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Love Again… Episode 24

Episode 4
Tonight was Saturday night so Niharika went
grocery shopping for the dinner.
She was planning on a completeChinese menu
right from the starters to the desert.
She was making spring rolls and wontons as
starters with Talu mein soup.The main course
comprised of chicken hakka noodles, steamed fish
in oystersauce, vegetables in almond sauceand
steamed rice.
She enjoyed cooking and today she cooked with
more enthusiasm because Nikhil was also
She was putting final touches to d caesar salad
when Jiya called, ” Hi sweety. Just called to tell
you that we will be late for dinner as Sagar’s
cousin sare coming for tea and we couldn’trefuse
them. But we will definitely reach by dinner time.”
Niharika lived in a three bedroom flat in a high
rise building. This flat had beengifted to her by
her parents at her twentieth birthday when she
had informed them that she was planning on
buying her own place. The interiors how ever
were done by her according to her tastes.
Nikhil arrived by 7 pm .He had brought her a
bottle of red wine to be used during
dinner.Tonight he was dressed casually in a blue
CK jeans with a US polo T shirt looking very
When Niharika saw him she thought that no man
had a right to look handsome in whatever he
Tonight Niharika was dressed in a longblack skirt
and a deep orange crop top
which showed her slim waist and her naval ring.
Nikhil looked at her and felt a tug of desire.
Though Niharika was just the opposite of Jiya,
bold, carefreeand quite modern but somehow he
was slowly getting attracted to her.
Maybe his long period of celibacy was responsible
for these feelings.
Niharka hugged him,”Hi handsome.You are
looking very dashing today.
If I had not promised friendship I would be
tempted to start dating you. ”
Nikhil smiled at her,’ you know you are looking
quite tempting yourself.
but my poor heart is not yet ready to move on”
Both of them had the snacks with a glass of wine
in her living room.
Niharika house was beautiful. The walls were
pure white with one wall light green in colour. the
light green colour had a beautiful scene painted
on it. There was a huge tree with various
birdssitting on its branches.
Some sparrows were also flying in the sky.
Since the wall was light green the furnishings
were also green, with a green sofa, wooden table
with a green coveand ,a long green standing
lamp. All inall the room gave a pleasant feel.
“Where are Jiya and Sagar?”
“Jiya called to inform that they would be late for
“They should have informed me’
“Nikhil don’t you like my company?”
Nikhil looked at Niharika. She was beautiful. Her
naval ring was very sensuos but he was not
ready for any relationship even if it was casual.
“No I like you Niharika, otherwise I wouldn’t be
She was passing him another glass of wine when
it accidently fell on his jeans.
She quickly bent on her knees and used a tissue
to clean it.
When Nikhil looked down he could see the outline
of her small breasts from the top.
Her skin was white and flawless. Her shorthair
emphasised her long white neck.
She could feel his stare on her so she looked up.
What she saw shocked her.There was desire in
his eyes.
Suddenly the atmosphere was full of sexual
Nikhil saw her looking up at him. The orange
lipstick on her full lips was tempting him.
He could think of nothing else but crushing them
with his lips.
So he bent down and kissed her. She tasted
heavenly .
Nikhil’s kiss had caught her by surprise.But he
was a good kisser.
The kiss was just perfect neither too soft nor too
forceful.She opened her mouth to let his tongue
enter her.
Now he deepened the kiss and pulled her up.She
landed in his lap but they were still kissing. Their
tongues were intertwined with each other.
Her hands had entered his silky hair and his
hands were circling her breasts inside her crop
His touch was so potent that her nipples were
erect even inside the clothes.
He was fully aroused and she could feel his
arousal sitting on his lap.
Their bodies were ready to experience the
explosive chemistry they shared but before they
could proceed,
the doorbell rang.

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