!
SEGE: don’t hail me jor, just be careful next time.
ME: thanks. Why did you say I shouldn’t use
SEGE: lacasera has a transparent bottle and also the
liquid isn’t white, so if you mix the drugs with it, it
would show clearly that the drink is impure. But viju
and cway milk is white, and also, the bottle isn’t
transparent and the drug is also white, So if mixed
properly, she won’t find out.
ME: that’s my guy, I will call you back *hanged up**
I crossed to the other side and told the chemist to
give me a cway milk and a lacasera with 2 dose of
postinor. “Na overdose dey work pass for naija”
I paid him and took the drinks away. On getting to
the entrance of our compound, I ground the drug into
powder with the plastic of lacasera, I opened the
Cway milk and poured it inside. I mixed it together
and I covered it. I entered into my manger’s office
and I met the table well arranged and lolade was
sitting on the chair. I pretend to open the cover of
the cway bottle and gave it to her as I was sipping
my lacasera.
She took a little of the milk juice and said she was
ME: **leave kee?, ** lolade, I want to give the empty
bottles of these drinks to the kunnu seller that
usually stay at the entrance of the gate.
LOLADE: what for?
ME: she saw me passing with the drinks and she
begged me to give her the empty bottles and I
promised to bring it while going home.
ME: finish the drink so that I can give it to her as we
are going.
Lolade finished the drink in my presence and my
mind was settled. I closed for the day and we both
walked out of the gate with the empty bottles on my
hand. When we reached the outside of the gate. I
said “huuuh, this woman had left sha, let me drop it
on the ground for her, she would pick it up
tomorrow”. I gave her 500naira for transport while I
took a bike to my house.

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