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Dream. {Season 2}… Episode 26

(As long as you love me //
chidinma Jerry mba
[Star – queen] #season_2_EPISODE_26 .
Nana tried standing when finally a lecturer walked in.
“Everyone should depart from the school environment..the school has entered an unplanned break. Everyone has to go apart from does in School hostels”he said.
All the students rushed into her car and I helped nana stand up.
“I can’t let this happen,tasha Wont win.I am not a looser”nana said and entered her car I rushed after her.
I removed my hand from Bryans mouth
“You are more shy than i thought”he said.
I smiled and looked down at my shoes.
I carefully tucked my hair into my ear as i looked at him.
I feel cold
I don’t like Friday lets cold in.
Lucky for idols,they don’t wear uniform.
I looked at Bryan the red he wore , red suits him. He looked pretty and also tied his hair up and used a red band to hold the fringes.
His hair is so attractive ..tempting to touch
He wore a black slipper with a black trouser.
Then one red stonned finger ring..he likes rings.
Then two little ear rings..very little but sparkling.
A gold necklace which was deeped into his top.
He moved his hair behind with his fingers and sent his hand back to to the steering again.
How can someone have so much attitude and style.
flame to to you
love you love you..oh my survival
oh this storm ..oh this storm
He sang quietly…while smiling to himself.
This is an indian song..
Did he watch the movie?
I smiled and tucked my hair into my ear
oh I promise, once again.
I will love you…i will love you, i will love you,oh my survival.
I smiled…what a voice jeez.
He looked at me I smiled and looked out the window he chukled.
He tapped me I turned
I will love you, i will love you, i will love you .. oh my survival
He sang to me.
i tried holding my smile I couldn’t I hastily looked away
He stopped driving.
flame to fire…me to deya,
i will love you oh my survival,I will love you oh my survival.
I turned and looked at him quietly.
I closed my mouth which was open
Did he just say me to deya
me to deya
I lifted my eye in shock
Me to deya?
I looked at him again.
Me to deya heart started beating loudly again.
I took a deep breath as i raised my hands to my heart.
Me to deya..
I smiled and looked out the window.
He took a white jacket from behind and covered me well I smiled as I held it well.
“Kumawo”i said and bowed as i wore the jacket well.
“So won’t you call your dad?”Bryan added.
“Yes..I almost forgot”i said as i brought out my phone.
He smilee
“UHmmm Appa”I said as i placed the phone to speak out
“Deya where are you…aren’t you getting late”he asked
“Oh well…I met my boss and he.–
“From s-square?”he asked
“Yes”I said
“Good because I had been begging you to start work”he said Bryan looked at me and i hastily removed by phone from speak out…he smiled and I dropped the call.
“Your dad..uhmmm is he ok now”Bryan asked
I nodded
“Are stil cold?”he asked
“Nooooo”i said
he nodded
I will love you ..I will love you..I will love you, oh my deya.
My eye widened again.
Why is he spoiling the song with my name.
So sweet
I packed my hair and sat well.
Bryans pov
She gets so nervous it makes me want to just kiss her.
Kiss her for one hour.
Tell deya how you feel
how will she react?
She is too naive..will she agree to have a boyfriend..
Ahhhhhhhhhhh be my girlfriend already
Can she date Me with all the respect.
I don’t even know how to be formal or laugh..even talking too much makes me sick.
But am doing all this so deya can finally get formal with me.
At least the way she is with jeremy is ok for starters right
And i kissed deya by mistake
“Sir …what did you do?”
“deya… I like you”
“Huuuh…well i–“she runs away.
Hahahahaha what an Angel.
I looked at her as she looked out the window.
Her both hands had been on her school skirt for know dream highs skirt is short.
It’s not like i want to look but that hand is blocking my view.
Crazy me.
She likes disturbing her hair..ahhh why did she pack it..I don’t like that.
I gently sent my hand to her hair and removed the band she turned with her mouth open.
Her hair slapped her face she moved it behind as she took her lips into her mouth.
I smiled..she smiled and hastily faced the mirror again
No matter how nervous you get tonight…I really want to hear your voice.
