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Dream. {Season 2}… Episode 28

(As long as you love me //
chidinma Jerry mba
[Star – queen] #season_2_EPISODE_28
“Huuuuuuuh”I said
“The movie,do you know it well?”he asked
I sat well behind the chair
“Yes…I do”I said.
“Ok thats your are really going to clear my confusions now.”he said
“Oh ok” I said.
“So who Is the killer…his face is always closed?”he asked
“Oh its Anita”I said.
He turned and looked at me
“Huh!”he added
“Sir Anita…she is a boy and also a girl and also a killer”I said.
He dropped his phone.
“Better come over.. explain”he said.
I moved over and stood facing him.
“Sir Anita–
He tapped the space on the chair beside him
“Should i”..
He nodded
I hastily sat down.
“Tell me”he said
“Anita disguises herself as a man..Anita is Kelvin”I said.
” you are confusing me more”he added.
“Oh sorry, actually sir”I said and sat well facing him
He nodded
“Yeeesssss”he said
“The girl ani–“Bryan walked out while scratching his hair he saw us and paused.
Just then all the idols walked out.
Jereny walked down with Nora they sat down .
I bowed
“Deya hi”Nora said.
Jeremy smiled
Oh what am I doing Here
I should be in the —
I hastily stood up and tried rushing out but Austin took my hand..Bryans eye widened.
“Sir”I said
” Am still confused..finish everything”he said
Jeremy jace and Evan looked with their mouths open.
Nora too.
Bryan walked into his room.
“Ok sir..”I sat down
“Deya do you know this movie?”jace asked
“Do you?”Evan said
“Does she?”Nora asked
“Really”Jeremy said
All of them sat beside me and we all faced the t.v in a long roll.
I wish Bryan was here …i want him to do everything fun.
I never saw him spend time with his team mates.
And they all like him
I don’t want to change Bryan for only me…I want to change him for everybody.
He has to be free with everybody.
They all need to see that fun side of him.
Thats my second dream
“So deya who is the killer?”Nora asked in a smile
“Its Anita “I said.
“But Anita Is a girl”Evan said
“Yes but Anita is also Kelvin”I said.
“But kelvi is boy”austin Said.
“No Anita was born but her mum trained her as a boy and named her Kelvin because rust master wanted to kill her”I said.
‘Ooooooh”Jeremy said
“Is that so”Evan said
“Ahhh so true”Nora said
“Ahhhh “jace said
“Yes, so anita fell in love with–”
Nora turned to Jeremy in a haste.
He got scared and pouted like a baby as he moved back
“What’s wrong..don’t look at–
She hastily kissed him everyone smiled including Austin
I never saw him smile
Nice smile.
Jeremy ate into her lips wow good kisser…
he chuckled into the kiss.
She smiled
He pecked her lips and unlocked.
I smiled
Jeremy is lucky..Nora is sweet.
Ahhh why am I looking at Bryans door.
Bryan suddenly walked out everyone smiled unconsciously and already started shifting in case he wanted to sit.
Why do they like him so much.
Bryan stopped in of us.
” you Deya follow me now “he said and Pointed at me.
“Yes sir”I said and tried standing up but everyone dragged me back Bryan frowned.
“I have a Personal message for her”Bryan said.
“She is busy…sit or go”Evan said.
Bryan looked at all of us like he wanted to swallow a house.
Finally my eye met his own.
“Quickly run away”he mouthed in a whisper.
“Yes sir”I mouthed back and ran away Bryan smiled but Jeremy and Nora dragged me back and pulled Me into the chair
Bryan sighed and placed both hands on his waist as he walked back upstairs.
I smiled
” Bryan, doesn’t he play with you all?”Nora asked.
“Who? Bryan? No he cant”jeremy said.
“Unless he is drunk”evan said.
“Truthfully I never watched a movie with him..I want that.
it will be fun seeing him when he is not formal and seriously annoying”jace said.
“The longest time I spent with Bryan in my life…and we weren’t talking business we just talked like human beings was 23 minutes” jace said in a laugh
“Huh mine is 17…I can’t forget that day”Evan said.
Jeremy smiled
“Uhmmm I think i can say 12 hours”Jeremy said.
“Zero”Nora said.
“with was 35 minutes.. that day he thought me how to sing in a crowd. but he was really hurrying cos by then Bryans introvercy was in level 1OO and those few minutes almost took his life out of him”Austin said others laughed.
But I think I have been informal with him for 3 straight days…
‘Baby he is an introvert..a deep one”Jeremy said to Nora
“Well he is missing out in real life and fun”Nora said.
“Yea so many fun things to do together”Evan said and looked at his door.
“So deya?”jAce asked.
“She fell in live with austin” I said
Austin turned
“Sir not you”I said he nodded
I feel sleepy.
“So because she fell in love she was dressing herself up like a girl for him” I said.
“Ok thats why she is Anita ” Evan said and Austin rushed out.
I watched him close his door.
” Austin was killed by the enemies so she became evil and dressed like a man killer to avenge” I said.
“Ohhhhh is that what happened what about her mum”Jeremy asked Nora touched his lips he bit her hand she laughed.
“Her mum is…….
I feel sleepy.
“Deya”Evan said
“Huh” I added.
I forced myself to finish the story for them.
Soon I was done and I guess they all left
I feel so sleepy.
Ahh I feel so sleepy.
I sat on the stair and slept off
I woke up.
My room..
Bryans pov.
Hmmmm today was stressful.
