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Love Again… Episode 21

Episode 21
Though she put on a brave front but inwardly she was scared for their baby . The doctor had warned her plenty of times but her work load was very high plus she was staying alone
However Nikhils decision to stay with her surprised her becus he was not a family person. Added to Dat fact he believed the baby to be someone elses.
She had to clear his misunderstanding that the baby was not his but she would remain quiet because he was not yet ready to listen.
Within two hours Nikhil had shifted to her house in the d oder bedroom. On the way he had bought some packed lunch which he took with a bottle of wine but offered her sparkling water .
After serving lunch he asked her to take rest. When she insisted on doing the dishes he declined her by saying that he knew how to operate a dishwasher .
He then went to the nearby supermarket to buy some groceries.
” Nikhil don’t you have any work to do?”
” Of course but I have completed my main work to be done at the office and will work from home this week”
For dinner he prepared delicious chicken soup with a vegetable salad and fresh pizza.
He then carried a tray to her room.
” Nikhil where is your dinner?”
” Its outside first you have yours then I will take mine”
” Either you join me or I am coming outside”
” You know what you are behaving as a child Niharika ”
He chuckled and left the room. He then brought his dinner and ate alongside her.
Afterwards he cleared everything and brought his laptop and went on with his work . Niharika enjoyed his company. Even if he did not love her,
he atleast cared gor her as a friend . She was satisfied even with this .
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The next few days went on like this and they fell in a routine taking breakfast lunch and dinner together and then talking to each other till Niharika fell asleep . He would then work on his laptop till late night .
Nikhil was supposed to stay in London for just one more week but he extended his stay for two weeks. Niharika didn’t show but she was quite weak and she needed someone to take care of her.
Nikhil still couldn’t understand how she could have fallen for someone so irresponsible. Niharika was an educated woman quite intelligent then how could she have committed such a blunder.
But he thought that since her lover was a loser he as her friend had to help her out.
Initiallt he had thought of her as a school teacher but it turned out that she was s very famous architect and the company which he had hired she was one of the partners. That explained her lifestyle and lavish standard of living.
He also had a selfish reason of looking after her . He enjoyed her conpany . Even though she was pregnant and her pregnancy had started to show he was still attracted to her.
He had the perfect excyse to stat with her.
Niharika was dreading that after a week Nikhil would leave but he surprised her by extending for another week . He was looking after her very Well. Not only was he cooking for her but also looked after all her basic needs.
He would prove to be a very good husband and father but she was not the lucky one.
She knew it was all an illusion but till it was there she was gojng to enjoy.
After two weeks doctor advised her to take it easy but dhe could go to her office. Nikhil also had some work piled up, so he also left for India.
On reaching India he started missing her . Even his attraction for Jiya had lessened .
After Nikhil had left the house,it
felt empty.
She had lost her appetite .
And moreso
She missed him terribly.
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Updated: June 12, 2019 — 5:14 am

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