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Dream. {Season 2}… Episode 27

(As long as you love me //
chidinma Jerry mba
[Star – queen] #season_2_EPISODE_27
“Oh will you tell me now”I said as i looked down at his hand and watched him brush it into my waist from behind ….
I felt butterflies as he brushed softly along the side of my waist.
I removed my eye from his hand and looked at him in the face.
He looked at me and smiled
“I don’t know if I can talk but I really hope you understand” he said and pressed into my waist softy then gently pulled closer..
my eye widened as he moved closer to my lips …
I hastily closed my eye as i felt his breath close to me.
Suddenly..The door opened.
I opened my eye and Bryan smiled then took his lips into his mouth as he carefully withdrew.
He turned and it was Diego.
I bowed.
“Deya will you wait outside.. He is coming” Diego said I nodded and looked at my hand until Bryan finally let me go.
I ran out.
My heart was beating fast.
Did he want to kiss me.
Noo nooo Noo thats not possible.
Noooooooooo I am not class.
Dont forget that…don’t dream, don’t imagine..don’t wish deya ….
Diego’s pov
Isn’t this the kid that told me he wasn’t in love.
Ahhhhhhh Bryan don’t hurt yourself anymore
“What where you doing”I asked him
He fell back on the couch
“Nothing… just stuff” he said and looked to the left side.
“Bryan what I saw wasn’t nothing”I said
He nodded and looked up at me.
“I want to be with deya”he said.
“You know thats not–
“I know thats difficult,i know that it will affect you if it goes wrong…that’s mostly why I chose to ignore these feelings. I chose to ignore the fact that I love her.but I want to be with her all the time I can’t control it..I never felt this way before. I enjoyed my life before but after meeting deya and falling for her I realised how lonely my life was. my life is lonely Diego.
I have no one to call my own in reality. there is no one else my heart feels peace with.
I have only her and I want to be with her so badly.”He said
“Bryan alot of things are still hanging..
“I know and I really want to wait but…
the way I am being around her its confusing her too.
She is not used to all this and I keep confusing her emotions because I just want her in my arms every second.
I want to feel her next to me and sometimes I forget that she’s not mine and I end up doing this things and Puting her in shock.
So right now I want to tell her.
I need her to know why I do all these..i also need to know how she feels about me too..huh ” He said
“Bryan I wont, I am never letting you date again.never!” i said and picked my phone
“Come on”…
“You too come on,’no dating policy’did you forget that?”I said
“But you let me date nana” he said and rolled his eye at me.
“I let you because I had no choice. I found out when you guys had already gone deep into the relationship am not a monster to break that.
But I remember that i warned you guys not to date before you even knew the meaning of love but you don’t listen to me, i would have helped you avoid that heart break. You committed to much into nana and that was why it pained you most.. now where did it land you..”I said
“Oh Now you are saying the truth. it’s not even about the policy’s about Kim nana”he said
“Its not about nana its about you.Bryan I want you to fall in love again but not this soon.
you are too emotional,you are way too emotional and another girl toiling with your feelings will kill you.
Should I remind you of the kind of pain you went through because of nana.
You started hating girls
You stopped living
You cost square a lot of money because of all the competition and collaborations you avoided with girls.
I lied so much that my mouth started paining while covering up for you to your dad
Now you want to start again?”I said
“Deya is not like that”he said
“I know,but nana was innocent at first too right.
Until she got exposed..
am not saying I don’t trust deya, I Do. But Girls are still girls in a way.
nationals is getting closer and you know how big this competition is.
This is dreames biggest goal for this year.
And also the biggest challenge as well as biggest exposure deya is going to face.
I mean nana was born rich but exposure still influenced her character now what about deya who was born poor huh?”I said.
“Diego we both know deya is not like that..I know you just want to spoil my mind.” he said.
“Fine but what about you Bryan …
You know your character as much as i do.
deya will get exposed, She will meet girls who have voices better than she does from different places.
She will meet guys who are hotter than you. forget that most handsome idol award you won,more handsome guys are everywhere.
She will get exposed
She will mix up and she will change.
And all these will happen even before the actual competition.
Now you Bryan, you are a jealous person.
You are easily annoyed.
Did I forget to say that you are jealous person
You make hasty and stupid decisions when you are upset.
You don’t think twice when you are confused.
Can you cope?
What if something happens, you get angry and boom you drop deya.
Boom you get emotionally affected that you can’t sing again.
Boom you ruin this show for s-squares. what will happen then” I said
“Diego I have not a jealous person and I Wont ruin this competition” he said.
Waaaaaaaaat who changed..
