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Love Again… Episode 18

Episode 18
Niharika stayed with her mom for one month after
which she shifted to her own house in London . It
was a small but cosy place with one bedroom
dining and living area and kitchen on ground floor
while the second floor had two bedrooms.
She had bought the house with her own hard
earned money and no financial help from her
However her mother and father insisted on
helping her out,
they furnished it for her .
While staying in London she realised that though
they were separated yet still her parents were
good friends with each other.
Another thing she realised was that they cared for
her .
Her mom especially would visit her almost daily,
enquire about her health and would sometimes
bring her something yo eat .
In the next few months she had become closer to
her mom a lot . Infact her stepfather was also a
decent man who welcomed her with open arms .
The only one person who initially scorned at her
was her stepfathers son Ayush Arora .
However she missed Nikhil. She loved him so
much that her silly heart still wished that he
would eventually realise he loved her and would
come to her .
She wanted him to come with her for her
ultrasound . After five months of pregnancy when
she saw her baby for the first time in her
ultrasound she was overjoyed but lonely .
She wanted him with her,
holding her hand, comforting her, listening to her
cravings and most of all LOVING her .
She really missed him.
(Awww my apology for the short episode….)

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Updated: June 11, 2019 — 4:58 pm

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