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Love Again… Episode 23

Episode 23
Nikhil had been speaking to Niharika regularly .
She was a brave girl who was staying alone
pregnant in a foreign country . He admired her
strength and independence.
She spoke so passionately about her child . He
knew she would be a very good mother who
would place her childs need first.
He missed her a lot . Sometimes he felt that he
should have been the father of the child . If that
would have been the case he would never have
left her . He would have taken care of her not
even allowing her to work the entire pregnancy.
He was planning to stay with her for another two
weeks in London.
She was having her baby shower tomorrow so he
was flying tonight so he could be there for her as
her friend.
Niharika and her mom had dinner together and
then she left.
It was 5 oclock in the morning when her doorbell
These days she was not a morning person so she
felt irritated.
” Who the hell is there so early in the morning ?”
But she was pleasantly surprised to find a smiling
Nikhil holding a huge teddy at her door .
(Really sorry for the short short episodes,,,,long
ones loading)

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Updated: June 12, 2019 — 5:18 am

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