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Love Against Obedience. {Season 2}… Episode 7

Season 2
Episode 7

i told you to just kill him” funmi dad said on the phone
okay, bye” he said and hanged up.
Funmi heard him mentioned the word kill but she do not know who her dad wants to kill.
my dad?kill?who is he trying to kill?” she said silently.
her phone rang and the caller turned out to be kemi
hello kemson” she said immediately she picked the call
okay, wait for me there” she said and hanged up the call.
what are you doing here?” she asked as soon as she got there
hmmmm…. just to forget some of my worries” kemi replied
hello, excuse me” a voice said and as they turned to look back the voice turned out to be Chorus
erm…sorry not you guys” Chorus said looking suprised and scared, as he turn to leave funmi hold him by his right hand
wait..Chorus, i know this is you” she said but Chorus removed her hand from his forcefully
what are you talking about ma’m? do u want to embarrassed me here again?” Chorus asked looking around
sorry, i think i have to avoid being embarased “as he made to leave again funmi words made him stopped
is this what you called love?
The love that makes me cry?
The love that made me wait?
The love that made me think all hope is gone?” she said but Chorus keep moving
This isn’t what you promised me,
You promised to standby me,
We promised to fight this battle together,
We promised not to give up on each other,
We promise to always guide and protect our love.
Is this all what you met?
Is this all the happiness and joy you promised to give?” funmi said meanwhile Chorus has already stopped and he has started crying while kemi on the other hand is busy watching the scenario
you promise to stay with me. is this how u are going to leave without leaving a word?
Do u know how hard it was to survive without you,
Are u just going to leave me alone here without any word?…..” Chorus turned and kiss her, she responded to the kiss and everybody in the park all clapped.
I am the Chorus you loved” Chorus said in tears.
I have been dying to hear your voice and feel your touch once again,
I have always want you by my side.
I am so sorry for leaving you all by yourself since all this days,
I promise not to leave you again”
Chorus said holding her hands and looking at her straight in the eyes.
hmmmm…. someone is here” kemi said and they both turned to look at her hummm..
This is kemi my friend and my manager” funmi introduce with her shaken voice
your manager?” Chorus asked looking suprised.
yes” i am the CEO of my father’s company now” she said and they all laughed.
What? he kissed my dayghter?
where?how?where are they now?
Do you know what? i want Chorus dead in the next 24 hours.” he said and hanged up the call


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Updated: June 26, 2019 — 1:20 pm

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