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Dangerous Romance… Episode 44

πo, this can’t be happening, I thought.
That bastard how could he, my pen.. How dare he kidnap her.
I stood up slowly from my bed and grabbed the poison pill pen forced me to take yesterday and turned almost the whole bottle in my mouth. I moved slowly to my closet and grabbed one of my jacket and slowly put it on..
That piece of shit Is going to regret the day he was born.
I woke up by the smell of cigarette and it almost gave me a heart ache. I thought I’d be in Leo’s bed but I was wrong, when I opened my eyes I found out I was in a strange looking, actually not strange looking, it was just dirty and has some food stains on the wall, there was a dirty and torn couch in the middle of the room, a big box with hole at the edge was at the corner of the room, and the ground was littered with the remains of cigarette and broken bottle made up the floor.
I felt my hands tied behind the chair I was sitting and when I looked at the person in front of me, I sighed, I expected it to be him Allen , and I warned Leo too. I wanted to speak but I noticed my mouth was covered with a dirty rag and my body cringe at the feeling of it.
Allen looked at me with his dull grey eyes and tilt his head.
“wanna speak?” he asked,
Like I could reply that. so I rolled my eyes.
He stood up from the ground and walked closed to me, he removed the rag from my mouth and blew his stinky cigarette smoke breath on my face and I felt like dying.
“here, it’s off what do you want to say” he said tossing the rag into a corner
“lemme guess. .. He started, “you’re going to ask, where you are and why I brought you”.
I was still feeling a little bit sleepy so I wasn’t in the mood to yell ‘let me out of here’ or something like that.
So after a little yawn I breathe out a “really?” and threw him off the cliff a bit.
“I get this, you’re gonna keep me hostage till my boyfriend agrees with that stupid drug stuff deal or whatever you guys call it” I said.
He froze for a while but then threw the remaining of his cigarette,.
“oh so he told you. Such a loyal boyfriend”. Allen smiled and I rolled my eyes.
“seems like you’re smart, like I expected, it’s nice for Leo to have someone smart by himself cause he comes before the word dumb” .
“okay! Look Allen, you’re still a child I can see that” I said and he arched his brows at me.
“and what the fuck makes you say that” he said getting angry.
“cause kidnapping me is the worst idea you could ever think of, Leo said he’s cut off the deal, and clearly you’re just wasting your time” I said and he suddenly burst out laughing.
“don’t try to sweet talk me to let you go cause I won’t” he said and I shrugged.
“okay, let me make things a bit clear for YOU, you know Leo’s already cut off the stupid deal between the two of you and you’re holding me hostage, even if Leo finds me he’ll never agree to it, so you’re just wasting everyone’s time” I explained, my sleepy eyes disappearing.
“sweetie, I’m not forcing him to Make that ‘stupid’ deal, as you call it, with me again, I’m just having revenge” he said with an evil grin, and he kind of looks like harmony while doing that.
“revenge? You’re still not going to get what you want after revenge, what Is up with you guys!” I exclaimed angrily.
“I know I won’t get what I want, but at Least I’ll feel we’re even”
“gosh, Allen you’re the worst” I mumbled.
“and you’re the prettiest” he said and stood straight.
“did I ever mention that your beauty caught my eyes uh… Penelope” he said with his wicked grin.
“and did I ever mention, that your every ‘you’ disgust me” I replied and he laughed.
“now don’t try to play, “two can tackle” with me cause I’m the one standing and you’re the one sitting on the chair with hands tied behind your back.” he said slowly coming close to me and when he got to me he brought his face closer to my face..
“how about we share our first kiss” he said and I almost fainted cause his breath stinks of cigarette.
“go to hell” I said and sulked my lips in my mouth.
“if I’m going then you’re coming with me” he said and touched the top of my nose with his tongue and that made me cringe like so Hard that I felt like giving my ghost up.
“get away from me” I mange to muffle through gritted teeth and forcefully hit my forehead on his making him move back with pain, my hurts too but it was worth it.
“you hoe” he said and was about to slap me when I quickly raised my leg up in between his legs and kick him in the groin’.
He squeaked and he covered that part with his hands, I didn’t know I could be that fierce.
He angrily slapped me hard making me my hair fall heavily on my face
“try and hit her again and you’re gone” Leo’s weak voice suddenly said out of nowhere and my neck jilted up to find him and I saw him at the door behind Allen, and I gasped when I saw the gun he was pointing at Allen. His face looks pale and by the way he stood you could tell he’s weaker than weak itself.
My poor Leo.
