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Dream. {Season 3}… Episode 1

….. DREAME ….
after exposure
Star – queen
chidinma Jerry .m.
episode one
I looked in his face quietly as he moved me into the car.
He looked out the window..quietly while chewing in.
Soon we arrived..I and Bryan walked out.
The mansion was beautiful beyond description..
Is this his house…Gaaad
A lot of guards rushed out as well as women in white.
They kept forming a long line and bowing to Bryan.
“Sir how did you get like this” a girl said as she took Bryans jacket from him.
“Sir should we conduct a health check”the other girl said
“Sir should I call the doctor” another girl said.
They dropped a white slipper and Bryan removed the old one he was wearing.
Then ran up the stairs while brushing his fingers into his hair.
The girls took me into the house and undressed me.
Then took me into a shower room that looked like heaven
They missed a warm bath with a lot of things then I walked in and lay back.
all the girls left but one remained.
” hi madam, am Amber” she said I nodded
“Uhmmm what’s your name?”she asked
“Deya”I said
“You are really lucky madam”she said
“Why?”I asked
“Well your boyfriend, he is everything any woman wants”she said in a smile.
I nodded and looked away..
Not my boyfriend..
The foamy water got to my chest.
“I like your hair…uhmmm virgin?”she asked
“Yes I had not relaxed it fully yet..” I said
“Its pretty,full, curly and long”she said I smiled.
“Dont sleep offf, am keeping you engaged so you won’t sleep off ma” she said.
I nodded
I almost even slept off.
Zaina’s pov.
I took nana to the hospital, she already fainted out of shock.
What happened in school was indescribable.
I can’t even talk.
Tasha really used this opportunity well..that girl is the devils only child.
Nana will still beat her at nationals.
And i am sure this hate will stop when nationals starts distracting the students.
Nana will rise back after she wins in nationals
I watched them push her into the hospital room.
I better call bryan
I already walked out and she walked me into a room where she dressed me in a white gown…the back was fully open from my shoulders to my lower waist …then she tied the rope against my neck.
I wore this braless.
it was long though.
Hey does she think am a call girl here.
she packed my hair up.
“Uhmmm i really hate wearing this kind of cloth ” I said and she smiled.
“Come on madam, you bought them “she said
“No you don’t–” she ran away.
I stood up quietly and looked around.
I ran to the window in a smile because I saw a big pool.
I tried seeing well but I couldn’t.
I still saw the water partly.
I smiled as I raised both hands to the iron protector.
Bryan’s pov.
I guess I had been confusing deya am glad for this time I can finally say all I want to say.
I know deya is a very playful person and very lively.
I noticed it that day at the game machine.
I can never forget odeya the great.
You see I can never forget that day cos I never had a friend right from childhood and she made up for that pain that night.
But then as usual the next day she is back to calling me sir and seeing me as God.
But she is not like that with jeremy.
Is it because my wealth is too pronounced.
Do I act too wealthy.
Hmmmm do I have too much attitude
Am I not friendly
Is it my dressing
Ahhh I just want to be her friend more than a lover already.
I can’t date her with so much’s ok to be nervous in sexual or romantic aspects since she’s a virgin but.
but at least she shouldn’t be so nervous and fearful around me.
What I really want is a friend.
I pray dating will help reduce the formalities and respect.
I called Jeremy as i moved down the passage.
“Jeremy help Me get deya to be my friend.”I said
He laughed.
“Bryan do you even know how to be a friend..none of your team mates are even your friends” he said.
“Ahhhh you are my friend,pls don’t deny me as Judas denied Jesus” i said.
“Its not Judas crazy boy it’s supposed to be moses I guess” he said
“Yes I forgot so help me, deya sees me as God so much..i might just die.” I said
“Ok I will give you 1O tips to make deya stop fearing you” he said
“Send all the guards and maids home. if she keeps seeing people Bowing to you she will continue bowing to you” he said.
“Waaaaaat!! hey just kill me, who will then–
“Do them yourselves, no 2 avoid taking too much business calls when you are with reminds her if how rich you are”he said
“Do you want s-square to burry me?
“No 3…reduce your attitude
“I don’t have Attitude”…
“Laugh so much”…
“I know I laugh, sometimes”..
He laughed
“Cook for her”..
“Do you want to end this romance before it even starts? I can’t cook”..
“Talk to her about real things..let her take you out too”..
“Hey where can she possibly take me know am being monitored Dont you?”I asked.
“Your problem is bigger than you just get out of my phone” jeremy said I laughed and dropped the call.
I tied my hair very loosely with the band on my wrist then walked into the room wearing the white room slipper.
A black short..3quarter then a white and black top.
The weather seems sweet.
I ran into the room ..I smiled as I watched her from behind.
What is she so interested in seeing.
Oh no…they dressed her in nana’s kind of outfit.but I never knew she was this beautiful.
Her hair was carefully packed up and folded then the white rope of the show back gown was tied round her neck.
It was open from there down to her waist where her lifted butt wedged the gown to her waist.
What a figure. her curves where fully out.
I love this sight.
I better go and look for her trouble.
I smiled as quietly moved closer to her then sent my both hands into her waist.
she shivered in shock even her waist shaked into my hand….she was so shocked her hair rolled out.
I smiled as I traced my hand up to her under arm from the side of her waist.
Her breathing changed.
I smiled and held her waist freely as I kissed her neck quietly then brushed both hands into her tummy from inside the opening of the gown.
She hastily turned in shock.
Her mouth was fully open..
I smiled as i balanced my other hand on her hand on the window protector.
She widened her eye the more I took her other hand and trapped it to the wall.
I felt her breathing change as she looked at the door.
What is she thinking.
i bent to her height then I kissed her slowly.
I unlocked and kissed her slowly again…she opened up and kissed me back she also gripped my hands tighter as i bent well and tightened the kiss till her head touched the protector.
I carefully unlocked and looked at her closed eye I smiled as I moved closer to her lips with my eye open.
She kept moving closer each time she felt my breath and i playfully moved back.
She opened her eye and i smiled as I looked at her.
I left both her hands and she stood well..
Then looked down to her shoes i squatted down so i can see her face well
Short girl.
“Deya, please Be my girlfriend”I said.
Her eye widened a bit ..she smiled and looked down shyly
She looked at me.
She looked around and whispered”Really?”
I smiled as I dragged her down she then hugged her tight.
We both fell down and rolled on the floor In a deep hug.
“Sir your head” she said as she placed her fingers behind my hair.
I smiled till we finally stopped rolling.
She removed her hand
“Deya Say yes”i said
“Oh, yes”She said as She held me to herself.
I smiled and unlocked.
She tried standing up but her gown rope untied.
I laughed as She desperately hugged me tight.
She is using my body to cover her breast.
“Sir tie it”she said as she hugged Me tight .
“Sir? Me sir?, am not tying” I said
“Oopa, honey, uhmmm sweetheart…quickly tie it” she said as she hugged me tighter.
I carefully took the rope on both sides.
“Will you kiss me if I tie this
“Say you love me
“I love you
I smiled
“Tie it please
“Well my hand is paining me” I said
She hugged me tighter.
Gosh I won’t tie this rope tonight…what a weather.
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