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Dream. {Season 2}… Episode 37

(As long as you love me //
chidinma Jerry mba
[Star – queen] #season_2_EPISODE_37
Bryan tried moving closer to me but Austin took a step so he moved back.
“Instead of helping her where questioning her?”Austin asked.
“Sorry sir”the coach shouted
Austin dived into the water and carried me up..I got his cloths wet.
Bryan turned and moved to his chair.
He picked his phone then the guards followed him as he rushed out.
Nana smiled as she stood with her crew.
Austin dropped me on a chair.
“Listen and listen good, the hate card of ODEYA Blake has been dissolved” Austin said.
Nanas jaw dropped.
Zaina was shocked.
every one was shocked
I looked up at Austin
“If anyone treats her as a hate student again…that person will leave dream high” Austin said.
but you created the card so we must stone you before you end it
that’s true
“Ok…do what you want” Austin said.
ok its dissolved
its dissolved
no more
she is no longer a hate student.
its over.
Austin lifted me up into his arms and carried me out.
A girl came and took me
“Help her change” he said.
“Ok sir” she replied.
I watched him leave and after she helped me change I headed home.
I am not in the right set of mind to go to the dream mansion.
Bryan has hurt me so much now.
I better just go home.
If I see him…I don’t know what I might do.
I headed home and fell fast asleep.
Nana’s pov
I ran after Bryan but he wouldn’t stop
“Bryan stop!!!
“Am not in the mood okay..just let me be Wil you?”..
He turned
“I can’t belive you are Being like this because of that stupid dirty–
Bryan raised his hand to slap me…I moved back in shock
He held his hand.
“Bryan you almost slapped–
“I don’t love you nana…I never will. being with you makes me feel sick. you are making me hate you…I hate you so much!!!
“Deya’s mum, bring her to me. if I find her myself I would never forgive you nana.
I am giving you time and begging you to change and bring her to me” he said and ran into his car then he drove off.
I rolled on my bed quietly as evening fell.
I felt someone knock on my room window ..i looked out jeremy
I ran out and hastily opened our back door.I hugged Jeremy tightly and he brushed his fingers down my hair.
He sat with me on the grassy pavement..I hugged him again and he kissed my fore head I smiled.
“Jace said you said you are not fine deya, i heard bits of the story…how do you feel, tell me everything deya” he said.
I nodded and told him everything….starting from my first kiss till date.
He nodded.
“Bryan and Austin..who do you want now deya” he asked.
I looked around quietly
“Does Bryan like me” I asked.
He smiled
“I know what’s best for you deya..” he said and hugged me tight again I held him tight.
I wish its Bryan my arms..
The thought made me hold Jeremy tight.
“I will look into it all” he said.
He entered his car and drove off.
I fell on my bed..every night, i sleep in tears.
Nana’s pov
I feel so much pain right now.
I drove straight home.
Mrs Madison whom I invited to Korea.
I told her I will show her her daughter.
I gave her my house address.
I now wonder if she came.
I really wonder if she came.
I got a text from Mrs Madison..I smiled and opened it.
very soon I will arrive at the house dear…I can’t wait
Bryan almost slapped me because of deya…I will never forgive that deya
I woke up really early and headed straight to school..
I took a cab and soon I arrived.
I met Austin in school …only him was in class.I smiled
“Oppa good morning” I shouted.
He smiled
“Are you ok”he asked
“Yes” I said
“Why are you smiling at me deya…I thought I was your enemy” he said I smiled and he smiled too.
“Wasnt I?”he asked
“Nooo you weren’t” i said
He nodded and I sat facing him.
We faced each other.
“Uhmmmm sir, thank you for saving me” I said.
“You are welcome…so what will you give me in return?”he added
“Well am really poor and I don’t really have much” i said
He smiled
“Will you be my friend then” he said
I smiled
“Ok…for sure” i said
He nodded..his phone rang so he stood up..
I couldn’t concentrate on school I had to go home.
I entered my room and rose came on too
Just the rojgt lrsim
Bryans pov.
Frustrated is how I feel.
Am glad Alison texted that work held her.
Nora’s birthday is tonight.
Today we stressful and I feel like being in her arms..
..being with deya that’s how I feel but right now I am just few steps closer to finding deya’s mum..
I just need assurance that nana knows about deya’s mum
Once I get that assurance his to get the truth from nana is not an issue.
Jeremy said he will talk to Zaina.
I know he will..but..the price he is going to pay for that is–
Is he still in love with deya??
Jeremy’s pov.
When I took deya out of her poor innocent life and brought her to a house filled with men..I knew this would happen.
If deya feels the kind of pain Bryan wants to land on her..she might die
I guess maybe the fact that she never told him doesn’t let him understand how much she loves him.
Bryan you must tell deya how you feel.
She must own you.
She deserves you.
You are hers..she won’t watch another take you..
Bryan you are the only one who can give deya the future I want.
Only you can understand her and love her.
Deya is not for Austin..I need to act fast before Austin falls deeply
Now this is the fastest step.
Zaina is.
She walked i stood up.
“Jeremy missed you” she said
“Does nana have deya’s mum??
“Jeremy i can’t–
I kissed her tight…and She dropped her bag.
Her wrapped round my fingers.
….am…saying sorry now.
She locked her hand round by neck and I lifted her into my arms.
She smiled.
“Blackmail sex” she said.
I smiled
My phone started ringing on the bed

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