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Dream. {Season 2}… Episode 38

(As long as you love me //
chidinma Jerry mba
[Star – queen] #season_2_EPISODE_38
“Are you dating nora” she asked
“Yes” i said..she smiled
” well–“her phone rang..nana.
She put it on speaker.
“Zaina what are you doing
“If anything happens I will never forgive you.
“Infact …we are over
“Nana wait”..
She dropped.
“Had I told you that I loved you before” she said
I smiled
“About deya’s mother..well Nana–” I used my hand to cover her mouth
“Dont worry” i said
“Its ok, go” I added
She smiled
Then she rushed out.
I can’t blackmail with love.
I can’t make her a fool because she loves me.
I can’t make her loose all.
I called Nora
“Jeremy my birthday” she shouted
“I love you” i said
“Come here” she shouted.
I left.
We still have time to look Into deya after all what else can nana do.
Zaina’s pov.
I met nana at the mansion
“Am sorry” I said
“You really think I am mad at you…I can’t be”nana said
I smiled
“Did you tell him?”she asked
“I didn’t”I said
“Better” she added
“Kira and Bella walked out.
“Nana are you missing nora’s birthday?”kira asked
“She is not my friend..guys Am scared..Bryan will find deya’s mum soon, deya has to leave school before then” I said
“How” Bella said
“Now that Bryan is still under my control…its time to expose deya’s identity as a commoner and finally show them who is the queen of dream High” nana said.
“Yes I mean the students suddenly see her as something because of all idols who stand up for her” Bella said
“Nana This Is the best option,it will also secure your relationship with Bryan…” kira said I smiled .
“I want her to feel that pain of watching Bryan ignore her even when she is crying in a crowd…it feels so good to be in control” nana said
“Where is Mrs Madison”Bella asked
“She is In my far off penth house, she is so happy..I told her she will see deya tommorow.she is so kind too” nana said
“Wow nice…but are you making sure no body is following you nana..remember you are messing with someone who knows you more than you know yourself.” I said
“If Bryan knows the truth…he won’t be this calm” nana said
“So tommorow is operation expose the commoner” Bella said
I smiled.
I want to be happy..I want to be happy for so long that I won’t want happiness again.
All my life I only knew pain but that changed when Bryan became my friend
Mom where are so lonely,at least you can console me.
I will not go to that mansion again.
I saw Bryan take nana’s hand and i felt so pained. If I see him again with her…what will happen.
I know they are dating now
I don’t want to be around Bryan.
Am already jealous.
If I could wish for one thing then I just want a knew life where I will have a mom and I will not fall for a boy who is too perfect to be mine.
In that life I won’t be a commoner,i won’t be bullied and my dad will love me.
In that life Bryan will be poor so he can be mine.
Crazy me.
We will have a simple house too and I will wake up every morning in his arms..
I wonder what that will be like…him being mine..
No matter how many handsome idols who give me attention
I keep loving Bryan more and more…bryan who i know isn’t mine.
Am I not being stupid.
Early the next morning I walked into the school compound all dressed up for school and the first sign I saw on the bill board was..
My heart started beating faster than normal.
Today…the idol’s don’t come to school today.
Another bullying…no I cant.
I Turned and a crowd of students walked out.
I can’t belive we thought Bryan was dating her..a commoner
the truth is out deya…no one can save you now.
I smiled..isn’t my soul used to bullying.
Nana walked out and they all made way..
Calling her the dream queen.
She felt so proud
“ODEYA..I warned you not to mess with didn’t thought Bryan can be yours..imagine”She said and everyone laughed
she is classless
her dad is even jobless
her mum left because of hunger
no wonder I fell sick last week…commoners infect
after punishing her we need to report to the board
am sure she lied to Bryan too
she lied to all the idols
dirty poor commoner
she must leave dream high
Nana laughed as she removed my warmer.
“That dream in which you imagined Bryan dating you know what it’s called?”nana asked
bad dream
night mare
Nana laughed
” at the end of the day..Nana won” she said.
I dried my tears
“Go ..I am pitying you. Run away, run along now deya” Nana said.
I ran off..I can’t get–
I tripped on something and fell
“You Think I can ever pity you, you are really naive” nana said.
