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Love Again… Episode 22

Episode 22
She was now seven months pregnant so her mother decided to arrange a baby shower for her .
Ayush had become a very good friend for her so he helped his stepmom with the arrangements.
Since orange was her favourite colour the theme for the day was orange. Their entire living room was decorated with orange sashes . Huge teddy bears had been placed in the corners .The entire ceiling was decorated with white and orange balloons of various shapes and sizes.
Lilies being her favourite flower so lilies were also used in the decorations.
In the centre a huge sofa was placed so that Niharika could sit comfortably.
The food menu was multicuisine but no hard drinks were to be served.
Her mom had asked her to take leave for two days because a day prior to the baby shower a day spa had been booked for both of them.
Niharika and her mom went to the spa together where they had a pedicure manicure fruit facials and body massages . They spent close to five hours at the spa.
During this time her mom gave her advice on her pregnancy and also related instances when she herself had been pregnant. Niharika felt very close to her mom nowadays.Her mom invited her to stay with her till the baby was born but she declined . However she promised her mom that she would stay with her after the baby was born.
She also realised that her parents still cared for each other. It was just that now they were friends and not lovers . Maybe they were not meant to be together like her and Nikhil.
Thinking about Nikhil brought pain in her heart . He was a nice person caught up in his own love for Jiya . She had tried to help him overcome it but failed miserably.
Even after going back to India he had called her regularly asking her about her health and instructing her to look after herself.
Infact he had mentioned coming to London in a few days.It was their baby shower and how she wished he had been there.
To be continued

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Updated: June 12, 2019 — 5:17 am

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