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Adebimpe The Facebook Girl. {Season 4}…Episode 2

Episode 2

That was what i heard while I was jerking back to
life. I looked around and saw myself on a hospital
“Pele onihaxy, sorry dear!!!” That was what I heard
from betty as she held my hands. Betty and a nurse
were the only people with me. The nurse later left
and I was alone with betty.
BETTY: ***rubbing my head and chest*** pele dear.
ME:***looking into her eyes**, what happened to
BETTY: you fainted for about 40 minutes.
ME: really?
BETTY: yes dear. Thank God you are awake now.
Aunty Bimpe said you donated blood to daniella.
Thanks so much dear.
ME: you are welcome.
BETTY: but wait onihaxy, how did you get here?, how
did you know that daniella was admitted here.
ME: I tried calling your line this morning and it was
picked by bimpe, she said there was an emergency
and that daniella fell off the stairs, so I rushed down
here. On getting to the hospital, I heard she needed
blood so I volunteered to donate.
BETTY: that’s very kind of you, thanks so much
honey **kissed me***
ME: where is bimpe? how is daniella?.
BETTY: well, daniella is recovering. Aunty bimpe and
my brother are with her in her ward.
ME: you mean your brother is around?
BETTY: yes, about 10 minutes ago.
ME: ok.
BETTY: how about tomorrow’s test and interview, will
you still be able to attend it?
ME: why not?, I’m fit and strong now.
BETTY: that’s my baby.
**still discussing and the door opens**
BETTY: **looked at the person who entered**** hi
brother, onihaxy is awake.
HENRY: thank God, **stretched hand forward** I’m
ME: **strectched hand too for handshake**, I’m
HENRY: betty told me much about you. And I was
told you donated blood for daniella. Thanks so much
and Nice meeting you young man.
ME: you are welcome sir.
BETTY: where is Aunty Bimpe?
HENRY: she is with daniella.
BETTY: when will daniella be discharged?
HENRY: the doctor said in 2 to 3 days time.
ME: eeyah. May God heal her
HENRY and BETTY: amen oooo.
HENRY: betty, you can go home with bimpe, I will
stay here over the night with daniella.
BETTY: I’m not going anywhere. I’m staying too.
ME: ***turned to Henry***, I won’t be able to stay sir,
I have an appointment tomorrow morning and I want
to go home and prepare for it.
HENRY: no problem bro, thanks so much.
**the door opened and bimpe entered**
BIMPE: onihaxy!!!, I’m happy you are awake now.
How are you? ***walked closer***
ME: I’m fine.
BIMPE: thank God. Well doctor said you can go today
that you are fine.
ME: sure, I’m going today, I have an…………
BETTY: ** looked into my eyes and blinked***
ME: ****i got the message that the job should be a
secret **** I have an appointment tomorrow morning
so I want to go home and prepare.
BIMPE: ok, in that case, I will drive you and drop you
off, you know you are weak, you shouldn’t stress
yourself so much.
HENRY: very nice idea sweetheart, very thoughtful of
BeTTY: ****looked uncomfortable****
HENRY: mr onihaxy, when next are wee seeing you?.
ME: can’t say, maybe tomorrow.
HENRY: we need to have a dinner together when we
all return home, and we have one or two things to
discuss. **looked into bimpe’s eye and smiled***
ME: ok sir..
Henry returned to daniella’s ward, betty, bimpe and I
walked out of the hospital to the car park. I could
read clearly the mood on betty’s face. She wasn’t
just comfortable.
“Is this girl suspicious of something?”
I hugged her and we said we would chat on phone. I
opened the side door of bimpe’s car and we drove
BIMPE: onihaxy, thanks so much for today, I never
believed that you can be nice to me after all the
things I put you through.
ME: you are welcome.
BIMPE: **parked after driving for some minutes**
ME: what’s wrong, is the car faulty?
BIMPE: no, I stopped it and parked.
ME: why?, what happened?.
BIMPE: I want us to discuss a very serious issue.
ME: ok, what is it?
BIMPE: you know things could be complicated here if
we are not careful.
ME: I don’t understand.
BIMPE: you know I love my husband and he loves me
ME: ok,
BIMPE: the same way you love betty so much and
she also loves you too.
ME: ok,
BiMPE: if this secret about daniella should leak out,
we will all be in trouble, the four of us. And things
will never be the same.
ME: and who is going to leak it?. You or I?.
BIMPE: I can never leak such secret. I have my
marriage to protect. But I don’t trust you onihaxy.
Not now that revenge is written on your face.
ME: I’m not going to leak anything also.
BIMPE: I want to be rest assured. So I want us to do
something today.
ME: and what is it?
BIMPE: I want us to take an oath that our mouth will
forever be shut on this issue.
ME: what!!!!!!, oath

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