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Love Again… Episode 26


Episode 26
The next morning Nikhil woke up happy after a
long time . He knew his feelings were love .
Tonight he planned to propose to her .
First of all he needed to buy a ring . For that he
planned to go to Tiffany which was an elite
jewellary store.
She was still sleeping with a smile on her face .
Her hair was all over her face so he gently tucked
it behind her ear ,
She had cried yesterday . Maybe she missed her
lover but then he was no longer in the picture.
Tonight he would make her his. And from tonight
she would be wearing his ring.
Niharika woke up satisfied and happy. Last night
Nikhil had been so gentle and generous that she
loved him even more . He had even kissed the
baby even though he didn’t know that he was the
father .
He was such a nice person . Why couldn’t he love
her ? Was she not good enough for him?
Well at least he cared for her . She could live with
this also .
She searched the bed for him. She heard the
shower in the bathroom running .
She freshened up in the other bedroom and went
downstairs to make breakfast .
Today she decided to boil potatoes and make
paranthas .
By the time Nikhil came downstairs he could
smell them
“Niharika what smells so good?”
“Breakfast is aloo paranthas curd and mango
” Lovely. .They are my favourite”
” Come sit with me . We will have breakfast
together ”
“”Niharika you make mean paranthas . I will be
tempted to have breakfast with you daily ”
” You are welcome to join me everyday”
” Niharika are you free tonight?”
” Yes why?”
“We are going out for dinner tonight .
Wear something nice and dressy even
though you look hot in everything.”saying this he
left for work
Niharika was excited to go to dinner with him if it
would eventually lead to another night of his
delicious lovemaking .
She called her stepmom because thses days she
preferred to take someone and not go alone for
She planned to go to Selphridges for shopping.
Her mom arrived an hour later and they went
Even after an hour Niharika was not sure what to
buy . She had become huge so size was a major
She was not keen on trouser suits because Nikhil
had specified a dress.
Just then she found the mannequin wearing a
multicoloured short dress which was sleeveless
and had layers below . Though it was short well
above her knees but it didn’t emphasise on her
round belly .She tried it and her mom loved it.
“Darling may I ask you something?”
“Of course mom”
“Do you like Nikhil or do you love him?”
” I love him mom”
“And have I guessed right that he is the father of
the baby?”
” Yes mom He is the only man I have loved . No
one else has ever touched me”
” Does he know ?”
” That’s the problem . He thinks someone else is
the father?”
” What? Why didn’t you clear his misunderstandin
” I don’t know how to do it? I have left everything
on God .
Ummm Mom can we leave this topic and focus on
my dress instead.”
” Honey if you want I can speak with him”
” No mom let it be ”
” Ok as you say do dear ”
She bought the dress and a pair of flat sandals to
go along with it.
They had lunch together and then her mom
dropped her home.
Niharika got tired very easily these days so she
took s short nap.
She dreamt of Nikhil . He would come home and
find her irresistible in the dress . .
” Oh Niharika you are so beautiful and this dress
is giving me wicked ideas”, saying this he kissed
her. She pulled him towards her and kissed him
back .
Her hands were in his hair and soon his hands
were everywhere.
The dress had front zip. He kissed her again and
pulled the zip with his mouth . Then one by one
he caressed her breasts .
He licked them kissed them and made love to
them. This was too much for her.
” Nikhil I want you”
“I want you too darling but let me pleasure you
first. Saying this he lifted her dress and started
licking her most intimate part . She screamed in
. It was the most earth shattering orgasm he
gave her .
Then he gently entered her and came to his
She woke up abruptly .
It had all been an erotic dream . How Nikhil
affected her . Even in her dreams he was the
perfect lover.
It was seven o clock when Nikhil arrived to pick
her up for dinner . Niharika was looking stunning
in that dress . The plunging neckline hinted at her
breasts and he ached to touch them . Her
shapely legs were another attraction for him.
He wanted them tight around his waist when he
entered her .
” Niharika you look do gorgeous that I don’t want
to take you out . I don’t want other men to look
at you and desire you ”
” Nikhil I can say the same for you”
“Let’s appreciate each other later on when we
come backhome from dinner . Lets go ”
Tonight was special for him because he was
going to propose to her .
To be continued

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