“oh if it isn’t our unfortunate boyfriend” Allen said with a bit of humor in his voice, and he was smiling stupidly. Liam suddenly walked behind Leo and I breathed out a bit. At least he’s not alone.
“oh you brought a friend” Allen smiled.
“let go of her now or I shoot” Leo said angrily ..
“you look like a living dead, guess my poison’s working” Allen smiled and walked closer to me..
“step away from her Allen I’m warning you!!” Leo said through gritted teeth and Allen glance at him with a smiled..
“you don’t tell me what to do Finn, cause I already had it with you, so fuck off” Allen said to him and held my chin and I gasped, not because he held my chin, but because Leo pulled the trigger and was ready to shoot, but Liam suddenly pushed his hand down.
“Allen stop all this you’re acting like a maniac, you can let pen go and take me instead” Liam insisted.
“I don’t have anything with you so I don’t want you” Allen said, and knuckles as white as snow, Liam suddenly punched Allen knocking him to the ground. Two guys suddenly came behind me and attacked Liam who was busy on the floor with almost killing Allen. I looked up at Leo and his poor pale face, seeing the guys on the floor he slowly walked over to me and removed the rope on my hand making me free and first, I gave him a hug.
“why’d you come, you shouldn’t have, you’re not feeling well” I said and touched his cheek with my palm.
“to save you, I’m ready to do anything” Leo said and pulled my hands away from his cheek with a weak smile.
We both heard a groan and we suddenly turned and saw blood on the floor.
Whose blood is it?? I thought..
The three guys were still on the floor battling with each other, so we didn’t know whose blood it was.
Liam suddenly punched, Allen and one of the hard before standing up, and when I looked at the other guy, he wasn’t moving that much and his face was becoming pale and I kind of figured out, that was his blood..
“come-on let’s get out of here” Liam said, heading for the door and I was about moving when Allen got up from the floor and pounced on Leo making the gun he held roll out of his hand and stopping at the top of my feet.
Allen started to punch Leo real hard, tearing his lips with his fist and Leo couldn’t fight back, ’cause he was as weak as a candle.
Liam started to run towards them to help Leo but the other unharmed guy attacked Liam. Leaving me to watch a horrible fight between my boyfriend and his ex-business worker and my boyfriend’s friend and his ex-business worker’s friend and a half dead man bleeding on the floor and his wicked face crying for help, I don’t know between Liam, Allen or the other guy, who stabbed him but he deserved it.
Left alone with the horrible fight, I decided to save my Leo and I ran towards him and Allen and started to pull Allen away from Leo with my girlish strength, but with anger, Allen pushed me and I moved back with full force, hitting my head the irritating wall. Leo manged to punch him weakly when he did that and that made Allen more angrier that he started to hit Leo angrily,
I stood on my feet and since I couldn’t fight him or do anything , I glanced at the gun that laid on the floor just five inches away from my feet. And slowly, I picked it up with my shaky hands. And pointed it at Allen.
“get off of him this instant” I reprimanded.
“you can’t dare!” he laughed.
“get off of him!??” I warned,. Again.
“look how shaky your hands are and you think I’ll be able to believe that you can actually shoot, such a lame girlfriend” he laughed again
He’s right, I’m such a lame girlfriend, if it were harmony she would have shoot him a dozen times in his head, but I don’t know how to use a gun, this is also my first time seeing and holding a real gun in real life, I’ve only seen it in movies and still yet I don’t know how to don’t know how to shoot and I don’t ever want to. Cause all this is crazy..
“Pen, or whatever your name is, do it!! I’m waiting for you” Allen said giving me a wicked grin.
*don’t do it* something said in me *do it* said another thing in me.
*pull the trigger pen!!” something yelled in me *don’t do it* *do it* my mind kept saying different things, pulling me back and forth and I became so confused, not knowing what to do.
“yeah just like I expected” Allen mumbled and let his fist meet Leo’s face again and I didn’t know when I pulled the trigger shooting Allen and he froze and fell to the ground, I froze too and the gun dropped from my shaky hands. I did… No.. I did not just not kill someone.. I killed a human being..
I killed someone!!
I killed a human being.. My mind kept telling me and the hair on my body rose to their fullest and I started to feel nauseous, and everything went blank…
I woke up by the sounds of water droplets having a rhythmic beat as it hits something hard.
I noticed I was in a bed, a hard bed and I slowly got up. I looked around the room and noticed I was alone in this very room, I was about to walk down from the bed when the door opened and Liam walked in with a band aid on his chin.
“oh you’re awake” he smiled and close the door.
“where’s Leo? I asked.
“he’s in another room, causing a comotion cause he wants to see you and he hates being in a hospital” Liam said.
