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Adebimpe The Facebook Girl. {Season 3}…Episode 21

Episode 21

********7 months after*************
Betty had finally agreed to be mine, bimpe and I are
now fake friends on phone. Whenever I call betty, she
would give phone to bimpe to say hi. Betty was
trying all her best to settle the fake fight between
me and bimpe, so bimpe and I were playing along
just to make betty happy. I asked betty why she was
always around bimpe and she told me that they lived
together in the same house.
Betty told me that her brother who is bimpe’s
husband do travel to abuja most times, so she was
staying in the house with the family to assist them.
“Chaiiii, this one is strong oooo”.
I began to miss betty and we agreed that we would
be swapping visits. If I visit her this month, she
would visit me the following month. She was the first
to visit me the following month. She came on a
friday and returned on sunday and it was a moment
of sexual and romantic sessions. Betty was so sweet
and hot on bed, she was among the girls I so much
enjoyed sex with.
The following month, it was my turn to visit. Betty
made me realise that there was no way I could lodge
at her house. She said I could only stay with
someone and visit her at home and return same day.
I wasn’t comfortable with the arrangement at first
but I had no choice than to agree.
The following month on the 3rd weekend, I left Ado
on friday evening and travelled to lagos. I got to lag
at around 11pm and I stayed over at a cousin’s place
in mushin. On saturday. Betty sent her address to me
and I followed it.
I board a bus to oshodi, and from there, I took
another bus to lekki phase one and dropped at the
gate. I climbed the bridge and crossed to the other
side. At the entrance of lekki phase one gate, I began
to count range rover vogue like pure water, “chaiii,
omo see big big cars as dem plenty here fa. These
are cars I get to see in Ado once in 2 months, no
wonder betty said she can’t settle in ado, chaii!!!, this
girl’s family must be rich ooo”.
I took a bus from the gate and dropped at road 8 as
described by betty. I dropped at the junction and
called betty and she later came to pick me. We
walked few distance until we got to her house. ”
Chaii!!!, omo see fine bungalow”.
We entered the compound and finally into the living
room. I sat on the chair and she offered me a juice.
Few seconds later, a small girl walked out of no
where to the living room. Betty said “that is Daniella,
Aunty bimpe’s daughter”. I waved at her and she
smiled at me, I pulled her closer and was playing with
her until I heard footsteps on the staircase as
someone was walking down the stairs. I looked at
the direction and behold, I set my eyes on my own
Adebimpe again and she was staring at me as if she
should remove my kidney. I got scared and my heart
suddenly began to beat faster.
BETTY: ***turned to bimpe*** that is onihaxy, my
boyfriend. **pointing at me***
ME: hi.
BIMPE: **frowned** hi, how are you sir?
ME: ***me?, sir?***, I’m fine ma.
BIMPE: **sat down and pulled her daughter
closer****, I heard you came from Ado?.
ME: yes
BIMPE: that’s cool. How was the journey?.
BIMPE: it was ok.
BETTY: **came closer to sit with me** onihaxy, I
told Aunty bimpe a lot about you and she had always
said she can’t wait to see you.
ME: **chaiiii, *** really?
BIMPE: ***fake smile***yeah. I have always wanted
to see the person who puts a smile on my little
mummy’s face.
ME: ***smiled also*** thank you ma.
BETTY: loooooolz. That reminds me.
BIMPE: ***looked at betty’s direction*** what’s that?.
BETTY: onihaxy told me that he knew you and that
you once lived in the same street, is that true?.
BIMPE: **looked at me somehow*** yes, seems so.
ME: hmmmmmm
BETTY: and he told me that you had a quarrel that
hasn’t been resolved.
ME: silent
BIMPE: is that what he told you? ***turned to
BETTY: yes Aunty.
BIMPE: don’t mind him, we lived in same street and
we met at a filling station while queuing to buy fuel,
and can you imagine, he pushed my keg away and
slapped me because I left the queue to squeeze my
keg for just a litre of petrol.
ME: ***chaiii, this girl can lie oooo, the devil is
definitely a learner ooooo****
BETTY: **turned to me** onihaxy, is that true?
ME: **looking sober** yes, why would I queue inside
the sun for over an hour and someone would just
come to outline me.
BIMPE: can you just hear him?.
BETTY: **stood up and moved closer to bimpe**.
Please its ok, I want everything to settle here right
now and that’s why I invited onihaxy here so that
both of you can meet and settle.
ME: I’m no more angry with her.
BIMPE: I’m still very much angry. Imagine, he
slapped me that day.
BETTY: aunty bimpe, please its ok, let’s just forget
the past and let there be peace again. I beg of you.
BIMPE: its ok, I heard you.
BETTY: mummy daniella, are you sure?
BIMPE: yes.
BETTY: haba, Aunty, but you are still frowning now.
BIMPE: its ok **faked smile***.
BETTY: ok, let me bring a wine and let’s have a toast
for the peace been restored between you guys.
BIMPE: ok,
ME: ok.
Betty left for the wine and bimpe and I was sitting
opposite each other at the living room staring at
each other as if we should break bottle on each
other’s head. The look on her face was so scary that
I was becoming uncomfortable and getting scared as
I was seated. Betty arrived with the wine and we
both faked a smile, betty popped the bottle and pour
the drink into 3 glass cup. We had a toast and we
drank it.
BETTY: now that peace had been restored between
two old street neighbours, let me excuse you guys for
a moment, I want to buy cway water for the
dispenser from the 2nd street. I will be back in a
ME: ***smiled*** ok dear.
BIMPE: ***faced betty and smiled also*** alright
Betty left the room and bimpe and I were both silent
until we heard the sound of the gate indicating that
betty had left the compound. Bimpe stood up from
her seat and walked towards me. My heart was
beaten faster as she was coming closer. She finally
stopped few inches from me.
BIMPE: **yelled with frowned face*** you are playing
with fire onihaxy, and I will advise you to thread
gently. Don’t just try me.
ME: and what will you do to me? ***with boldness***
BIMPE: let’s just watch and see.

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