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Adebimpe The Facebook Girl. {Season 3}…Episode 22

Episode 22

ME: madam calm down. You don’t have to threaten
me anymore because I’m now in charge.
BIMPE: let’s just watch and see.
ME: where are my certificates?.
BIMPE: which silly certificates?, you told me that I
should eat them. So if you want your certificates, go
to lawma, because they have been disposed away
long time ago.
ME: bimpe, before the count of 3 bring out my
credentials or else…….
BIMPE: or else what?
ME: I will burst out the bubble.
BIMPE: **laughed and clapped**** clap for yourself.
Go ahead and burst whatever you want to burst. For
your information, my husband and her sister are
already aware that a patient raped me while I was
working with an abuja based hospital. I have pictures
and video evidences of where I was crying helplessly
after you raped me.
And also, I have told my husband about my past
relationships so there is nothing new that you want
to say that he isn’t aware of. So mr man, they would
be so happy to meet the guy who did the raping. If
you don’t burst whatever you want to burst, then you
are a bastard.
**hissed and walked out of the living room with her

Bimpe climbed up the staircase with her daughter
daniella. I was sitting alone inside the living room and I
was scared, I don’t know if bimpe wanted to harm me
or I would be implicated by her. Afterall, I was in her
house, ” this girl fit carry load put for my head and
scream thief oo!!”. I was just getting uncomfortable on
the seat when my phone rang. I checked it and it was
segun and I picked.
ME: hello sege.
SEGE: how far na? You don reach?
ME: na there I dey right now oooo.
SEGE: how far?, you see your wife?, sorry, I mean your
ME: se bimpe?
SEGE: yes na.
ME: **voice lowered*** omo I saw her ooo, you need
to see how her eyes take red.
SEGE: wetin she talk?
ME: she dey threaten me say she go show me pepper.
SEGE: wetin bring about the threat na?
ME: na me first threaten her say I go burst bubble if
she no give me my certificates.
SEGE: chaii, onihaxy, you too dey fucck up.
ME: wetin I do?
SEGE: na her house you dey na, you no suppose
threaten her. Na peace mission you suppose do. With
that, you fit even get access to her phone and sort
your pictures.
ME: eyah. But you no tell me before?.
SEGE: must I tell you everything?. If na outside her
home na, e for better, but at her house. If she tear her
cloths and screamed that you want to forcefully rape
her, you know say she go win you hands down?.
ME: na true you talk oooo.
SEGE: and you know that she is in a game with you
and looking forward to score more points. So you have
to be careful and use your sense.
ME: alright.
SEGE: meanwhile, where is betty?.
ME: she went out to buy water for dispenser.
SEGE: was she inside when you and bimpe dey argue?
ME: no.
SEGE: ok, she never come back?
ME: at all.
SEGE: are you sure that girl is not hanging around to
listen to what you and bimpe would discuss since she
was interested in digging deep into what happened
between you and bimpe?.
ME: I’m not sure she would do that, I’m so sure
because I heard the sound of the gate been opened
after she left.
SEGE: do you know maybe she just opened and closed
the gate and only to sneak back to the window?.
ME: sege!!, I know you are so smart but I’m sure
nothing of such is happening.
SEGE: ok oooo, no problem, we go talk later na.
ME ok ***hanged up***
About a minute later, I was bored inside the living room
and betty is yet to return. I decided to call her,
immediately I dialled her number, I noticed a vibration
from beneath of the sofa. I traced the vibration after
dialling for so long time until I discovered that it was
betty’s phone and I took it out.
“Eyah, this girl left her. Phone her phone her sha”. As I
was about to drop the phone, a thought just came to
my heart.
” This phone ranged few moments ago while she
received a call when she came to pick me at the
“How come the phone is now in silence?”.
I picked up the phone again and pressed the navigation
button to review the home page. Behold, the phone
was set on voice recording.

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