“Why didn’t you do glamour stars competition.”I asked
“Well…that was” he cleared his throat
“You walked out of 7.4billion won because you saw nana hugging a guy back stage..and it later turned out to be her cousin.
I had to lie to your dad that you fell this crazy boy”I said and threw a book at him.
He smiled.. and picked it
“Should I continue listing?”I said
“I know, I know how bad my habit is but I really want to be with deya, if I lose deya I might just die this time around” he said.
“I can’t let you date now..
I know you Better than you know yourself” I said.
“Diego you are breaking my heart. I am human too i have desires for crying out loud.
if you annoy me I will go into women this time around” he said.
“You are free. its not against your policy, you are just the one who decided not to. Alwlays be protected” I said.
He scoffed
“You know Franco is not this hard on jeremy right “he said
“Jeremy is out of his no dating policy and he didn’t commit. I agree he played around so feel free to follow his footsteps I don’t care but do not commit bryan” I said.
“Come on pleassss..I thought you were my dad”he added.
I ran away.
You don’t know the kind of eye Bryan has.
Dont ever let bryan beg you for something and look into your eye.
You will give in.
That kid can convince Christ to come.
He better keep wearing lenses.
Wait why am I getting emotional and suddenly pitying them.
I know what I am trying to avoid..its big.
I shouldn’t fall for Bryan’s eyes no.
Ahhhhhhh Diego stand firm..don’t let them date.
Odeya ..♡♡♡..♡♡♡
Bryan walked out and I bowed he smiled that was when I noticed he wasn’t wearing the lenses anymore.
Why did those lenses fall off
Was he crying?
What did Diego say to him.
Why did he hurt him now.
I looked at him and he smiled…at least am happy I can see his eye.
“Uhmmm that’s the car”he said as he brushed his fingers into his face I ran after him and we walked into the car
He removed the bands from his hair.
And dropped them.
Woow I didn’t even know his hair had this much length..
He brushed it behind with his finger then hid his face in his hand.
He is sad…I wish I could brighten his mood.
“Uhmmm Lets go”he said and lifted his face.
I nodded and locked the door.
“Uhmmm the thing you wanted to say?”I asked
“I will tell you, I will surely tell you “he said
I nodded.
He drove offf…soon he drove past the road side seller..
“Sir stop” I said
“Huh”he stopped
I opened the door and ran out he walked out and leaned on his car.
I rushed towards the woman..I smiled as I looked at the grilled meat neatly arranged in attractive sticks Bryan smiled.
“How much is it?”I asked
“That handsome boy with golden hair..Is he your boyfriend?”she asked
I looked at Bryan
“Noooooo he is my boss”I said
“Too bad I would have given you the biggest four sticks i have here” she said
“Huh? Oh he is my boyfriend..what was i saying …for real his mine” I said
“Call him”she said
I turned
“Sir”I whispered Bryan acted as though he wasn’t hearing me..He started clearing his throat and fanning himself with his fingers.
I smiled “Oppa”I shouted.
Bryan turned and walked down.
He gently bowed i smiled I was amazed.
He even has manners
He greeted an old woman.
He lifted his face and moved his hair.
“Omoni here he is”I said
“Ok..I Wil give you this because your boyfriend is cute” she said Bryan smiled as i took it from Her.
I bowed.
“Kiss him already” she said
“Huh”I added
“Kiss”she said.
I looked at Bryan
“Sorry sir”I whispered as i closed my eye tight and kissed his cheek quietly.
I even had to go on tip
He is quite tall.
I removed my lips from his full cheek Bryan cracked and still straightened his face
We left..
He kept smiling to himself
“Sir what happened?”I asked
“Ohh My sister won the lottery so am so happy”he said I nodded.
He smiled again as he moved his hair..
I handed him one stick
“Here”I said.
“Sorry but I can’t eat that”he said and he was seriously moving towards his car and leaving me by the crowd.
I stopped walking
“Sir”I said
“Deya faster. I can’t stay there it’s disgusting”he said.
I nodded and moved over to him..We leaned on the car
“So you won’t eat this?’I asked
“Its disgusting”he said and took the one I was handing to him then threw it away..
My heart Broke..
Are you this spoilt..
I looked at him and frowned my face.
“Sorry, dont hit me” he said.
I smiled.
I looked at the remaining 3
I can’t belive I will eat this alone.. I thought–
I looked at him and frowned as i tried eating it.
“Ahhh fine, I will eat the stuff. here give it to me”he said.
I smiled.
“Really? here”I said and lifted it.
Instead of taking the stick he took my hand and ate it from my hand.
