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Clumsy Nurse… Episode 36

Season 1( Chapter 36 )
By chidinma jerry m
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Story By : chidinma Jerry .m. .
Claras pov continues
When he saw my thumb up he nodded but he didnt actually say another word I guess he didn’t have anything else to say.
Actually am ready to do this, I am ready to do this for sir Ryan…
I smiled gently then we arrived at home.
He walked out and ran upstairs to his room I ran into my own room too.
Minutes later he knocked on my door what’s that.
He walked in with a file
It’s the contract files .
” I want to call Liam and tell him about your decision.
” ahhh ok sir.
” hi first I have some questions.
” ok, ask away sir.
” are you still a virgin ?.
if tell him I hadn’t had sex he won’t let me go. The only criteria I want him to stop me is jealousy out of love or small likeness. not out of right judgement.
” no why would I be a virgin that’s not possible. I have slept with many men in the past.
” thought as much secondly why do you want to this ? . Are u doing this for me and for the company.
If I tell him am doing it to make him happy he won’t let me go he wluod stop me out of right judgement.
” well I have a crush on Liam too so am happy to do it. I really want to .you are not the reason.
” you are a grown girl your decisions are yours. So as you know this contract is very important to Mr dervantes. Investors are giving 3 days to sign the 3 files .that means one daily so they won’t ever say they didn’t read before signing or they signed in a haste ….I hope u understand why Liam wants you for 3 days now ..that means each day he signs one file….untill the last day .
note all 3 of them is important.
” I understand.
” when it comes to his desires he already said he’s not having u in bed for the 3 days …maybe once or twice that’s on you and your crush.Just make sure he signs the contract every day.
” oppa I will make sure of fact I have a plan.
” tell me
” in other to make sure he only has me in his bed once or not at all.I will keep postponing him..
The first day I will watch him sign contract no sex I will just be a tour guide.
The second day the same thing I will just be a friend , and make sure he signs too. No sex too.
He will keed signing because I am by his side .
” what if he doesn’t sign on the last day….all the other contracts will became invalid.
” oppa its ok I will sleep with him on the last day if he persists. And complete the contract for you..its not a big deal. It’s fun.
” ok your plan is nice but be protected don’t make mistakes.
” oppa I should be protected with what.?.
” come on Clara no time for games you know what I mean. He said.
I smiled and nodded am.Still lost but its a pity sir ryan can’t even beg me to stay..
” Clara I Wil call him .
” ok sir .
He walked out.
Ryan’s p.o.v
I can’t believe I went to her room to tell her not .thank God she told me about her crush on him before I spoke up.
At least finally its settled ..clara wants to do it.. thank God I did not stop her she might call me an enemy of progress.
But truthfully Clara has a carefree lifestyle.even that book she read already proved this point.
She didn’t even think about the act she that fast to jump into a man’s bed.
Anyways am glad her her free life will help me … finally dad is going to be so glad he is going to be so proud of me.
I need to call him and give him feed back.
I called my dad on phone minutes later he picked up.
” ryan how was it.
” he requested for a girl.
” which girly
” my assistant.
” any offer .
” no.
” what Is she waiting for
” nothing it’s under control in 3 days time he will be a full time board member.
” I hope to see the results.
” u will dad.
” ok goodluck.
He dropped the call.
I returned my phone.I looked in through Clara window.why is she walking about like a mad woman.
Clara p.o.v
I really hate Liam I wish I could give myself to Ryan first before going.but will ryan have me…. ahhh am going crazy.
I scratched my head crazily I looked up and saw sir Ryan who leaned on his window pavement and watched me
Sir Ryan looks dull recently wonder why he is annoyed…
Sir Ryan I really want you to tell me not to go. I want you to get jealous..I will be happy if u stop me out of jealousy or anger that way I won’t do it cos i will believe u love me too and my body is meant for only u.
I have a feeling Ryan I jealous …I think maybe he started liking me..ever since Liam made this offer be has been annoyed.
No maybe am wrong.
But since u don’t care..I will die Loving you alone.and i will do anything for you.that is the punishment unrequited love threw at me.
I looked at him for a while untill he walked away…
I walked into the shower.I better get my good night sleep
Ryan’s pov
Time ran faster soon it was night what Clara wants to do I feel good and bad about it at the same time .I guess she is fast asleep now.
I need to visit the hospital tomorrow so that all surgery can completed. We took much of break.
I took a glass of could water after which I fell fast asleep.
Claras pov
I over slept as always I ran out in my pink over sized pajamas
Sir Ryan was busy over cofee as he read some health records.
I walked over to him. I scratched my hair .ahhhhh sir Ryan is making me get shy nowadays.he won’t even talk to me..acting like he is secretly mad at me.
” sir Ryan , good morning.
” Clara take ur bath Liam is coming for u today.
” oh of course.but are you ok.
” don’t forget the files. He said
He tried rushing past me.
I angrily dragged his hands back and shouted at him.
” oppa what’s wrong with you , did i do something wrong. Are u going to keep suffering me for no reason. U won’t talk casually unless it concerns Liam.
” Clara.
” why are you acting up , y are u avoiding Clara disgusting you ?
I wiped my tears.
” even if I feel moody and I don’t feel like talking. why is it affecting you personally ? He asked.
It’s affecting me personally becsuse I am in love with you.
” oppa , even if I sleep with Liam why is it affecting you personally. Y are u annoyed “,I asked him….
Ryan just say the words …if u say the right words I won’t go to Liam I swear.
” affect who ? .. am glad u are doing it after all u know how much I need this contract.. I don’t care who I sleep with ur just a nurse ur personal life is yours.
” ok ,I don’t also care if u ignore me , I won’t take it’s not my business you are just a doctor friend.don’t ever think I am taking anything personal.
I said and walked past him.
My tears streamed down…
Short cos am busy.
Last one at night if I get chance
Join my group .
#stars stories and fun.

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