Austin is finally free with deya..
I am glad I let him get close to her…I wanted him to like her just as the boys do..that was why I didn’t drag that hate chair with him that day.
But I am seriously jealous
She chose them and left me.
Missing you deya
Jealousy will kill me
Just then deya walked in
my eye widened..she dragged her shirt button weakly and fell on the bed.
I shifted as though I saw a ghost.
She lay comfortably on the pillow with her eyes closed.
I gently lay beside her and watched her.
She moved closer to me so I kissed her fore head as i touched her cute face.
She smiled in her sleep.
I smiled
Movies will soon kill all those idols.
Why suffer my heartthrob like this.
I smiled and watched her quietly.
She thought my room was hers..
Each time I miss you,you show up.
I smiled as i moved her hair into her ear.
Every fourth…feels the same
Tomorrow is Saturday.
It’s 4th
Tomorrow is Saturday..
Saturday might change everything.
I pray not
When will I see you again deya
I wish…my past will stop hunting me now.
Will it stop….Will the voice stop
Why do I find it move on from this pain.
When will I see you again deya…
I wish maybe you can change my life too
After tomorrow…when will i see you again
Every 4th
It comes back
All the memories
All the sounds
All the pain
I don’t know if it’s because of the treatment they are trying to use to help me get my memory back.
Its so painful
It comes so fresh
I just want to go far away from It.
It come to me deya
All the memories..
they come
The highest pain I ever felt.
When will I see you again deya.
Will I see you tommorow?
I looked at her pretty legs and smiled..I removed her canvass then I carried her up.
She leaned on Me like a baby.
I walked into her room and dropped her on the bed.
She smiled and held her pillow.
I covered her body well..
But how can she sleep with school uniform..the shirt is even tight
I carefully opened the first button and deya opened her eyes
I hastily withdrew my hands.
She looked around.
Oh please…don’t think other will hurt me
“Sir did i enter your room?”she asked
I nodded
“Sorry” she said and bowed then tucked her hair into her ear..I smiled.
I feel like staying Here forever
I want to run from my fear deya…tommorow is the worst day of my life
“Sir I will change this”she said
I nodded and looked around as she walked into the shower.
She walked out wearing a pink pajamas then a black slipper which she pulled.
She wore this bra less..
I smiled as I watched her sit down.
She folded her knee up to her shoulders..
Then she watched me quietly
“I miss u mom”she said in a sigh as she looked up.
I smiled.
“Me too”I said and she smiled
I will enjoy today with you …
In every way
Deya’s ♡♡♡…♡♡♡
I really miss mum
I keep wondering if Bryan is ok
I am wondering why he is here
Am wondering if he has something to say to me.
Did I do something wrong?
I looked around my room ..he was the only light in my dim lighted room.
I actually don’t like dim lights but living here got me managing.
The light is blue
He made the room really bright
I guess because of the white he wore.
Then the white band in his hair.
A white slipper.
It feels like an Angel came.
I really wonder why you are closer to me
Your team mates are even missing you.
Since he is here…I have so many questions.
I looked at him He looked at me I looked away
“Talk”he added.
“Sir what’s your mothers name?” I asked
“Ohh Alison…my dad’s friend even named his only daughter after her” he said
“Was she pretty..your mum?”I asked
He smiled
‘Am too pretty already .. how can you even ask..heiishh”He said and waved it off.
I smiled.
I can’t place it…I feel pain from Bryan.
“What about the She pretty like your mum
,”i asked
“Yes. don’t Worry you will soon meet her, She is a nice person “he said i nodded.
He checked his time and stood up..
“Goodnight” he said
“See you in the morning” i saiD.
He stopped and turned..he suddenly looked so sad.
“Of courxe”he said
I nodded
He traced the slipper out of my room sluggishly.
Finally..that was breath taking
I fell on my pillow and slept of
Early the next morning I walked into tve kitchen and washed the plates..I will help sora with this
Before going.
I was shocked when audtin walked in
I bowed
“Good morning sir”i said
He nodded.
“Give me a cup “he said I nodded and rinsed it then handed to him.
I smiled as I wanted him open the tea can.
what kind of tea is this
“Do you care” he asked.
“Me”I asked
He nodded
I smiled
“Yes”i said as i rinsed my hand.
he placed a cup in my hand I smiled and i moved my hair into my ear.
He put a spoon in my tea and his phone rang.
“Hello!!–gosh we forgot”he said and ran off leaving both his tea I ran after him.
He opened Bryans room and walked out
“He left”austin said
Evan hid his face…he felt bad
“Where is he?”Nora asked
“I don’t know..but he won’t come back so soon.the last one..he didn’t come back till after 4 months.”Jeremy said
“I don’t understand”Nora said
“Me too…he doesn’t talk” jace said
“Diego knows what’s wrong as well sir edwardo…Bryan is always locked in here or they take him away but right now…every body was carried away”Evan said.
I looked around
What Is going on
Where is Bryan whom I was with yesterday
Sir edwardo rushed in with some men in suite.
“Is he inside?”sir edwardo asked
“He left”jeremy said
“Hah…now that national is starting?… why didn’t you lock him in?”sir edwardo asked
“We forgot”jace said
“Where is Bryan”he shouted and placed a call.
“Diego how can you be so careless
“Bring Bryan have only tonight”sir edwardo said and dropped the call.
He rushed out.
I am so confused.
Why did
I got a text in my phone from Diego
deya come out…lets meet

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