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Dangerous Romance… Episode 43

My eyes fluttered open and I saw pen looking at me with a worried look.
“thank God, you’re awake” she said and kissed my forehead. “what happened” I asked and my eyes dart to the other person in the room. Liam.
“you passed out all of a sudden, I was complete shock, I didn’t know what to do I was in complete shock, but then he showed up and helped me wake you up and then called him.” pen said and her eyes dart to my back and I sat up and turned to see a man, he looked so matured and I arched my brows at him.
“I’m doctor Jim,” he smiled at me but my eyes went back to Pen I still feel pretty weak though but but not like before.
“can you tell him to leave?” I tell pen. “but he’s a doct…
“please” I added and she sighed,
“okay doctor Jim can I talk to you outside” pen smiled at him and the doctor nodded while they both walked out of my room with me watching them.
“so how you feeling?” Liam asked me.
“useless” I replied.
“wow, that’s pretty deep” he laughed while I glared at him.
“I’m supposed to be the strong one here not Pen” I said and he shrugged
“things happen you know, but what I don’t really understand is that you don’t get sick easily and now you’re sick to the extent it made you pass out, dont tell me you ate it drank something that’s making you like this” Liam said and I paused and remembered yesterday, I met with Allen and we both had a drink together,, he even ordered the drink from the bar, so I don’t think he could slipped anything in my drink.
Just then pen Walked in and my eyes turned to her
“okay Leo be safe, I’m gonna head out now” Liam said and I nodded while he waved at pen before walking out.
Pen sat down beside me and held my hand. “you’re going to be fine, doctor Jim told me that and he diagnosed you with fever but I don’t think that’s it cause he prescribed this drugs” she said and moved a bunch of pills in front of us and picked one up a particular one.. “and this” she breathed out her fingers rubbing the small cylinder plastic bottle she held.
“this is not for fevers, I’ve seen this before, it’s for poison..” she said looking at the pill bottle sternly.
“don’t tell me you were poisoned” she quickly gasped turning to me
“I wasn’t” I tell her.
“then why would Jim prescribe this pill for you?” she asked
“I don’t know” I shrugged, I was cautious and would know if I Was poisoned. “if possibly you were poisoned, you’re taking this pill instantly” she said removing the bottle cap. And I smiled, she do cares.
I took the pills and put her at ease, I laid on the bed and she laid beside me, and her two hands hugged my arm. “please don’t fall sick” she mumbled
“I won’t, I promise” I chuckled.
We both stayed quiet and I slowly let my hand smoothen her hair and she laughed a bit.
“what?” I asked and she moved her head to look at me.
“stop it, you’re making me feel sleepy” she smiled.
“then go ahead and fall asleep” I tell her.
“but I’m supposed to be watching over you” she mumbled and scooped closer to me.
“see that’s where you’re wrong, even if I’m sick I’ll always be there to watch and protect you”
“don’t be so sure of yourself”.
“you keep saying that, and you know what. I am sure of myself and I’ll forever be okay.” I said and rubbed her cheek while she laughed, I continue to smooth her hair and her before I knew it I began to hear her light and girly snores, she’s asleep.
I smiled as I stared at her sleepy face that held no emotion and I kissed her lips lightly, I am going to love and protect every bit of her cause she’s mine and no one else’s.
ΦΦΦΦ Richard’s pov ΦΦΦΦ
I was at home alone, as usual for the past few days, Olivia hasn’t been talking to me since, after her confession I didn’t know why I didn’t get the idea that she’s in love with me. I wish I can love her back but I can’t force my heart, I still love Pen.. I guess. I’m not even sure of my heart. I sighed and laid my head on the arm of my couch and sighed heavily, my house’s messy and I think I have the strength to make it clean. I feel empty and lonely, I’ve been busy chasing Pen who doesn’t want me anymore and chased away Olivia who managed to love me for my stupid ways. I deserved her ignorance, I kind of missed her though, she’s a good person and yet I toyed with her feelings. I’m such a prick.
I heard the doorbell but I was feeling too down to get it. But I finally got my butt off the couch and head for the door. I opened the door and was surprised to see Olivia, like really surprised. Cause after confessing and crying to me I tried to explain some things to her but she wouldn’t listen to any words I had to say. She said I should get lost and she’ll never ever want to see me or meet someone like me ever again and now I’m just so surprised that she’s here.
“hey, won’t you let me in” she said calmly and held her small hand bag firmly.. “ in” I said and opened the door wider while she walked in.
I closed the door and turned to her.
She looked around my room and turned to me, “your room’s a mess” she Said “I know I can see that” I said.
“well good thing I’m here” she said with a bounce and dropped her handbag on the couch and right in front of my eyes she started to arrange my apartment.. “where should this clothes go” she asked as she held piles of my clothes.
“Olivia, you don’t need to he–
“hey I’m the one doing the chores not you and I’m not complaining, so tell me where should this clothes go” she asked in a bossy tone…
“in there” I said and pointed to a basket in my lobby. “hmm” she smiled, and walked away.
She carefully placed them beside the beside the basket and start to fold them and place them in the basket, I just watched her as she made my messy room a living place again and after she was done, she breathed out a “finally” and plopped on the couch. “come sit” she said and tapped the empty space beside her and I obliged to her gesture and sat down beside her, but not too close.
“you must be wondering why I’m here right?” she said and I nod lightly as she glance at me.
“well to cut things short, even though I did say mean things to you about hating you and never want to see you again. I did mean it then but I still just can’t do without you and it’s killing me” she said staring at the floor.
She’s way too straight forward.