“Tell me about your family?”i asked
She looked at me and smiled then she nodded
Uhmmm Lydia is my step mom..she is very wicked”she said
“Oh wicked,”i said with serious face
“Sir you should ask rose..I can’t belive that woman. I actually stay awake all night working for her. my mum, well you know she left too sir”she said
I nodded
“I don’t have family in my house I have family in my friends. Rose, hana, Haley, min ah, jeremy..and Everyone else who had been close to me.
I nodded
“You too are my family too”she said in a smile as she tucked her pretty hair into her ear.
Hearing her makes me whole.
I hear it deep down in my being.
“Uhmm tell me a bored already”i said she smiled
“Oh should I?”she asked I nodded.
“Ok. once upon a time..a girl was asked to marry a lion”she said
I smiled
“Lion? Deya that’s scary”I said
“ was a frog..sorry” she said
“Oh ok”i added
“The girl didn’t agree at first but after the frog begged the mother the girl agreed”she said
“Ohhh she must be stupid”I said
“Oh really stupid sir, you need to see what happened to her”she said and pressed her hand together I smiled.
She doesn’t know how much i enjoy this.
When she finally forgets her carriage and gets free with me…she doesn’t know how much i enjoy those few moments
“Oh ok..” I said
“After their wedding the frog went about his work of filling up yams in the soil…at some point it got much so she Told him to stop packing the yam”she said and raised her hand I smiled…God I love the way she talks…
“Am sure the stupid frog won’t listen”i said.
“Arent men stupid,”she said
“Animal men..sorry animal men sir”she said I smiled.
“He picked a yam and hit her leg Playfully, just for fun. just like this”she said and used her phone to hit me I cracked.
she smiled.
I nodded.
“I understand..don’t hit me again…I have fever”i said
“But sir you understand the kind of hitting I mean..playful hitting, just like this”she said in a happy smile as she used her phone to hit me again.
“I understand”I said
“Do you understand?”she asked as she lifted her phone again
“I Do..very well..very well”I said.
“So she wanted to hit him back just for fun too but she forgot that the husband wasn’t human too. She hit him back and he died..the in-laws blamed her”she smiled
I smiled
“Nice story”i said.
“Sir what did you learn?”she asked.
“Never marry a frog”i said.
I know she will hit —
“But that’s not the lesson”she said and hit me I smiled.
I got used to that.
I fall in love with everything about you deya.
“Soryy”she said and looked at the window.
I drove past and her interest was still there.
She tried looking back.
Ahhh that school bag is pretty.
I really want to save up for a new bag but now dad wont release my salary.
I cant belive he listened to my story.
I smiled as I looked out the window.
Bryan suddenly turned the car over and went back to the store.
“Sir do you need something?”i asked.
He nodded.
He walked out and he opened the door for me I walked out and he dragged me inside with one hand.
I smiled as I looked around.
“Sir what do you want to buy?”I said
He moved about the store.
My eye was just on the bag.
“Deya do you want anything?”he asked
I looked around and someone collected the bag.
I smiled
“No..nothing”I said
He nodded and we both walked out.
I tried turning he gently dragged Me back and pulled me into the car.
My eye widened
“Close your eyes”he said
I shaked my Head in disagreement
“No”I said
“I will kiss you then, if you don’t”he said I tried moving but he really trapped me to his car
He smiled
“Close them”he said
I shaked my head disagreement.
He looked down and looked at my shoes
He smiled and looked left then he moved closer to me.
my eye widened the more
He looked at my eye and moved over I hastily closed my eye tight he kissed my cheek I smiled with my eye closed he chukled.
“Open”he said i opened them
“Tada”he said and lifted the bag I smiled as I took it with both hands like i caught a diamond.
He smiled and deeped something into his pocket.
“Thank you” i said
He nodded
I smiled as we entered the car.
I carried the bag and wrapped my arms around it like a baby
Bryan was looking at me,i smiled and he looked away.
I wore the bag In the car as i looked out the window.
“So you like it?”he asked
“Yes”I said
“Tell me when you need anything deya or better still…here”he said and handed me his credit card.
