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Dream. {Season 2}… Episode 29

(As long as you love me //
chidinma Jerry mba
[Star – queen] #season_2_EPISODE_29
I didn’t even bath..I didn’t comb my hair. I ran off to the location.
Bryan where are going too..I have not told you how much i love you.
I love you this kid
Do you even know that i sing?
What about my first kiss…
I want it to be from you.
All the things I imagined..
my mind might be getting corrupt but I imagined them with you.
Bryan I Will run mad….
If you leave…I will die.
Tell me what’s wrong
I will understand..
I love you…can’t you stay for me
I know you don’t love me too but I love you enough to protect you.
Soon I arrived I rushed in Diego came out.
“Deya”he said
“Sir”I added
“About his past..does Bryan open up to you?”he asked
“Nooooo, sir what is today..this fourth..this Saturday..what happened?”I asked
“His mom’s birthday and also the day his family died”he said my heart locked I dropped my phone.
“But it’s been so long…why is the effect still so–
“Bryan’s Dads best friend/brother. Miguel. he was really desperate to know who killed Bryans parent because truthfully deya it was murder. When they started attempting Bryans life he got more desperate to find out the truth so he took Bryan for medical help.”diegi said
“I don’t understand”..
“Bryan should know what happened deya,he was there but you see He lost that memory..the only evidence”Diego said
“The place where bryan had the therapy did an extra little activity to boost his is healthy but he wasn’t old enough for it so it started affecting BRyan making Miguel stop it.
Now he is grown but that side effect still comes up–
“Every 4th…he remembers the accident scene like he was there.he doesn’t see anything making his eye pain.
he hears all the voices especially his mum who he love’s so much he feels their touch again.
Deya its painful…the headaches can kill.
And he always liked singing and cutting cakes for his mum on her birthday. He did it every year until this sickness started.
And finally on that day..he can hardly even walk well not to talk of sing.
I think that’s one of his biggest pains.
Now nationals is so close,this is a rough time for bryan to travel again”he said
I dried my tears
“Do you love Bryan deya?”he asked
“Yes”I said.
” last i noticed almost all the girls he ever came across ends up wanting him .. now How much do you think you love Bryan?”be asked.
“More than I love my life,i love Bryan so much much that I will die for him..don’t you understand? He is my first love that makes him my life..Bryan is my everything sir..I love him so much.
I love him with everything that makes me deya. I know that he cant be mine but i love him so much that I want to love him alone. I am happy loving him in any situation.
Whether he love’s me or hates me all I know how to do is love Bryan.”I said and dried my tears.
Diego smiled
“Go find him….”he said
“Where is he?”I asked
“I don’t know but–
“Where was his parents burried?”I asked
He gave me the location and I ran away.
I sat on the floor facing the tree that signified where mum was burried.
It’s her birthday…I want to stay with her today..even if I can’t even talk
Have you ever been in bondage.
Knowing exactly the kind of pain you are expecting and waiting for that pain to come.
That pain you are too ashamed to show anyone.
“Arrrggghhh”the headache started again.
My tears fell ..I feel so much pain..
Mum just take me away if you can’t save me.
I feel like a house keeps falling on my head.
I had been hitting my fingers across the floor thinking I can manage the pain but I ended hurting myself.
I feel it all..her touch
Her words
Her screams aarrghh!!
Please stop.
The memories are not coming with pictures.
It’s making me–
Today’s own is worse
I didn’t even buy a cake for mum
I can’t sing for Her.
Mom please save me..stop this pain…so I am continue signing for you on 4th..
I feel so empty mom.
Happy birthday to you.
I will soon leave you, but at least I celebrated your day with you.
I did right?
I am sorry I can’t sing today, as usual I cant sing happy–
happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you,happy birthday dear mother..happy birthday to you.
That voice…
I turned..the head ache won’t even let me turn well.
Memories are wounding me
But Who sang.
how old are you now, how old are you now, how old are you nooooow…how old are you now
Her words…DEYA…..
I turned and saw her hair from behind the trees.
She walked out and she was holding a birthday cake .
My eye widened.
She sat down and dropped cake.
She didn’t even look at me she faced my mum and sat down.
so why where you born”she laughed and clapped her hands ” so why where you born”she laughed again” you gave birth to this crazy why where you born” she sang and laughed..
I found myself smiling as i looked at her
She smiled at Me as she lifted the cake.
“Hy mum, happy birthday ..uhmm My name is deya and I work for him”she said and smiled to herself as she lifted the cake.
