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Love Again… Episode 19

Episode 19
Ayush Arora→her stepfather son was tall good
looking and arrogant.
Somehow he had got it in his head that she had
an ulterior motive . Maybe she was after money .
His stepmom informed him that she was pregnant
and lonely so she would stay with them.
But he was surprised when not only his stepmom
but his own dad had grown fond of her .
His dad treatted her as his own daughter always
looking after her.
The trouble was that Niharika was extremely
likeable .
She was very beautiful that was another plus
point,He had felt attracted towards her the
moment he had seen her and this irritated him.
He ignored her for the first month but as he came
to know her
his opinion changed because she was no gold
digger but a genuine person.
She was kind and gentle with everyone always
helping people. Not once had she asked his
parents for money.
Instead she purchased her own house after two
months with her own hardearned money.
When they had insisted she had refused. Even her
nature was very nice always smiling and urging
people to enjoy life.She herself was pregnant but
she never badmouthed her lover always focussing
on the positive aspects of the situation.
In the next two months they became friends and
he enjoyed her friendship because he had never
had a female friend. The only women he knew
had been his bedmates.
Nikhil was miserable. Something’s was missing in
his life because when he had lost Jiya to Sagar
he had been heartbroken. Even though he was
happy because she had found the love of her life
but his life had become empty.
Though he did not love Niharika but even she had
left a void in his life . He just could not
understand what was happening to him. He had
become a robot working and working the entire
day . His social life was zero and he no longer
went out on dates .
After four months he went to London since he
had been neglecting his office there fort too long.
Also he had recently acuired a new house in
London and Was planning to get it renovated
according to his tastes . He hadspoken with a top
architect firm who had promised to send one of
their best men to get the work done.
He had been in London for a week now when he
caught a glimpse of a known face . If he was not
wrong it was Niharika.
So for all these months she was in London? How
could she had afford staying here in her school
teachers salary?
But before he could run after her she was out of
The next morning he had an appointment with the
architect. Instead of meeting at his office he had
called him straight to his house.
It was already more than half an hour and the
architect had not arrived.
He was about to call the company when a car
stopped near his gate .
But it was the person who walked out of the car,
surprised him.
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