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Love Again… Episode 28

Episode 28

Nikhil had proposed but before she could react
Niharika had to be rushed to the hospital.
He had never expected this reaction.
She was unconscious the whole way to the
hospital. He was worried for her and the baby.
He had started caring for the baby as if it was his
The doctors took her to the emergency and He
immediately called her mother.
After half an hour the doctors emerged from the
room and informed him that the baby had
changed his position so that is why she had felt
the pain. Though the baby was alright but the
danger was still there because her “amniotic
fluid” had started to leak.
If the leakage continued theywould have to
operate because the baby was dependent on the
fluid for its protection and nutrition.
There was a Ganesha idol in the hospital and
Nikhil was praying for Niharika when Niharika
mom entered with Ayush.
She saw Nikhil praying earnestly and she had
tears in her eyes . Now she was sure that he
loved her daughter.
” How is Niharika?” ayush asked.
” What does it matter to you ho w she is?
” Of course it matters . She is my friend.”
” Just a friend?”
” I had hoped for more but it was not meant to
be”, replied a dejected Ayush.
” Friend my foot . You were never their when she
needed you”Nikhil was getting angry.
” I can say the same for you Nikhil ” replied Ayush
getting angry himself.
Her mom could see that something was brewing
between them but she was not sure why they
were fighting.
” Can you two shutup . This is a hospital ”
” But mom he started the fight blaming me even
though I am not responsible ”
” How easy for you to say . You seduced her and
then discarded her after she became pregnant
with your child. You are a complete rascal”
saying this he punched Ayush.
Ayush. was stunned.
” I never laid a finger on her forget about seducing
her . She was pregnant when she came to
Suddenly he realised that maybe Niharika had left
for London because she was pregnant . In that
case the baby might be his.
He calculated that she was around 7 months
pregnant and he had met her in Singapore around
seven and a half month back .
The realisation dawned on him that he was the
He looked at Niharika,s mom questionably who
reaffirmed what he thought .
” Nikhil you are the father . Niharika told me and
you are the only one person she has ever loved
both physically and emotionally.
Now Nikhil was doubly stressed . Nothing could
happen to his wife yes he thought of Niharika as
his wife or his unborn daughter.
After a long wait the doctors pronounced both the
mother and child safe .
The leakage had stopped so there was no need to
Nikhil wanted to meet her and the doctor allowed
him as a special case.
“How is my sweet daughter?”
Nikhil entered her room and kissed her round
“Nikhil you are not going to ask about my health .
You are worried only for the baby?”
Nikhil was in a disheveled state . His shirt out of
the trousers and his hair uncombed as if he had
been very worried.
” I thought you loved me . You had proposed to
me . Do you remember that ?”
Nikhil teased her further ” But in another two
months I will have someone more beautiful than
you . So I have decided to wait before marrying
you ”
Niharika was confused . But before she could
react his lips had met hers and they were
devouring her . She kissed him back ferociously.
The doctor and her mom entered at the moment
and Niharika felt ashamed but Nikhil was
beaming .
“who can be more beautiful than my wife my
daughter of course”
” But I never said yes Nikhil ”
” I think I know how to persuade you darling”
saying this he placed the ring on her finger.
Her mother was very happy . Her daughter had
got her true love at last .
Ayush came inside carrying a box of chocolates
he had bought from a nearby shop and
congratulated them both.
Epilogue is next→

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