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Love Again… Episode 29

Niharika was feeling restless since morning. Nikhil had asked her before going to work and she had replied she was fine.
The last two months of her marriage had been like a dream. Nikhil had been so understanding and cooperative. He neva allowed her to lift a finger in the house . There were servants for everything but at dinner time no one was allowed to come because he would specially cook for her and then they would spend time together either reading books or watching movies together . And nights were getting more and more passionate everyday.
But he would ask her first if she wanted to make love. He had taught her so much about love that she felt she was the luckiest person alive .
Jiya and Sagar had come at her wedding but she had noticed that her husbands eyes no longer followed Jiya . He had eyes only for her .
Infact Jiya had told her that She and sagar had always secretly hoped that Nikhil and Niharika got together because they were meant for each other . Moreover now Jiya did not feel guilty for not loving Nikhil because Nikhil had got his true love.
Nikhil always told her he loved her . Not even a single day passed when he didn’t say “I love you ” to her .
He told her that he must have fallen for her in Singapore but he had nit realised that . Actually she was just the opposite of Jiya and he thought that he would always fall for Jiya type girls but Niharika was fircely independent and ambitious just the opposite . Hence he never realised that he had started loving her .
It was when he stayed with her in london and missed her on going back to India that he realised the extent of his feelings for her .
Niharika called her mom when she felt dine pain . Her mother arrived with Ayush. in fifteen minutes and immediately took her to the hospital .
She had called Nikhil on the way who was waiting for them at the hospital.
After ten crucial hours in the labour room where Nikhil was holding her hand and speaking soothing words NikitaGarg was born .
Their were tears in Nikhil eyes to see his bundle of joy . She was a healthy 3 pound baby fair complexion eyes like her mother but the distinctive Garg family nose and chin.
Niharika woke up to find a beaming Nikhil with his daughter in his hand . He kissed her forehead and told her mom ” Now life is perfect with the two most beautiful women in my life with me ”
Life was perfect for Niharika as well .
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(…Love comes in many ways,forms,stye
s,structures,shapes,figures,conditions etc in which ever way it locates you,
Always be ready to welcome it
into your heart and then start building‡‡ never put conditions first %%% niharika atlast convinced nikhil that love can happen again!!!
Wow thanks for reading^^^^^)

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Updated: June 14, 2019 — 5:22 am

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