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Love Against Obedience. {Season 2}… Episode 6

Season 2
Episode 6

I saw Chorus, i know he is Chorus” funmi said immediately she got to the living room
funmi what happened?” her dad asked her immediately he heard her voice
Dad, i saw Chorus” she answered
you saw who?wha?where?how manage?”he asked
yes sir, we saw a guy who looked like Chorus” kemi explained, but the guy insist he is not Chorus that he is stephen but funmi insists on seeing Chorus”
funmi my dear, Chorus is dead” her dad said but she cuts him off
noooo, nooo, no dad, my Chorus is not dead” she shouted with tears dropping from her eyes
okay, kemi take her to her room” her dad said and kemi took her to room, her dad pick up his phone and make a strange call saying
he is alive,who ask you to spare his life? make sure u finish the work i gave you or meet me at our usual joint” he said and hanged up
I saw her, the girl i have always wonder if i can see her again, the girl i have always love and dream about, here i saw her standing in front of me, i saw her beautiful face and dazzling skin.
erm…Cho….erm…Chorus” she said to me but i was unable to tell her i am Chorus she loved, i had to hide my identity, i just have to deny her
Chorus, pls wait, please Chorus” i heard her cried out but i cant tell her how much i have missed her, i walked out of the eatary and went home, i settled to eat the food i brought from the eatery
I woke up the next day with a heavy headache ,
ouch” i yelled while standing up, i slept off yesterday while thinking about Chorus. And thank God today is sunday, i will not have to go to work today. i got up from the bed and i went downstairs, suprisingly shola has already got here, i guess my dad told him about what happened.
Good morning Dad” i greeted
Oh funmi you are awake?” the gov son asked and i nodded my head positively,
i heard you saw someone who look like Chorus” Shola asked,
no i saw chorus” i corrected him.
no chorus is dead, i confirmed it myself” my dad said from where he sat
no dad, the person i saw is Chorus, i can feel it when i touched h……” shola cuts her short
can you just shut up? okay, what if Chorus is not dead? are you going to leave me for that animal?” shola asked and funmi slapped him
don’t you dare, i mean don’t you dare call Chorus an animal again” she fired angrily
what the heck is wrong with you funmi?what is the problem with you and Chorus?you slapped your husband to be coz of a dead maid?”her father asked angrily standing up from where he sat
all i know is Chorus is not dead” she said and walked out


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Updated: June 26, 2019 — 12:50 pm

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