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Love Again… Episode 20

Episode 20
It was niharika
What was Niharika doing at his place?
He opened the door to a stunned Niharika.
“Nikhil when did you come to London? What are
you doing in this house?”
” First of all you know I lived in London before
going to India and secondly this is my house.
Now may I ask the same question ? What are you
doing at my place?”
” I am the architect cum interior designer
appointed for this house and this Mr Mike is my
” but you are a school teacher?”
” No I am not ”
“But you were there at Sneha school?”
” So what . I had gone to meet Mrs menon. I was
on leave so decided to spend some time with her
. Actually Mrs Menon was my nanny”
His world seemed to be spinning. That is why her
house had been so elegantly done .
And that must be the reason she lived in such an
expensive place.
When he looked at her carefully she seemed to
have gained weight .
” Nikhil do you want the job done or not?”
He moved back to allow her entry in his house.
He was still the most handsome man on the earth
and her heart beat loudly on seeing him. On
meeting him she again realised how much she
missed him in her life.
Niharika was stunned to find Nikhil at her place.
” Nikhil what are you doing in my house early in
the morning ?”
Nikhil felt like a fool carrying a pastry box and a
bunch of lilies.He had expected to have a cup of
coffee with her and give her her favourite pastries
but it seemed someone had besten him to it.
” I was just passing by so decided to have a cup
of coffee with you” he stammered
Ayush decided to leave this awkward situation. He
kissed her on her forehead and left.
Nikhil felt like beating him up for kissing Niharika
but then who was he to stop him.
” I had come to meet you it seems to be a wrong
time . Sorry for interrupting your romantic date .
By the way he is good looking . However he is a
coward leaving his girlfriend with a stranger . ”
” He is not a coward ”
” My my such loyalty. Must be a special person .
Are you casually dating him Niharika? Or maybe
you two are sleeping together? Tell me is he
better or are you using him as you used me ?”
” Just shut up Nikhil”
” I won’t Niharika . If you wanted someone to
warm your bed I was more than ready. Infact I
don’t mind even now”
Niharika felt sick . How lowly did he consider her .
” Just get out of my house . Leave! ”
She was furiuos with him and literally pushed him
out . She was about to bang the door but she felt
dizzy and was about to fall. Nikhil caught her
from falling down and laid her on her bed.
He was about to call the doctor when she blurted
” No need to worry . I am pregnant ”
“Oh my god you are pregnant. Whose baby is it ?”
Before she could reply he had already judged her.
” Its that rascal isn’t it? How could he leave you
pregnant and not support you?”
Niharika was confused . ” Did he think Ayush was
responsible? Oh my another misunderstanding? ”
No you got it all wrong”
” Of course now you save that scoundrel. I am
not listening . Give me his address and I will bring
him to senses.”
” But he is going out of country for fifteen days”
” Then I will wait till he comes back . Let me call
the doctor.
When the doctor came he advised her rest since
her Bp had shot up.
” Sir I would advise you to arrange someone to
look after her . She is anaemic and also
overworked . I have warned that this maybe
harmful for her baby but she doesn’t listen . I am
giving her medicines and she needs complete bed
rest ”
” Don’t worry doctor I will take care”
When the doctor left Niharika thanked him but he
did not budge.
” Listen Niharika you need someone and till then I
am shifting here with you”
” But why?”
” Are you thick brained? You need someone to
look after you and since your lover is not here I
will stay with you to look after you?”
To be continued
(What! Can’t Nikhil just be reasonable???? Ur
comments pls)

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