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Love At First Chat… Bonus Episode

BONUS EPISODE(valentine special)
(14th feb,2019)
“The view from up here is magical.” Amaka said in
awe, looking down at the city of Paris. Hassan
wrapped an arm around her and pulled her closer to
him, making sure her belts were still strapped on
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“Truly magical.” He placed a soft kiss on her cheek,
before kissing her gently on the lips. The wind
rustled through her veil, making strands of her hair
fly out in all directions. She looked beautiful in her
denim trousers and wrap top.
Hassan had booked a helicopter ride with
Hélicoptère Helipass. They offered a magical tour in
the air above the Parc des Princes, Longchamp
racecourse, Versailles and the gardens of the Sun
King… and even the Eiffel Tower!
Amaka was excited to see the city from above. She
took pictures and made videos of the city from the
sky. She even made a mental note to herself to
upload them on Instagram later at night when they
retired to their hotel room.
“Are you excited to see what else I have planned for
us?” Hassan asked, then handed her a chocolate
“Overly excited!” Amaka beamed.
Thirty minutes later, they were strolling hand in hand
through the orchids at the Jardin des plantes.
“Do you love flowers?” Hassan asked, plucking a
single flower from the thousands that bloomed
around them.
“You know I do baby.” She replied, resting her head
on his shoulder.
“Close your eyes then.” He told her. Amaka let go of
him and closed her eyes with both her palms.
Hassan went down on one knee in front of her and
held the flower up. “Will you be my Valentine?”
Amaka opened her eyes and grinned widely. “You!
You’ve been acting so romantic lately, what’s up?”
Hassan groaned. “Can you not ruin the moment ma
chère?” Amaka chuckled and took the flower from
him, then held it up to her nose. She took a deep
breath in and made a satisfied moan.
“Yes my darling, I’ll be your Valentine.”
Hassan got up and pulled her into a hug, den
placed a kiss on her cheek.
“You’ve been kissing me too much lately too, not
like I’m complaining though.” Amaka said, then
kissed him on his cheek too. Hassan chuckled and
held her hand again, then continued to walk through
the orchids. When they got to the end of the farm,
a car was waiting to pick them up.
They got in and Hassan gave the driver a location.
The driver took them to the docks of Paris and
Hassan paid him, then asked him to wait for thirty
Hassan and Amaka got down and took a long walk
along the illuminated docks of Paris in an
atmosphere rocked by the soft rhythm of waves
and by the delicious melody of the violinists and
the pianists.
“I love this place — the view, the music, everything
is just perfect.” Amaka picked a rock and threw it
into the water.
“I’m glad you like it.” Hassan held her closely to his
side, then took a picture of the two of them.
“I’ll never stop thanking God for blessing me with
you as a husband.” Amaka said to herself, but
Hassan heard her. He tried to pretend he didn’t hear
her but a smile broke out on his lips.
“I could never ask for a better spouse than you
Amaka.” Amaka’s face reddened and she looked
“Hey, look at me.” Hassan laughed. Amaka pushed
him away from her and ran down the docks towards
where they had come from. Hassan shook his head
and ran after her. She was such a child.
He caught up with her and picked her up bridal
style. “And where do you think you’re running off to
my love?”
Amaka giggled in his chest and flailed her arms and
legs around. “Let me down Hassan. People are
Hassan leaned down and placed a kiss on her lips.
“So? Let them look.”
Amaka was flushed. Her cheeks were now as red as
a cherry tomato. Hassan took her back to the car
and put her inside, then got in beside her.
“All this PDA.” Amaka shook her head.
“Why? Go ahead and lie you aren’t enjoying my
attention.” Hassan teased.
“Shut up!” Amaka blushed and looked away.
On their way to the Kube frosted bar, they stopped
at Pont des Arts to leave a padlock with their
names on it.
“You know, this is really cliché.” Amaka chuckled.
“I thought you loved cliché.” Hassan raised a brow,
a small smile playing on his lips.
“I love cliché.” Amaka nodded.
They got back into the taxi and went to the Kube
frosted bar where they had delicious cocktails. It
was almost six in the evening by the time they were
done, so they went back to their hotel room.
On the bed, a red evening dress was placed neatly.
Beside it was a sexy lingerie and Amaka internally
groaned. She definitely wouldn’t be able to walk the
next day.
“Put this on babe, I’ll change into something else.”
Hassan told her.
“We need to shower before changing Mr.” Amaka
replied. She stripped off the clothes she wore
earlier and went into the bathroom, locking the door
behind her. Minutes after, Hassan tried to open the
door but it didn’t budge. Amaka giggled because she
knew he’d want to join her in the bathroom and if
he did, they wouldn’t be going out for dinner.
“You sneaky little…” He trailed off.
When Amaka finished, she dried her body and
opened the door. “You can have your bath babe, I’ll
be ready in no time.”
Hassan smacked her ass as she walked past him.
“Hassan!” Amaka jumped. She pushed him into the
bathroom and closed the door. “Keep it in your
pants Mr.”
By the time he finished showering, she had put on
her dress and was halfway done with her makeup.
Hassan put on a black tuxedo and sprayed his
favourite Armani perfume that made him smell like
a billionaire.
Amaka finished her makeup and turned to him.
“How’d I look?”
“As beautiful as ever.” Hassan got up and held out
his hand. “Shall we?”
“Yes we shall,darling”
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Thanks 4 d story,Amaka is very very lucky 2 have God fearing Hassan as her husband. Make God be with them all. Thanks once again.

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