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Adebimpe The Facebook Girl. {Season 3}…Episode 15

I got home that evening and began to thank my stars
for the narrow escape. I vowed never to Bleep lolade
flesh to flesh again, I dipped my hand to the
underneath of my bed, I took out the pack of condom
and took one out of it, I dropped it codedly insde my
wallet incase of another emergency day.
I took to my phone and decided to appreciate my
nigga segun on whatsapp for saving me once again.
ME: hi sege,
SEGE: how far?
ME: I dey my guy, thanks for the other time
SEGE: you no well, why you go dey Bleep person
without condom?, e be like say you no dey fear for
your life. What if the babe na mammy water or
ogbanje or HIV/ STD patient?
ME: so if I used condom, ogbanje no go catch me?
SEGE: yes na. Na sperm be their mode of operation,
if dem wan use you, tap from your destiny, catch you
or harm you, na your sperm wey dem swallow during
BJ and the one wey them receive through punany
them dey use.
ME: hmmmmmmm
SEGE: yes na. No matter how powerful the witch or
mammy water reach, if your sperm no pass through
their body, dem no fit do anything.
ME: sege!!!!!!!
SEGE: my guy, I dey tell you, that’s why I no dey cum
for girl mouth in BJ and I no dey Bleep without
condom. Them never tap my destiny sef, I never buy
range rover, what if dem come tap am, wetin go
remain for me?
ME: loooool, no be my fault my guy
SEGE: whose fault then? Ehn??, even if you must
Bleep person flesh to flesh, then it should be a
mature girl who knows how to take care of her self
without been told. Not someone you would be
begging to take drugs.
ME: ok my guy.
SEGE: who is the lady sef?
ME: na one of our new staffs
SEGE: her name?
ME: lolade
SEGE: hmmmm, just be careful onihaxy, you know
you are still burning under a trouble with Adebimpe,
don’t had more problems to your head my guy.
ME: ok boss, thanks.
SEGE: how about the mutual friends I told you to
work on?
ME: I sent her a “HI” message and she hadn’t
SEGE: don’t you know the person?
ME: I swear I don’t.
SEGE: you see your life, una go dey pack people wey
you no know for facebook.
ME: hmmmmm
SEGE: just be fast and work on it
ME: ok,
SEGE: has bimpe sent you another text since then?
ME: not at all
SEGE: ok, I sent her a file on facebook yesterday, I
hope she opened it.
ME: what’s the file?
SEGE: a virus infected file, if she opens it, her phone
or gadget should be corrupted and infected within 72
ME: sege!!!!!!!
SEGE: so if that happens, she would have no choice
than to format her device and that will give us a little
hope that all those files would be formatted
alongside, I just pray she hasn’t backed them up in
another drive.
ME: I pray so too.
SEGE: meanwhile, check out on this your new girl,
find out who she is, look deep into her social network
profiles, and also go through her phone.
ME: why?
SEGE: something tells me that she might be working
with/for Bimpe.
ME: hmmmmmm, you are right sha. I never thought
of it.
SEGE: you should. You know the type of wife you
have, she is very dangerous, she might employ this
new girl, who knows?.
ME: thanks so much my guy. I will watchout.
After the chat, I decided to think over all the things
segun said.
“Segun might be right ooooo”
Every sunday afternoon, lolade would always visit me
at home, sometimes when we close earlier on friday,
we would always go home together to spend some
time before she departs to her house, it has always
been sessions of hot sex / romance but I never made
that stewpid mistake of bleeping her without condom
Six month into the new relationship, the love
between lolade and I was waxing stronger. Despite
the fact that we made it a lowkey relationship,
almost half of the staffs were aware of our
relationship due to some preferential treatment I do
give her.
I had tried to assess her facebook friendlist and
couldn’t find anything related to bimpe. I tried
checking her phone but I couldn’t get through
because she uses a security password and she
wouldn’t tell me. But I just had this mindset that she
has no connection with bimpe.
7th month into our relationship, something happened
and I discovered something about lolade.

7th month into our relationship, I was at my house on
a sunday evening and lolade visited me as usual, she
sat down on the bed with me and we began to gist
on random matters, moments later, she lied on her
back and placed her head on my laps as I sat on the
bed and resting against the wall. She was reading a
novel while I was playing a game on my phone.
10minutes into the game, my eye glanced at lolade’s
cleavage and I lost interest in the game, I switched
over to tickling and romancing her till my hand find
its way into her breast. I was playing with the tip and
lolade was moaning gradually with the novel still on
her hand. As I tickled the Tips the more, her moans
was increasing. She dropped her novel and
reciprocated the romance as she bend my head
downwards and kissed me. Moments later, we found
ourselves Unclad in a 69 position. She lied ontop of
me and I was under her. I was manipulation and
licking her clits as she was giving me a wonderful
BJ. In the process, I removed my condom underneath
my bed. I pushed her forward, wore the condom and
mount on her from the back. I held her a$$ together
and introduced my extension into her sucked. She
was moaning “ooooh, haaaauuuuuoooch, sir!!!!!!!!!” As
as was pounding in and out of her punany in a hot
dogggie style. I lasted for about 25minutes before I
cummed and I noticed that she was so weak at the
end of the process.

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