“I love you and you know that, and well..well I know that you love Pen, but she doesn’t love you, she’s with Leo Now, they’re together, are you still going to force yourself on her?” Olivia said, her voice changing and I suddenly prayed she doesn’t cry.
“I know it’s hurting you that I still have something for Penn, and I can’t do anything I’ll have to wait for my heart to turn to you” I tell her and she quickly turned to me.
“then I’ll wait, I’ll wait for you anytime, even if it takes a hundred years” Olivia squeaked and I kind of flinched on the inside by her words
“but what if it doesn’t turn to you?” I asked.
“then you’ll make that happen” she said and then stood up.
“Richie.. I haven’t felt like this before and I don’t want this feeling to die cause loving someone is the sweetest feeling of all time, even if you don’t return the love, I want to see you everyday, I want to hold you, I want to cook for you and I want to love you even more” she said and I sighed softly, this girl is something else.
“just how much do you love me” I asked standing up and immediately she turned. “so much than you could ever think of” .
“do you want us to date?” I asked.
“yeah, but.. I. .. Why all of a sudden I thought you didn’t have anything for me, why would you want to date me?” I asked.
“cause I.. cause I’m flattered that you opened up and tell me how you feel, and it’s rare seeing someone love you so much, and I don’t want that to go to waste, even if I don’t feel anything for you now, I’ll Learn to love you Olivia cause you’ve given me so much and it’s the least I can do” I said, and mean it. This is an opportunity for me to love again, cause Pen’s gone and I have to move on, I don’t think I can find someone like Pen and neither can I find someone who’ll love me so much like Olivia and be sure about it, so why not be with her.
“oh my goodness Richie, that means so much to me” she said and hugged me tightly.
My hands slowly moved up and wrapped around her body. She quickly pulled away from the hug and stood on her toe, kissing me. I hesitated for a second and finally let go before reciprocating.
ΠΠΠ Leonard’s pov ΠΠΠ
I laid on the bed still feeling weak with pen on the bed with me, she’s been sleeping for hours and I’ve been awake watching her even though I’m sleepy myself, I just couldn’t sleep cause it feels like closing my eyes it kind of feels like she’s going to disappear.
I tried to stand up but I couldn’t my body felt heavy and I started to feel hot, I pressed my weight on my hand and managed to sit up, shaking pen a bit and immediately she waked up. She’s such a light sleeper, at least we both have something in common.
“oh.. I can’t believe you let me fall asleep” she muffled in her palms and then moved her hair back. She turned to look at me..
“are you okay?” she asked me.
“I’m just feeling a little gloomy and hot on the inside” I replied and she smiled a bit.
“then the pill you took earlier is working, that’s the side effect” pen said.
“how did you know all this?” I asked.
“cause I’m smart” she said playfully and got down from the bed, she looked around for a wall clock and found one..
“oh, it’s late, do you want me to make dinner?” she asked
“it’s okay, I’m not hungry” I said.
“well you have to eat cause you’ll need to take your pills, I don’t want anything to happen to you Leo, not when I’m still breathing” she said and it sweetened my heart.
“okay, I’m hungry all of sudden” I said and she laughed.
“oh well I better start cooking— or, actually there’s still some left overs from breakfast I’ll microwave that and be right back.”.
“but you just woke up, shouldn’t you rest?”
“I’m a woman Leo, and women don’t rest, unlike harmony I’m way responsible.”
“oh really?” I smiled and she nods.
“you’re not only responsible, you’re unique, beautiful, special, you’re one of a kind Penelope. And I love you” I said and she paused and her little smile brightened. “I’m… I’m.. I’ll.. I go make your dinner” Penn stammerd and I smiled at her shyness as she walked out.
** **
Penn came back into the room with a tray in her hand. “here.. Your dinner is served” she said lively and dropped it in front of me.
“you’re amazing” I tell her
“I know” she primped and laughed.
“go on and start eating or your food will get cold”
I carried the spoon and was about about to dip it in his meal but suddenly dropped it. “what’s wrong” she asked.
“I can’t seem to lift up my spoon” I lied “feed me” I continued and she scoffed. “are you kidding me! I can tell when you’re lying Leo”
“I’m not, if you really care about me you’ll do as I say” I said giving her sad eyes.
“you’re such a child” she stated and grabbed the spoon, “open up, cause I’m going spoon full”
I smiled and opened my mouth while she shoved the spoon inside and let out a hysterical laugh.
“this is so weird” she laughed
“what’s so weird about feeding me” I said mouth full..
After eating I took my pills still with pen being all caring and I couldn’t hold on the joy that filled my heart when Penelope said she’s having a sleepover to ‘watch over me’ since I’m still not feeling better. We both talked about a lot of things, I was still feeling weak but Pen’s company made my spirit alive.
That night we both slept peacefully I haven’t slept so well since I was born.
The next morning, I woke up with the sun on my face, my body weakness increased and I was feeling so hot on the inside, I touched my side and noticed pen wasn’t on the bed with me, I forced myself to sit and found a sheet of paper on the bed instead and I picked it up and what I saw really gave me a fright??..
On the paper it said.
//I’ve gotten your girl since you failed to give me what I asked for, and Now you can’t or will have her back or you agree to what I’m asking you, and I don’t think you’ll be able to get her since you’re all weak and useless, it was nice of me to poison you, in such a short period of time, you are so dumb you didn’t realise I did poison you, while you’re being weak and useless I’ll be the one enjoying your girl, you’ll regret ever turning me down. . . ‘Allen//
I threw the paper and gritted my teeth, how dare he.!!!
T. B. C

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