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Clumsy Nurse… Episode 35

Season 1( Chapter 35 )
By chidinma jerry m
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Story By : chidinma Jerry .m. .
Claras p.o.v.
Breakfast was nice sir Ryan already took his bath and dressed up so did i…
I miss our suite and our cook too no place like home..
I miss my room and his room too but am scared everything might return to normal if we go ..
I might loose this closeness with him , i still feel a little scared when going up to his room ..
He combed his hair and moved it back with his hands.
” let’s go , we still have a lot to catch up with “, he said and picked his car key.I stood up and bowed then I walked behind him.
We got out soon we arrived at our car .he sat and I sat in too.
He played a nice music which melted my heart .the truth Is I can’t stop thinking about last night..
what I was scared of happened .I can’t stop thinking about sir Ryan now , he’s filling my thoughts crazily .
I suddenly want him so badly. I need to stop Diana’s fear from coming to pass..
I need a distraction , i better get busy . I need to control my emotions before the control me.
” Clara David , what are you thinking about ,when you are quiet I get scared , are you okay , are you sick.”, he asked and tried touching my neck I gently shifted …
” am fine am just weak “, i said and touched my neck myself , oppa am fine don’t worry.
” ok “, he replied and continued driving.
I gently looked out the window ..truthfully am not happy , loving someone you can’t have kills inside , just like that I might just die.I looked up and my tears ran back in.
I looked at him and smiled .
Soon we arrived at the suite.I ran into my room and he walked into his room ..I changed and lay on the bed.
He texted me.
” lets rest today we will start work tomorow ”
Kumawoyo , i was really tired today.I gently faced my pillow without replying him.what’s going with me.
Ryan’s p.o.v
I must say Clara is acting weird , i wonder what’s wrong .did I do something.she is moody and that’s not her normal self.
I stood up and looked into her room from the window.she on the bed quietly but she’s not sleeping.
Just then she stood up and started searching for somethng, i wonder what it Is.
She looked up the window and saw me its too late to hide now..
Ahh what am i doing.?.
She waved at me smiling …
” oppa , are you okay !!! “,She shouted .
I didn’t reply.
” do you want anything oppa “, she added again .
” no nothing …I walked out of the window
Just then she opened the door to my room and walked in .
I thought she was moody just now.
” hey , what are you doing here “, i asked
” oppa you looked worried , she said.
” why won’t I be worried you are acting sick , you didn’t reply my text , you are ignor….”, wait what am i saying , why are these things bothering me
” no its nothing “, i concluded .
” oh I was just worried about you”, she said.
Just then my mail arrived I opened it and what .
Why are they sending me all these files , did they mistake me for their agent.
Just then I saw the text from iren. They want me too meet the investor , ahhh I don’t have to try convincing any body.but this might be what I have been waiting for to impress dad and prove to him that am capable of replacing him.
I smiled finally.
” what Is it about, Clara asked.
” just soon we are going to get an investor for my dad and if we nail this he will finally be proud of me , i need to get this right , am sure my dad chose me for this its the first time he is trusting me with something important , am kinda glad “, i said.
She smiled.
Clara p.o.v
He always thinks if ways go impress his dad , i wonder why Mr dervantes is too strict on him anyways.
I pray he finally says those four words sir Ryan has been dying to Hear.
“Am proud of you ”
” bes , Mr dervantes will definitely be proud of me “, he said.
” but what’s the investors name ?”, i asked.
” we will look into that on the way for now rest a bit while I go through the proposal “, he said while opening his laptop .
I bowed and rushed out. Am glad everything is falling into place for sir Ryan.
I walked into my room and fell into the bed .
Mr dervantes p.o.v
I had been waiting for the m.ds call for a quite a while now , its almost 2 o clock.
Ryan needs to formalize his engagement to Anna so the contract bond can become stronger.
I don’t blame my friend Mr Grande and he’s strictness when it comes to money and shares.
Cos like he said Ryan and Anna are not yet married and Ryan might wake up one morning and say he doesn’t want Anna again same with Anna.
So he’s right we better control cash involvement so ff something like that happens the merger will easily be separated .
But when it comes to me am not scared to involve all my money into our partnership .
Because I see Ryan and Anna as a couple already. Infact. A.G.H.C AND DERVANTES GROUP are already inseparable.
We are one big family. More power and more fame.I trust Ryan and i know he loves Anna so there’s no need to fear I don’t know why Mr Grande won’t stop being unnecessarily scared..
These kids are a couple already .
My phone rang it was my stupid m.d , since morning.
” tell me ” idiot , i said .
” sir everything is under control , everything had been sent to ryan and he will meet Liam soon.
” ok nice “, i said
” I just pray ryan secures this , obviously this is not his line
” ahh don’t worry my son Will make us proud “, i said .
” ok sir “, he dropped the call.
Ryan better don’t fall my hands it won’t be funny. I drank my wine and walked to my wife in the living room.
Anna’s p.o.v
Every day gets better .today I feel less pain on my legs . Rita dropped a glass of juice for me.
” my lady , i heard devantes group is trying to get a new investor , a young boy just your fiancee’s age “, she Said.
She likes updating me but I already heard , am at the apex of this group she keeps forgetting.
“Yes Liam , i wish him luck”, i said.
” I heard he is handsome “, she added.
” yes but he’s not cuter than my ryan “, i said.
She smiled and gently massaged my feet.
” do you know him before my lady ?. She asked.
Yes she’s talker , just like Clara.
” yes I know him , i met him quite alot , but we are not friends . I said .
She smiled
” my lady , you must miss sir Ryan so much ?”,she asked again.
” yes I miss him , i already made plans to send him home , he might not finish up with his patients .i said.
” y don’t you travel too , he’s a doctor so your health is safe , just spend time with him “, she Said.
But what if I gave Ryan a surprise visit .he would be really shocked.
Oh my ,Rita, so smart.
” but where is Tony , did he show up after he left me.
“yes , he just completed surgery , it was successful “, she said.
I smiled , it has to be he is Ryan’s next competition.
I miss him I better text him.
I picked my phone …
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Mrs Tonias p.o.v
I felt the need to visit issabella today .I was careful so no one followed me.I am glad my husband ended his crazy search for this insane fool.
I rushed in and there she stood with a knife
What no you can’t die now I still need u to sign everything Anna owns over to me.
I tried taking the knife from her
” they killed my Anna , i want to kill all of them ” she said while holding the edges of the knife this made blood drop , she’s cutting herself.
Yes cut yourself I dont care but dont die yet.
” Anna can’t wake up , Anna Is dead.I better join her , my little Anna in uniform “, she said ..
Oh Anna will never forgive me if she finds out what I did to her mother , that’s if she is alive to find out .hahahaha this war is a really long one and very soo. everything Alexandra Grande has will be mine .
I gently took the knife from Issabella.
” no Anna is here , Anna is alright , am not dead”, i said.
She touched my face and hugged me oh disgusting..Anna if you don’t die I wanna watch you fight against me alone …..
I gently pushed her away , irritating .
I gave her bread to eat , delayed bread
She rushed it to the floor .
I walked out am glad no one found out yet.
Just then I heard sound in the back I rushed over and someone rushed out in a haste.
He saw everything , someone found me dead. He ran so fast I couldn’t see his face.
I am now scared , who knows what I know.

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