She turned and leaned on her car laughing.
I looked at my leg it was bleeding.
Just then the student started throwing eggs at me..
I covered my face.
I tried running but some boys pulled me down I fell but my face was to the floor.I am scared of anything entering my eye..I just dropped lenses…I can’t use them again.
I felt more eggs land on my body .
Nana I won’t stop until I make you a looser..just wait for me or better still pray I never make money.
I felt a bag of floor land on me..
I cleaned the blood on my leg.
Going home like this
What will I tell dad.
Why did i fall for you
I tried lifting my face when books and Pens landed on me.
Mom…just Come nd take me away.
I felt different things..even oil which a boy landed on me .
I couldn’t see well
I couldn’t breath well.
Someone help me
I felt someone pour me water..I opened my eye and he directed the pipe to me
I got so cold…
“Yes bath her” nana shouted..
They dropped the water and I fell flat to the floor.
A bag of sand poured on me.
The added water and more floor
I feel so dirty..even into my pant.
I felt more eggs..
Suddenly I started hearing louder screams.
I opened my eye and some people where hitting some people.
Whats going on
does he know
I looked well and saw jace hitting some boys
To my left I saw Evan hitting some boys.
AUSTIN carefully held the boy with the water pipe.. he used the pipe to bath him.
Jeremy used the crate of egg to slap a boy.
Nana looked around she smiled and relaxed.
I am so dirty
I can’t see Bryan.
All the boys who were beaten started runing away.
I felt someone carry me up.
It was Jeremy.
I held him tight but he moved me into the arms of another
I opened my eye and it was Austin.
I dried my tears as he carried me well.
We walked out and just Then a car drove in.
all the students screamed.
that was when nana moved to the front of the shock.
Bryan walked out.
Nana was shocked…
” no, Bryan!!!” She shouted.
Zaina held her
All the girlfriends where shocked
Bryan wore only white.
he better not touch me.
Am dirty.
I held Austin tight.
A lot of guards followed Bryan as he walked down quetly..
he saw me and stopped walking.
Bryan did you know she was a commoner too
did she deceive you too
Ryan say something why are you moving back
Bryan walked towards.
me he suddenly started running.
He ran for a while and walked faster.
Finally beyan moved over he was just a step closer to me.
he dropped both his phones and car key on the floor
Even the file he was holding.
His guards took them
He moved towards me and Austin Finally stopped moving.
Bryan came close to him and stretched his hand to take me.
AUSTIN looked at jeremy for a while..
Then he tried moving me into Bryans arms.
I held Austin tight.
Bryan is wearing white!!
nooo don’t stain my oppa
wait wait
nana say something
your boyfriend is doing this in front of you.
Bryan stop this.” Nana shouted.
Bryan tried taking me again
i held Austin tight.
“If you Wont come, should I go?”Bryan asked me
I left Austin’s shoulders and he moved me into Bryans arms.
I didn’t even hold him again.
Why did he wear white.
“Sir lets carry her” Bryans guard said.
“Bryan no offense but she’s dirty.” Another guard said
“Bryan we can help” another guard said
His guards kept trying to take me but he didn’t give in.
Finally Bryan stop we in front of the g-friends
“Can you stand,”he asked me
“Yes” I said.
He dropped me..
I tried falling but he grabbed my waist and kissed me instantly.
My eye widened..
All the students shouted.
My eye was even wide when I opened up and kissed him back.
After a while he unlocked.
My eye reduced a bit.
“I love you deya” he said
My eye widened again.
“am in love with you, that’s what I wanted to say.” He added
All the students suddenly started clapping..
I fainted but bryan carried me up instantly.
“Sir are you okay,”i said in a little voice
“You drove me crazy deya” he said
“I know you are really jok-
“I love you…I really do” he said.
I hid my face in his chest..I heard him chuckle.
I brought out my face and smiled.
“Noooo don’t didn’t say you love me too” he said.
“I love you too…I really do” I said
“Say it again, i didn’t hear well”he said
“I love you ” I shouted.
“Ahhh one more time” he said.
“Ahhh am shy” i said
He smiled
“I love you, okay?”he added
I smiled
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