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Love Against Obedience. {Season 2}… Episode 8

Season 2
Episode 8
Written by Morayomi
Produced by Chorusman
Chorus took me to his apartment and i ask kemi to go home
Chorus what happened?why did you run away from me ?” funmi asked as soon as they sat on the bed
hmmm….. funmi, it a long story.” Chorus explained
your dad sent me on an errand to go and give something to one of his friends, i didn’t know that plave was so far that night met me there, as soon as i got to that vicinity, someone jumped out from the bush and shot me on the leg. I tried to fight back but he held me by the neck and whisper something to my ear” Chorus explained
and what is that?” i asked
he said i should get out of this country” Chorus replied
why?why would he say so?what does that mean?” i asked myself
i don’t really know but i think they tried to kill me because of you and that was why i decided to let go of you”
so you mean you are going to allow that shola win over you?”
yes, i guess so” Chorus replied almost immediately
okay, i will start going now” i said and stood up
but i don’t think i can leave you” i said and peck him
okay, but i don’t think this game is going to be save anymore” Chorus said and stood up
i know and i promise to fight this together with you” i said and hugged him.
i was on my way home together with Chorus when a car suddenly stopped beside us and what i heard last was a gunshot.

A car stopped beside us and i heard a gunshot, i looked beside me and i saw my queen on the floor, bleeding profusely and shaking
ahhhh funmi, funmi” i carried her on my lap
cCho…..Cho…..Chorus..….me” she said and fainted
i called a taxi and we rushed her to the hospital, i searched her bag and i saw her phone and luckily, the phone was not locked and i called kemi.
After some minutes kemi rushed in crying and shaking.
ahhhh, Oh Lord don’t let me lose my friend” kemi said hitting her laps.
calm down kemi, she will be fine” i consoled her even though i am not even feeling well at all
i pray so ooo Chorus i pray so” she said and after 2 hours the doctor came out from theatre
doctor, how is she” i asked and the doctor covered his eyes


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