“But”I said
“Just keep’s a spare..anything you want just get it a car..I really want you to have anything you need”he said
“But” …
I nodded and took it
I won’t even use his money
“What’s the password sir?”i asked.
“Deya” he said my eye widened
“Why?”I asked
“Uhhhhhhhhhh well…since you will use it I chose something you won’t forget”he said.
I nodded as i looked at my bag in a smile.
Deya to me
I can’t forget that line he sang.
“Sir will you tell me a story I will tell my friends?”i asked .
He smiled and looked out the window
“Should I?”he asked
I nodded
“Okaaaaaaay” he said and cleared his throat.
I smiled
“So once upon a time..once up–thats how they start it right?”he asked with a frustrated face.
I nodded
“Uhmmm this is a story someone told me” he said.
I nodded
“So there was a bird..the bird uhmmm he likes drinking water”Bryan said I started laughing he frowned.
“Well Truthfully, I don’t know how its done deya”he said I smiled.
Diego called him so he sent it into the car
“Sir”he said
“Come to s-square…Daniella arrived”Diego said.
“I told you i won’t do that commercial”Bryan said
“4 minutes”Diego said he nodded
He drove off
“I really need a break”he mouthed to himself
I smiled.
Soon he arrived at square we both rushed in.
We walked into a room Diego walked out
“Oh hy deya”Diego said and tried hugging me Bryan shifted me.
“Diego you are late..quickly go”Bryan said and shifted him he smiled
“Lets go”Bryan said.
I nodded we walked in
“Bryan don’t take strangers into the recording room”the d.j said.
Diego tapped him he closed his mouth.
I and Bryan walked in.
It was beautiful and made of glass.
A white chair was in there where a girl sat.
Then two chairs where facing the d.j and Diego.
There was a standing Mike connected to a recorder.
A girl who was on the she was hot.
Pretty..she even had a tattoo on her leg.
“Bryan introduce yourselves and save our time”Diego said.
She stood up and moved her hair behind.
I carefully moved over and sat down on the white chair.
“Uhmmm hy,am Dad owns the commercial he wants us to sing the cover for” she said..
Bryan nodded and moved his finger into his hair..he didn’t touch her hand.
She got embarrssee as she took her hand back.. Nd cleared her throat.
Diego frowned.
“Bryan just say–.
“Uhmmmm am Bryan, sorry… nice meeting you .. can we uhmm..lets just sing” he said she smiled happily as she sat beside him.
I smiled as I watched them.
Ohhh am going to be bored.
.I looked around.
“Bryan are you ready”Diego said
deya come take a gum if you are bored bryan texted me I smiled.
I looked at him
“Should I?”I whispered
He nodded
I stood up the girl looked at me
He turned the chair and faced me
I smiled as he took my hand and dropped something then he closed it
He faced forward
I smiled and wore my my bag well..then i opened my hand..the gum fell down but what
I used both hands to cover my mouth
A diamond necklace.
I stood there in shock as Bryan and the girl started singing.
The girl has a nice voice
I forced myself to sit down.
she smiled happily…she was really honored to sing with him.
After a while they where done Bryan rushed out she held his hand.
Diego turned down the curtain so he won’t see what was happening in here.
Bryan looked at his hand and she left it for him
“Miss”he said
“Meeting some other time,it’s possible right?”she said in a seductive smile
Bryan smiled and lifted me up.
“Sorry am occupied”he said as he held my waist.
my eye widened.
The girl walked out and he hastily closed the door like someone was chasing him.
I shifted away and he pulled me into him again.
I looked around.
He smiled and took the necklace from me then He turned me to my back.
I steadied by force.
“Sir”I said
He moved my hair and locked the necklace round my neck.
I hastily bowed and tried moving he dragged me back again.
I looked at the chair ..I didn’t turn to his face i just wondered what he was looking at in my back until he hugged me tight from behind.
I was shocked..always shocked.
I tried moving but he held me firmly.
Ahhhhhh why is he recently getting like this.
“Deya”he said
“Sir”I replied
“The reason why I am getting like this…I will tell you now” he said and turned me over to my front.
I smiled and nodded

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