“I also bought a cake for you sooo I have one Sir Bryan ” she said
I watched her quietly as she lifted the cake to my face.
“Sir cut the cake”she said.
I took the knife and cut the cake quietly.
I held in every pain..mostly the head ache..
She can’t know what’s Wrong with me too
“Open your mouth too sir” she said and lifted it to my mouth
I smiled and smiled out tears.
She looked away and looked back.
“Here eat this”she said and i opened up.
she fed me.
She used the same hand to tuck her hair into her ear as she looked at me.
I smiled..her hair got funny with the cake
Back to my memo–
Wait they memories stopped…
It stopped
I turned to her and she went to place the cake at the root of the tree.
She smiled and stood up.
I just watched her like a movie
am glad you were born,am glad you where born,you are pretty like a goddess, am glad you where born. she sang
She smiled and turned to me.
I looked at her
“Come on sir … let’s go”she said and dragged me up.
I was confused, amazed, frustrated,awed
i dragged her back hugged her tight.
she held Me so tight…
I smiled as I leaned on her ..I felt the flower from the trees fall on us
“I like that birthday song”I said into her ear
“Should I sing yours?”she asked
“My birthday is still far”I saiD and kissed her neck from her top.
She tried moving I held her tighter
Wait wait wait wait wait
She even sang with her real voice.
I hastily unlocked and looked in her face.
“Sir I sang with my real voice but you weren’t surprised.. when did you find out that i am the girl who owns the necklace?”she asked
I started coughing she laughed.
“Tell me the truth”she said
“Well it was that night,uhmmm the first night we spent together”I said she nodded
“Uhmmm are you mad at me, for not telling you that I sing?”she asked
“Nooo”I added
“Can you not tell anybody that I sing..aM really scared because my dad will take me away and lock me up in north Korea I will miss all my friends ” she said
I smiled.
“Thank you for coming”I said
She nodded
“I won’t tell them that you sing..promise”I said and she smiled happily
“But will you sing for me “I asked
She nodded and we sat down that was when she saw my hand where I got hurt
“What… Why.. why is your hand bleeding”she added
“Well i–
She carefully tore her white top.
My eye widened
She used it to tie my hand well.
“Sorry”she said.
“My song”I said.
She rolled over and faced Me then cleared her throat.
for you, i will die and live again
because of you, because you make me whole
for you,I will give my life away
I will do it over and over again.
She sang.
I smiled
Deya’s pov
When singing for Bryan..I don’t feel scared but when i sing else wear… I can’t sing.
Bryan used his bracelet to tie his hair up.
The fringes still fell through his face
He didn’t wear lenses today or did he cry them out.
Only the diamond earing glittered.
Be wore black down.
He didn’t band his hair..
The bracelet in his hair fell off so he removed it totally and used his fingers to move his hair behind
He wore a black ring
Then a gold stonned slipper.
Just too cute…
Wealth in every breath
I still can’t belive he hugged me.
I guess because he was sad.
He leaned well on the tree his phone was ringing but he didn’t touch it.
He looked at me…did he forget that this song is a duet?
Am waiting for his own part?
“Should I sing too? “he said
I nodded
He smiled like a girl and started singing as he played a particular leaf on his fingers.
Over and over again
you will be mine
as heaven holds the sun
I will never let you go
I will never stop loving, you over and over again
I smiled as I sang
I love you
I will love you
I will die loving you
over and over again.
I said and smiled Bryan smiled and looked up
he removed the cake in my hair
I feel so lucky.
His dad called instantly
“Dad”he said
“I will “…
He dropped the call.
I carefully moved the cake I left out.
I brought it to his face.
I had not eaten since morning so am hungry.
“Sir do you want more?”I asked
“No”he said
I nodded and forced the cake into my mouth.
He smiled but his phone rang and interrupted.
“Am fine..
“Am coming..
“Oh ok.
He dropped and used his finger to move his hair.
“You have cake on your mouth”he said.
i smiled..
That’s not an issue
“Sir what did sir Diego say, did he ask about–“Bryan moved over and kissed me.
My eye widened
The cake fell down from my hand
My eye was fully widely open.
He unlocked and looked in my face.
I looked around and wiped my eye
My mouth was still open
He looked at me quietly for a while and smiled again then looked down…he lifted his eye then He bent and kissed me again.
He took my hand which was hanging up then straightened them.
He unlocked.
My eye widened the more.
He kissed me again
It feels sweet but so unreal.
I felt his fingers move into my hair as he nibbled I my lower lips.
Kissing me in slowly like he was taking chocolates from my mouth..

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