“can I see him?”
“sure you can, he’ll be calm when he’s around you” Liam smiled, I slowly walked to the door when I paused remembering what brought me here and I stared down at my hands.
“Liam, I killed someone” I breathed out.
“uh.. No you didn’t you jus–
“I killed him, I killed Allen” I said starting to cry. And my body started shivering
“no you didn’t” he said giving me an assuring smile.
“I did, then where is he now” I asked.
“he’s with his friends” Liam lied.
He’s lying. I clearly killed someone and that’.. Murderer, I’ve committed murder.
“I’m a murderer Liam” I said loosing my breath.
“no you’re not” Liam and Leo’s voice said at the same time and I turned to the door and found Leo standing there, his face was swallowed everywhere and he still looked pale, and like he’s going to die any minute.
“no pen, you’re not a murderer, he deserved it and what hurts me most is that he’s still alive,” Leo said and I felt a little bit relieved.
“Oh, thank goodness” I breathed out.
“but.. I don’t think he’s going to make it though, he’s under going a surgery now but I think it’s too late cause he lots a lot of blood already” Leo smiled and I gasped.
“what… What If he dies.. That means. I’m..
“pen he’s going to die and you’re not a murderer, don’t you ever call yourself that, you did the right thing and you should, cause it’s a selfishly world and all need to fight for what’s right for us, he’s already a living dead before and you just gave him a perfect ending to his life, don’t be foolish my calling yourself a killer okay?” Leo said and hugged me with one arm. While I hugged him tightly with two of my hands and I wasn’t shocked when I felt how hot his body was.. He’s sick but he didn’t care all he wanted was so save me.
“excuse me!” we heard a tiny voice behind which made us disengage from our hug. We turned and there stood a nurse, she has a slender body, but a fat face, and not so friendly with height.
“Mr Finn, please I’m nurse Ruby,” she announced.
“I’ll be the one in charge of your treatment and i–
“I’m not sick thank you” Leo said and I glared at him.
“sir, please.. Let us treat you or else it may get worse, you were poisoned and took an overdosed pills that you weren’t supposed to take and now it’s reacting badly in your body, and your face has been hit badly, and if it’s not taken care it may get into a critical condition” the nurse explained. “let it get into a cricket condition instead, I don’t care, I’m going home” Leo said and held my hand.
“C’mon Pen, let’s go” he said and was about to drag my hand but I pulled my hand back.
“you’re getting the treatment or I’m not coming with you” I said and tucked my hair behind ear and he wore a sad face and stared at me, we both held a heavy eye contact and after a minute of silence he sighed.
“okay fine” he rolled his eyes to the nurse.
Leo got his treatment and before we know it we were on our way home with Liam, who was driving, while we were back at the hospital, he took a small chance to get to Leo’s house and get his car to the hospital. So we could all drive in it when coming back. We got to Leo’s house and Liam helped him get inside cause he doesn’t seem himself, and I wondered how the hell he made a ‘commotion’ in the hospital with his weak body.
Leo laid on his bed and after talking to Liam about something, their almost ending conversation was interrupted when Liam’s phone ring, it seems like he was talking to his sister cause the way he keeps sighing, playfully abusing her and apologizing, at the same time was funny and it made me think of Kirana and Mason, and I missed them so dearly.
Liam bid goodbye to Leo who was on the bed and I escorted him out Leo’s bedroom and I couldn’t thank him enough.
“what are friends for! No need to thank me” Liam said.
“Leo might think he’s alone, but he’s not, he’s got friends who really care about him, and that’s you and me for example, I’m also ready to help Leo in any ways cause he also helped me years ago, so I’m just returning the favours and doing what a good friend should” he explained and I nod.
“okay then take care!” I said
“take care, have a nice day!” he smiled and walked away..
I walked back into Leo’s room and his eyes was half closed and his breathing was heavy and I smiled, such a pitiful boy.. Looking at him this way you’ll think he doesn’t disturb and doesn’t know how this world works, but he’s actually a builder in the world.
“keep staring at me and I’ll blow up” Leo mumbled and his eyes open.
I laughed and walked close to me, sitting beside him.
“I thought you were asleep” I said touched the top of his nose.
“your mind kept saying how beautiful I was, so it was hard to let of that compliment and fall asleep” he said and I laughed. “just fall asleep and stop talking already”
“I can’t seem to when you’re beside me” he said.
“then should I leave?” I ask.
“no” he smiled, my fingers dug in his hair and I started to roll his hair in my fingers while we talk about some things and I before I knew it, real this time he fell asleep.
T. B. C… Up nxt.. Last episode

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