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Love Against Obedience. {Season 2}… Episode 5

Season 2
Episode 5
Written by Morayomi.
Produced by Chorusman
Life has been so easy and more fun to me ever since i met kemi.
sola on the other side is still disturbing me to marry but i can’t just though i am already thinking of accepting him.
funmi, why can’t you just accept this guy and move on with him, this guy loves you‘’ kemi said while we are eating at the eatery.
hmmmm. you know what?i don’t know why i am having this feelings not to date him though i love him‘’ i said
maybe it bcuz you are still thinking about Chorus‘’ she said
i don’t think that is the reason why‘’ i replied shaking my head negatively
well, i don’t know if you are still in love with the dead‘’ she joked and i tried to pour the ice cream on her but unfortunately it went the wrong way and touched someone…

Yee.. you are in trouble‘’ kemi laughed and i got up to clear the mess i put myself, Lo and Behold! i saw the man i have been eager to see, the man that has made me know what love is called, the man that i have always love, the man that has my heart and the key to my heart, the man whom i have always love and would forever love him. The man whom i think is dead is standing in front of me and staring at me
erm..Cho….erm…..Chorus‘’ i stammered.
hey lady.. you can’t even say sorry and you are here calling me Chorus, it is not only Chorus, it is Solo‘’ the guy said angrily
Chorus, Chorus, it is me funmi, your sweetheart‘’ i said with a shaken voice already crying, kemi noticed what was happening and she stood up
funmi!what happened?‘’ she rushed to me asking
Chorus, Choris, don’t tell me you don’t know me anymore‘’ i said already on my knees
hey lady, you are already embarrassing me. am not Chorus, my name is Stephen‘’ the guy said and walked out
chorus Chorussssssss‘’ she screamed and kemi quickly carried her to her car
funmi try to control yourself, this guy told you he is not Chorus‘’ kemi said trying to calm her down
no kemi, that is Chorus, the guy i loved, am sure that is him‘’ i shouted
okay but he said he is stephen for goodness sake‘’ she shouted back at me
and i keep quiet until i got home


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Updated: June 25, 2019 — 2:19 pm

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