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Adebimpe The Facebook Girl. {Season 3}…Episode 25

ME: **frowned*** ehn ehn?? what happened?
BIMPE: **still panting*** please don’t hang up. Are you
still in lagos?
Me: yes
BIMPE: where are you at the moment?
ME: oshodi, and why asking all these questions?, where
is betty.
BIMPE: that’s why I called you, come over to mendila
hospital in Ajah straightway. Its an emergency.
Me: **screamed**** yeeeeeeh. What happened to her?,
what happened to my betty?, tell me!!!!
BIMPE: stop asking questions, when you get here, you
will know.
ME: how do I get there from oshodi?.
BIMPE: haaa, take a cab from there directly to ajah.
Give the driver the description, don’t worry, I would pay
him when he gets here.
ME: ok,
I was so worried and scared, I dropped the shoe I
wanted to buy, I climbed oshodi bridge to the other
side and I heard a bus shouting lekki ajah.
“Oh my God?, what time will this one get to ajah
Just while I was still asking rethorical question, I saw a
powerbike parked very close to “under bridge” and
behold, the rider was coming out of somewhere to
mount on it. I ran close to him immediately.
ME: hello, please I need you help, its an emergency
RIDER: ***frowned*** yes, how can I help you?
ME: *scared and panting*** please I need to get to
ajah , at mendila hospital.
RIDER: then go and take public bus now.
ME: please, someone so closed to me is dieing on a
hospital bed and doctor said there would be no
treatment until we pay, I just got the money and I want
to rush down there to save her life.
RIDER: ok, your money is 3,000 naira.
ME: ****hian!!!, even Akure to lagos is 1,500naira
na**** please have mercy on me, I don’t have up to
that amount.
RIDER: **** switch on the bike** then get lost
ME: please wait, ok, I will pay 2k please.
RIDER: ok, I will take it because you said you have a
dieing patient. Ok, climb up.
I mount on the power bike and it took me straight to
the hospital at ajah in 25 minutes.
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I dropped at the hospital gate and I paid the bike rider
with the last money on me, I even forgot that bimpe
promised to pay for my fare.
I entered the compound. It was a 3-storey building
hospital with Porsche cars parked inside of it. I was
proceeding to the hospital entrance when bimpe
appeared from the garage. She held my hand and
pulled to the back of the hospital.
ME: **worried** wait wait!!!, where are you taking me
to?, where is betty?, what happened to her?.
BIMPE: **tears rolling out of her eyes** stammering
Me: bimpe please don’t scare me, what happened to
betty, let me go and see her.
BIMPE: **pulls my cloth back*** betty is fine. Nothing
happened to her. Onihaxy, please I need your help
ME: me?, my help?, you?, how?.
BIMPE: ***held my hands and crying*** onihaxy, please
help me.
ME: hold on, wait a minute, first of all, where is betty?.
BIMPE: I sent her an errand to get something for me
at home. She would soon be here.
ME: then why do you call me here?.
BIMPE: I intentionally collected her phone and used it
to scare you so as to bring you here. I knew that’s the
only way I could bring you here.
ME: ok, now tell me, how do I help you madam?
BIMPE: **crying** daniella fell from the staircase this
ME: **screamed** haaaa!!!, temi bami, oh my God,
How?, where is she now?, hope she is fine?.
BIMPE: no, she isn’t fine, she was admitted here in this
hospital, she lost alot of blood and she needed blood
urgently. Please help me onihaxy, save daniella please.
ME: **wiped her tears** its ok, is your husband not
around?, call on him please.
BiMPE: he is already on his way here from abuja and
he should be here in 1 to 2 hours time. Please I want
you to help me before his arrival please.
ME: why me?, I’m not related to you or your husband.
Why do you think my blood will be compatible with that
of daniella?. Why not tell betty to donate blood?, isn’t
she your sister’s husband.
BIMPE: **still crying** betty’s blood had been tested.
It wasn’t compatible. Yours will be compatible, I’m very
sure. please onihaxy, help me, save daniella.
ME: no, I can’t, I don’t trust you, who knows maybe you
had liaised with the doctor to take my blood for rituals.
Your heart is so full of evil, I don’t trust you.
BIMPE: **crying** no, I won’t do that to you onihaxy.
ME: but why do you think my blood will be compatible
with daniella, since that of your husband’s relations
didn’t work?. Maybe you should wait for your husband’s
BIMPE: **** still crying, held my two hands and knelt
down infront of me***
Onihaxy, you are the only one who can save daniella.
You are the only one who can help me, and I needed
the help before my husband’s arrival please.
ME: I don’t understand
BIMPE: please, can you keep a secret for me?, I
promised to return all what I took from you, I promised
to be nice to you from henceforth, I promised to turn a
newleaf, I promised to get you a good job, I promised
this, I promised that…….
Me: **cuts in*** bimpe, just tell me what you want to
tell me and leave the promises behind.
BIMPE: **silent and crying for like 10 seconds before
speaking up finally***
Onihaxy, eeeehmmmmm!!!!
ME: eeeehmmmm what??
BIMPE: daniella is the product of what happened
between us on the hospital bed in Abuja that night.
Daniella is your daughter, she needs your help urgently
before Henry’s arrival please.
ME: **screamed** whaaaaaaaat!!!!!!

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