I smiled and looked down
“Hmmmm it’s really good” he said I smiled.
“Here the next one” I said and he held my hand again and ate it.
“The other one”i said.
He raised my hand and ate it..
I smiled
so happy
“Sir the last one” I said
“Its too far..the stick might kill me” he said I smiled as I tried taking it out with my fingers
My hand…is It clean?
I looked at him and he frowned
“Am waiting”he said.
I nodded and I used by hand to bring it out.
He opened his mouth..I smiled as I looked around.
He chuckled.
“S queen” he said.
I smiled as he took my hand and forced my finger Into his mouth.
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I smiled when he bit my finger with his teeth.
He smiled…
“Here i will feed you ..AAAAA” he said
I ran away and he laughed as he walked behind me I ate one and suddenly felt full when I saw the
“Sir come faster..let’s win a doll” I said.
He moved over.
“Sir give Me coin”I said he handed me a coin and looked at me in confusion.
I suddenly miss Darren
That’s roses first crush ever…very hot
He always defeated me but now am the pro yea
No one has defeated me since he traveled,hah not even rose
“Sir hold this”i said And handed him the meat.
He took it.
“Sir wish Me luck”I said
“Good luck..though I don’t know what you are doing”he said.
I smiled and slotted in the card then I stood firm like a soilder Bryan laughed.
“Sir am the pro at this game..ask rose? choose a doll and I deya will bring it out now”I said.
“OoOho!! Seems the pro is here..I want this” Bryan said.
I smiled
“Bet”I said and opened ny hand I watched him hit me.
God i cant loose now…
even rose knows am the pro.
“Power” I shouted Bryan cracked and turned back so he won’t Laugh.
I started playing the game bryan looked in interest.
Oh no the teddy kept falling down.
Oh no deya …
I picked it again it got to the mouth and fell off again
I felt someone drag me by waist to the middle of the road.
I stood there
“Wait…I Will show you who the pro is”Bryan said I opened my teeth like i wanted to swallow him.
I came back and watched Bryan play.
Hah!!! Looser
Bryan kept trying but it kept falling back
“Come come come come and shame my enemies” bryan said and it started coming out bryan smiled and dragged my hair”looooooose
rrrrrr”he said.
I almost cried
“Looser losser” he said and almost jumped up because it was coming out
I frowned.
odeya the losser..who Is the real pro now? Bryan!! ” this boy started singing…
I frowned
odeya the —
The teddy fell back inside I jumped up and shouted.
I ran round the road as i laughed at him.
Bryan looked at me with a very deadly face
pride goes before the fall..sir sir you lost I sang Bryan frowned.
“Now give way for odeya the great”I shouted happily.
“ODEYA your head” Bryan siad and dragged my skirt.
“Sir sir sir chance..huh..I can’t fail..I had a spiritual bet with rose and Darren ” I shouted and Bryan dragged me into his car.
I started laughing at him.
“Keep laughing..its ok”he said
I laughed
His phone rang he connected it.
“Diego”he said
“Go to the dream mansion..don’t Go to your house”he said.
Ok”Bryan said and turned the car round
“Sir one day I will teach you how to play the game”i said
“Too bad You are not my friend you are my enemy odeya the Great”Bryan said
“Ahhhh sorry…sir you were really great”i said and gave him a thumb up
He smiled.
“Tell me how great I was..say it for the world to hear” he said with pride
“Sir you are awesome…the way you were playing fast..ka ka ka ka ka hah!!! I have never seen such power”I Said.
He smiled.
“I told you…Hah!! This is just the beginning…am telling you..see I just left that doll because I wanted to”he said
“I know…Bryan the great”I said
“High five”he said and I took it in a haste.
He smiled.
Call Me a success.
I cleared his mood.
I smiled to myself as we arrived home.
No one was in he living room.
Bryan ran up to his room in a haste after opening my room door for me.
I tried moving when I saw the show on t.v
My best
my best
My best
my best
My favourite show
I hastily sat on the chair in a smile.
Oh no…the killer.
I hastily picked the cup of water and swallowed..
no no
this is not water
I looked at the cup
Jeeez wine.
I looked on the table
Phone, phone, car key,phone, cigarette bottle..
Huuuuuuuuuhhhhh Austin!!
I turned and he was locking his door to come out.
My Lord.
I can’t run into my room.
I hastily sat behind chair and hid there.
Austin walked out and sat down
I smiled as I hastily tried sneaking away.
“Miss deya, there is punishment for finishing my wine”he said.
Huhhhhhh Bryan!!!!!

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